Acolyteby Chris Tetreault-Blay

Firstly many thanks to Chris for allowing me to read this in return for my honest review.

We begin this story in 2001 in Wildermoor with Colin who appears to be suffering from paranoia or is he really seeing a ‘monster’! While drawn slowly into his situation I figured this was going to be a mystery/thriller novel. Wildermoor gives the impression of being very bleak & it becomes apparent it holds many secrets. Just as you think you know where the story is going you get transported back to 1684 .. the writing is very descriptive & the sense of foreboding begins.

Who is the Reaper .. what are the eyes .. you are cleverly taken on a journey between the two time periods, lots of characters to explore all the time sensing the murky depths of the caverns, the pit & the woods. What evil lurks around the corners linking all the folk together? It soon transpires that it is a mix of mystery/horror/fantasy .. enough to suit all tastes .. it moves along at quite a pace with plenty of action, not for the light-hearted. There is a smattering of romance which enables the reader to connect with the sweeter characters.

This is the first in a trilogy so the ending ramps up to leave you wanting more, will the secrets be revealed or what other direction can the next instalment take … I’m keen to find out! Keep an eye on this author this was an excellent début novel. My review policy is stars-4-0._V192197091_ = Loved it, will happily recommend, would buy for a friend & keep a copy.

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