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Who Controls The Past Controls The Future
An epic love story must overcome religious divide and a plot to eradicate two blood lines, as the
Crusades and the search for the ancient mysteries of the Holy Grail gather momentum.
Raised by his father in La Rochelle, France, Paul Plantavalu is known for his artistic nature, inquisitive
mind and Christian faith. He also has an unshakable love for his Muslim childhood friend, Alisha al
Komaty. Courageous and outspoken, she returns Paul’s love. But their path is paved with obstacles;
religion, war, political chaos and a mysterious enemy determined to destroy their family lines.
Sometime between 1110 AD and 1120 AD in the aftermath of the first crusade, a small band of nine
knights — the founding knights Templar — recover ancient precious artefacts left by a former,
advanced civilisation, beneath the City of Jerusalem. Ruthlessly guarded, the secrets revealed by this
discovery are highly prized by powerful and dangerous forces far and wide; the repercussions of
their capture are inextricably linked to Paul and Alisha. As Paul starts to experience dark and vivid
dreams and the fragile balance of peace starts to crumble, it will fall to an enigmatic man known as
Kratos and his female warrior protégée Abi Shadana, to safeguard Paul and Alisha.
Paul and Alisha’s love story weaves between the threads of our reality and other realms — from the
Druids to the Sufi mystics, the Magi of the East, the secret political arm of the Knights Templar and
the Isma’ilis, the Assassins. Knights and pilgrims alike will witness some of the darkest battles ever
fought. The discovery of a unique sword’s lethal power and whispered connections to King Arthur
and the Holy Grail lead Paul and Alisha to question if their lives ever be the same again.
The first of a four-part series, Outremer is an historical epic, which sweeps across England, Scotland
and France, to Syria, Jerusalem and Egypt. Discover the truth — and crack the ancient code —
behind the great mysteries of the High Middle Ages for yourself.

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About the Author

After strange and vivid experiences whilst living in Cyprus as a child, author D N
Carter has been fascinated by the history, myths and legends of the Middle Ages and mankind’s
past. As he got older travels to Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Languedoc region of France and the
deserts of Arabia fuelled his enthusiasm. While not decoding maps and mathematical codes D N
Carter enjoys adventure sports from parachuting to microlight flying. Today he divides his time
between East Anglia in the UK and the south of France with his family.


This extract is taken from the chapter where the old man in the Inn at La Rochelle recounts some basic
details about the paths of the Dragon as well as hints at what the Ark of the Covenant is, what was recovered
by the original founding Templar’s and cathedrals being designed to reflect in stone, stellar alignments and
“Well I want to know what all the talk of dragons is about. Huh, I mean I know about St George and the dragon
from my days in Britain…but lines of power of the dragon. What pray tell is that?” the farrier asked as he looked at
each in turn rapidly to see if they thought the same. Simon and Sarah both nodded in agreement with his question.
“The lines of the dragon. More correctly, the paths of the dragon,” the old man said softly.
“So you know of these things clearly?” Gabirol said quietly. The old man nodded yes silently and looked at him.
“Will you explain them to us…please?”
“If you wish…what say you all?”

All around the table looked at each other and all agreed they would like to learn more.
“Okay, in that case I shall explain about the paths of the dragon,” the old man began and cleared his throat, took
another sip of water and sat up straight. “Let me first explain that those who study this subject do not call them the
paths of the dragon, but refer to them as ‘ley lines’.”

“Pray lines?” Miriam asked and went red in the face with embarrassment.
“No, not pray lines…ley lines,” the old man smiled back. “It is worth noting that perfectly straight roads or paths
are found all over the ancient Mediterranean world that still link many of the ancient sites that are governed by magic
squares. Remember earlier I explained that Magic is derived from the root word of the name of the three wise men
of the Bible, the Magi. Well, these paths are the ones called ‘ley lines’ or ‘Paths of the Dragon’, especially in China.
That is why Tenno knew of them. Here in Europe these paths were marked out by Herms stones. Recall I
mentioned the ancient god Hermes? Well some of you may already know that the dragon represents in symbolic
form the actual energy within the earth; energy which the ancients believed they could harness and use. Herms
stones were directly linked to Omphalos and oracle centres across the ancient world. Note also that the alignment
of ancient sites across the world has been noted for many years, especially by the ancient geomancers, but it was
only during the Roman Empire that the full extent of these sacred pathways became evident as they used them to
lay out their roads. The Roman engineers were not slow in realising and rediscovering an apparently extensive
network of alignments involving the sighting of ancient prehistoric earthworks, standing stones, henge monuments,
stone circles and ancient churches that had been built over earlier, far older, ancient pagan sites. These sites all ran
in straight lines across the countryside. One day in the long distant future, mankind may again fully understand the
importance of these pathways and again name them for what they are. Ley lines. The churches that appear on these
lines now, built upon the old pagan sites, are all down to Pope Gregory the First, who specifically issued orders in
AD 601 that all pagan temples should be sought out, purified and converted to churches. For each cathedral the
Knights Templar designed and constructed, they chose appropriate numbers according to the very nature of the site
and the dominant astrological sign of the country it was in. Hence in Germany and Hanseatic cities such as Lubeck,
the cathedrals being designed for there are being laid out according to the numerical magic square of Mars and built
in red brick. Lichfield Cathedral plans have already been likewise designed to be constructed from red brick. Mars
is red also. That cathedral is due to be started in 1195 if all that Philip and Firgany have set in motion does come to
pass. It will have three major spires, which to those who have eyes to see, and know the esoteric codes, will represent
not only the God, the father and the Holy Spirit, but also the three belt stars of Orion,” the old man explained

