A Kiss From France

‘A Kiss From France‘ by Susan Hughes

Firstly thanks to Brook Cottage Books & the author for allowing me to read this in return for my honest opinion.
This book is set during the 1st World War in the East End of London & immediately draws you into that era. We follow the life of Lizzie Fenwick. It is a powerful novel of love, life, heartbreak, tragedy, testing friendships & delving into who you can really trust.

Young Lizzie is naive & in love .. will she find happiness on the path she has taken ? She shows her determination & ambition during some harrowing times. This book really transported me back in time & made me realise the difficulties the characters had to face & the strength required to simply survive.

Beautifully written & I thoroughly enjoyed it .. the only thing I would say is it seemed to finish a bit too quickly for me, nevertheless I would happily recommend it & look forward to the authors’ next novel in the Spring. I hereby award it stars-4-0._V192197091_

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