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Two marriages haunted by betrayal. Four people whose pursuit of the American Dream has taken a nightmarish turn.

Roman and Sage Bryant-Cole have spent nine months trying to salvage what was left of their marriage after it was rocked by the revelation of Roman’s serial affairs. Sage is dealt a second blow when she discovers that her cherished cousin, Owen Bryant, has been cheated on by his ruthless, gold-digging wife, Leah.

Sage’s discovery hits the reset button on the progress she and Roman had been making on their marriage, as all the doubts and fears she has tried to suppress come flooding back. In order to reclaim Sage’s trust, and to save a love now left dangling by a thread, Roman must take his efforts to win back his wife to another level.

Leah and Owen Bryant are visited by a ghost from their past; Leah’s college sweetheart, Casey. Leah and Owen must confront a dark secret at the heart of their marriage, if they are to stand a chance of surviving as a couple.

One family’s legacy, two marriages, four lives, and millions of dollars are at stake.

Doing Scary is a coming of age story which explores the transition from adolescence to adulthood and the battles we face in our thirties to keep our spiritual, emotional and psychological progress in check, as the things we hold most dear are put to the test.

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About the Author

Donald M. Bell Sr. is the Senior Pastor/Teacher of Covenant Blessing Fellowship (CBF) launched out of an adult bible study 2001. Pastor Bell has been preaching since he was sixteen and holds a professional degree in Organizational Psych. Behavior. Bell’s profound ability to communicate spiritual principles in secular settings has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC 20/20, and the documentaries Sister I’m Sorry, and Soul Mate. He was also a weekly guest on KJLH nationally syndicated radio program Love in the Spirit hosted by Kevin Nash. Bell lives in a suburb of Los Angeles with his lovely wife, Michelle, who wedded in 1994 and is the father of three.


This passage is an excerpt from an argument between Roman and Sage a married couple. Sage is mad at Roman for not answering his phone during the day and for coming home late. Roman is angry at Sage for brushing him off earlier in the day.

· The top of page 67 through the bottom of page 68

“Hey, first off, you might want to check your tone. I’m not one of your employees, and my momma didn’t raise no punk.” Roman stepped into view to continue his barrage. “If I’m not mistaken, the last time we spoke, I was trying to connect with you and you were rushing me off the phone—‘Got to go bye.’ He punctuated the point with air quotes and mimicked hanging up a phone. “And let me see if I got this right, Owen flakes out on you twice and I am supposed to sit around waiting for you to call or come home like I’m a rescue dog waiting for my master? Please…give me a break.”

Seizing the opening Roman left, Sage jumps to leap to her feet, points an index finger right between his eyes and blares: “Why not?! That’s what I did for years while your sorry behind was running the streets chasing tail.”

The situation had escalated from something one might see on the Military Channel to something seen on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. Even if Sage didn’t mean to be so cutting, it was too late. The savagery of her comment, along with its condescending delivery, crossed a line that triggered the predatorial reflex in Roman. It wasn’t personal. It was worse; it was primal. They sized up one another like two apex predators about to get it on because had strayed into the other’s territory. Sage’s need for safety and unresolved issues of rejection had encroached on Roman’s need for security and shame.

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