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Once again the Murphy household is in chaos, and on top of that a rogue Demon is on the loose and has taken up residence on the estate, with dire consequences. Tom is still working away, leaving Patsy alone and struggling with day to day living and her own Demon. Megan has a very important cooking exam to pass, but money is short for the ingredients. Bonfire night, which is the biggest night of the year is approaching fast, and Patsy cooks for the whole street, and on top of that the family have the worry of being evicted from their house, as they are being relentlessly bullied by the local police Sargent who now knows the families secret. Will they survive?

Published by Mirador 14th March 2017

About the Author

After over thirty years working in the hospitality sector Bristol-born C.L Ryan is now living in Somerset with her partner. Also a psychic medium C.L Ryan’s life experiences have influenced and inspired her paranormal series Secret Demons. Her other passions are cooking and diving —and she is a qualified BSAC Diving Instructor, BSAC Open Water Instructor and BSAC Advanced Diver— completing dives around the world from Tobago to Minorca and closer to home in Cornwall. Her first book Secret Demon 1 was published by Mirador December 2015.



Nasty and very evil Father Quinn had found out that the family were given a fifty pound reward for turning over all the found money in the flat. He approaches Patsy for money, asking where Tom is and accuses Patsy of being a harlot and assaulting her in front of the children, resulting in Megan giving him a right old kick in the knee, which turns into a stand- off with her mother.

Her mother approached her ready to land another blow on the now sobbing girl. Megan suddenly felt her neck thicken, her hackles rise, and her fangs dropping. She was looking at her beautiful mother with glowing green eyes, gold wings and tail, and the three tell-tale golden bumps on the back of her neck. But her mother was also looking at her daughter, with her fangs protruding, glowing green eyes, little gold wings and gold tail, and the three little golden bumps on the back of her neck. Megan’s brothers and sister had already run upstairs to their bedroom, fearing the worst, and closing their doors behind them. Patsy and Megan stood looking at each other seeing for the first time what had become of them both, their true selves, as they found themselves in a stand-off.

Just for one second, Megan stood looking as herself in a portal mirror. A massive electric shock went down her spine. Is this what she had to look forward to in the future? Is this what she would become? Just for that split second, an arrow of fear flew from her heart, straight towards her mother’s, and a single tear crept from the corner of her eye. Never, ever in a million years will he ever get me so that I am like her, she thought.

Patsy just stood there, reading her daughter’s thoughts, and remembering the first time that her mother had seen her in full demon. Now the circle had turned in full, and here they were, mother and daughter, standing in front of one another, eyes glaring at each other, both quiet, and both very scared!

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