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MÁRIO DE SÁ-CARNEIRO: The Ambiguity of a Suicide

The apparent suicide in 1916 of the writer Mário de Sá-Carneiro causes his friend, the poet Fernando Pessoa, great distress. Pessoa feels compelled to trace Sá-Carneiro’s final movements, to understand what could have caused him to lose all hope. Exploring byways of the imagination and ambiguity with the investigator David Mondine and Dr. Abílio Fernandes Quaresma, solver of enigmas, the three men decide to uncover the conclusive certainties which led Mário to poison himself. These suicide investigators travel to Lisbon – Mário’s birthplace – and to Paris, talking to strangers and friends who might shed light on the poet’s mysterious and sudden decline. As the city wrestles with the grief and tumult of war, the men hold court at the cafes and bistros Mário would have frequented. Their witty, enigmatic and sometimes obscure conversations illuminate the friendship between Mário and Fernando Pessoa, their poetry and their literary ambitions, revealing the tragic end of one of the founders of Portuguese modernism.

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About the Author

Living in Tuscany, Giuseppe Cafiero is a prolific writer of plays and fiction who has has produced numerous programs for the Italian-Swiss Radio, Radio Della Svizzera Italiana, and Slovenia’s Radio Capodistria. He is also the author of over ten published works focusing on cultural giants from Vincent Van Gogh to Edgar Allan Poe and most recently Gustave Flaubert.




Ricardo Reis said:- I felt some regret because… yes because Mário de Sá Carneiro had, and we do well to attribute this symptomatic attribute to him, the merit of great, rigid discipline … a discipline above all external… hence of consistency in the way of applying himself… of living his life… even in pain, in despair, in the perennial search for the existential meaning of life itself… something that was capable of satisfying him… do you understand what I’m trying to tell you?… take his suicide, for example… yes the suicide you are investigating… suicide or something else… it matters little at the moment… it is you who must solve this enigma… to satisfy Fernando Pessoa… a death as an act that puts an end to your existence makes sense only if you are aware that, in that way, your destiny is determined… if you render yourself everlasting as the object of both bewilderment and interest… indeed it is so … it will be so… on the other hand, Mário certainly wished to thoroughly explore the sense of melancholy that afflicted him … have I been clear? … do you know in what circumstance and condition he was found dead in that hotel room? … in Paris, I mean… at the Hôtel de Nice… there: great external rigour … a melancholic and tragic discipline… it’s necessary to consider this element in order to understand Mário and the act that involved him…

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