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Did early Christianity evolve from Roman culture and customs? Was it based on truth?
Were the social issues of the early Roman Empire a driving force to adapt old customs to a new philosophy?

A young Hebrew man seeks answers beyond his religious traditions by spending fifteen years travelling and studying spiritual principles in India and Alexandria, Egypt. Upon returning to his homeland his message of self-awareness is feared by the elders and Temple priests.
At the same time the ruling elite in Rome are determined to use this controversy to their advantage. Keen to find a solution to the social and economic issues that have developed after their relentless conquests of foreign lands, they find that the young man’s spiritual message can be altered to suit their needs.

Contrary to Popular Belief is a thought-provoking novel inspired by Christian faith, and the quest for truth.
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About the Author

Neil Anthes is a retired small business owner and international business manager. He graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada with a bachelor of science degree. He is a semi-professional photographer and currently lives in the Southern Interior of British Columbia Canada. This is his second book. The first, Moments in Time, Reflections on Personal Mystical Experiences, was published in 2014.



Chief magistrate Brutus, a self-absorbed man, is at the end of a meeting at the Imperial Palace with Emperor Claudius. They were to discuss the fact that the luxuries the ruling elite enjoy in Rome are scarce. A solution was needed. The meeting did not go well primarily due to the fact that Brutus did not listen closely to the Emperor.

Not wishing to extend the conversation, Brutus remained silent. He waited for Claudius to speak. He was starting to regret his visit today. A small bead of nervous perspiration rolled down the center of his back under his toga. He hoped the dampness was not visible, as it might be interpreted as a sign of weakness. After what seemed like several minutes the Emperor finally spoke, โ€œThat is all, be swift in your thinking, Brutus.โ€ He motioned to his sentries. Emperor Claudius looked agitated as he stood up and turned his back to the Magistrate.
Brutus was escorted from the Palace by the guards. He wandered the streets, past the empty vendors of the Forum. At the first shrine to Cybele he found, he made an offering. Her protection may be needed as his contact with the Emperor increased. He would make a rare visit to his lararium that evening. He hoped the ancestors had not abandoned him as his offerings had been few. He would stop at the Temple to Vesta and buy some sacred bread. That should help immensely. Yes, he would also offer his best wine.
Brutus entered the bath. The attendants left quickly. He was alone. He cursed. He exited the bath. There was nothing for him here.

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  1. Rhymes were straightforward to recollect and cross down by phrase of mouth
    from era to generation and people who were illiterate had a means
    of being part of the discourse though they might not write or read the
    political pamphlets of the day.

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