“Orion?” Gabirol asked puzzled.
“Yes. But I shall, I promise before you say it, Simon, explain why later.”
“I said nothing!” Simon remarked and raised both hands in the air, smiling, and looked at Sarah quickly.
“Well, to continue, it is worth noting that the city of Lichfield was formerly called ‘Liches’ meaning ‘from War’.
Mars was the god of war. Originally Mars was regarded as the god of fertility, only later being portrayed as the god
of war and depicted as a spear-wielding warrior. Mars only became the god of war after the devastation caused during
the biblical Exodus period, but that is something for perhaps another time to explain.”
“Please, can you not explain that comment now?” Gabirol asked.

“I can, but only in the briefest of explanations,” the old man replied as Gabirol nodded yes. “All I can say is that
at the time of the great Exodus, even in its simplest terms, was a time when planets in the heavens were pushed and
moved from their locations. Mars, at the time the god of fertility, was moved and caused chaos and destruction
across the face of the world we live upon. As a consequence, it became by association immediately the god of war,”
the old man explained briefly. “I hope that answers your question on that matter?”
“Not really, but it will suffice this night. But I foresee I may be paying you many more visits if you are willing,”
Gabirol replied.

“Would be my pleasure,” the old man stated and nodded. “Now, if we return to the paths of the dragon, you
must know that they have been used for centuries as places of healing. Sick animals naturally go to these places and
lie down to recover. The paths run across our entire world. Now recall that previously I demonstrated that there is
a connection between the Templars and the idol head that they are accused of worshipping, as explained in Stewart’s
initiation ceremony. Well, this head legend states that it is CAPUT L VIIIm and as I showed, this has generally
been interpreted as meaning ‘Head 58’. Fifty-eight is very important, as I will reveal later, but for now know that the
‘m’ after it stands for the representation of the astrological sign for Virgo. So you see the symbolism of Virgo again
appears. Now the cathedrals of England and Europe will be the physical representations in stone of constellations
of the heavens laid across the land. If all goes according to plan, in less than a century the entire landscape of Europe
will be changed forever with these new and unbelievably huge inspiring buildings, only equalled in size by the Great
Pyramid of Egypt. And know that just a fraction of the documents recovered by the original Templars found under
the Temple of Jerusalem showed them how to complete these feats.”
“What, like a massive visual signal to God that we are now ready?” the Genoese sailor asked.

All looked at him.
“You have no idea just how near that is to being part of a truth,” the old man smiled. “And whilst we are on the
subject perhaps it is worth mentioning that King Louis and Queen Eleanor from France, whilst on their way to the
Crusades in 1147, were accompanied by a contingent of Knights Templar. It was at this time that he adopted the
symbol of the fleur de lys as his heraldic device. No doubt due to his close involvement with the Templars. The
fleur de lys became the Royal Coat of Arms of France and, it has been speculated by some, which I am able to
confirm, occurred after the King’s initiation into the Templar Order. The fleur de lys, which is a lily as you all now
know, was a very popular symbol in both Egypt and Byzantium. The fleur de lys derives from the ‘fleur de luce’ or
iris. This is the European version of the lily or lotus as given to the Virgin Mary by the Angel Gabriel. It is the same
as the sheaf of the Virgo figure and esoterically represents the flower from which the soul of a new king will emerge.
Just why the fleur de lys became so important in France has never been satisfactorily answered but if you believe
what I tell you this night, you now know why and how,” the old man explained and looked at them all again in turn.
“So let me get this straight. You are saying that the fleur de lys is taken from an ancient symbol but also that
Chartres Cathedral and others now being commissioned are to be built across the landscape, just as the great
monuments of ancient Egypt and Greece were, as some kind of manifestation of a secret communicated to mankind
by occult, esoteric or mystical means from ancient codes?” Gabirol asked pensively.
The old man looked at him and nodded yes, smiling.
“Well what is the secret then?” Simon asked impatiently.
“I shall answer that very question by the conclusion of this story…that you have my word upon,” the old man said

“Truly?” the Templar asked as the old man nodded yes.
“As I explained at the very start of this tale, the original nine Templar Knights were responsible for bringing the
Ark of the Covenant, more correctly, an aspect of the Covenant, to France having been instructed by St Bernard to
do so. That first Ark was buried on Mount Moriah prior to the first destruction of the first Temple of Solomon. But
also other aspects of that Ark and other ancient artefacts were taken to Africa. Places Firgany, Philip and their good
friend Theodoric had to travel to in their journeys. The Ark, even purely as a symbolic notion, along with ancient
sacred books and scrolls containing ancient wisdom, technical skills and building techniques, mainly technological
wisdom from great antiquity along with the genealogical records of Jesus’s family, was indeed recovered. For you
see that actual Ark represents the true Gnosis, knowledge, as brought to France by the knights and shows that the
Notre-Dame Cathedrals of Northern France are to be laid out to a definite plan. As explained earlier and to remind
you, the Cathedrals of Rouen, Chartres, Laon, Reims and others will all represent a different star. When viewed
together they will show that the cathedrals in France make up the image of the main body of stars that form the
constellation of Virgo,” the old man detailed as Gabirol looked through his earlier notes.

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