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The Future Can’t Wait is a contemporary novel set in multicultural Birmingham against a background of growing radicalisation of young people sympathetic to Islamic State. Kendra Blackmore’s half Iranian daughter Ariana (Rani) undergoes an identity crisis which results in her cutting off all contact with her family. Sick with worry and desperate to understand why her home loving daughter would do this, Kendra becomes increasingly desperate for answers – and to bring her estranged daughter home….

Release date: 2nd November

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About the Author

Angelena Boden (M.Soc.Sc PGDE) has spent thirty five years as an international training consultant, specialising in interpersonal skills and conflict resolution. She trained in Transactional Analysis, the psychology of communication and behaviour, her preferred tool for counselling and coaching.

Since retiring from training, she runs a coaching practice in Malvern for people who are going through transition periods in their life; divorce, empty nesting, redundancy or coping with difficult situations at work, home and within the wider family.

Angelena has two half Iranian daughters and has extensive experience of helping mixed nationality couples navigate problems in their marriages.

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My first encounter with technology was back in the late seventies when I was training to teach. The Xerox photocopier was a dream as it meant I didn’t need to get my hands covered in the purple ink from the spirit duplicator, known as the Banda machine. Friday mornings were dedicated to Educational Technology to support our teaching methods. Hmm. I have taught in parts of the world where my only tool was a piece of chalk, a board and whatever natural materials I could get hold of. I reckon those were some of my most creative lessons.

As I have been writing since my mid- teens I have bashed away on a range of QWERTY keyboards including my Grandad’s old Olivetti, graduating to a Smith Corona electric with an advanced correction function ( no more fluid or correction strips).

The fax machine moved things on a lot as I no longer had the nail biting experience of waiting weeks for replies to business proposals or project go-aheads. However once email became mainstream, even waiting twenty four hours for a reply has become a test of endurance. The faster the technology moves, the higher the expectations rise.

I’d played around with computers but it wasn’t until the mid – eighties, when I rushed out and bought my very own personal Amstrad and struggled to master its word processing package locoscript. Although I never fully got to grips with all its functions, it saved me time and added a new dimension to the production of teaching materials. I felt smart and a thoroughly modern Millie at the time. Who could imagine that the strong current of technological innovation could change lives so dramatically?

I moved on from desk top monitors, cooing over the joys of dial up internet to laptops and broadband, tablets, and after much internal resistance, a smart phone. Multi -media opened up a whole new world.

Whilst I can see all the benefits of global connection at the touch of a button and a cornucopia of armchair leisure pursuits, I don’t think I can keep up anymore.

Take publishing as an example. We’ve moved on from printing presses, to desk top publishing through to a complete revolution in book publishing. Anyone can write a book and upload it to Amazon and other e-reading devices the moment it’s done. No more hanging around for agents and publishers to make decisions. That doesn’t mean to say your book is going to get any exposure or sell a single copy. Authors are still responsible for the quality of their work, especially if they are charging for it.

Self-publishing has given a voice to all which has got to be a good thing as so many superb books never get past the gatekeepers, sometimes for the most spurious of reasons. Yet, so many books and so much choice means that readers will often play safe and buy what they know. It’s tiring keeping up with the changes in the market and the technology.

I closed my training company at the time it became obvious we wouldn’t survive without investing in social media. My older colleague couldn’t face it. Me neither at the time. Facebook and the rest were for the younger generation but I quickly realised that writing novels is also a business. You have to be able to sell as well as write. Limiting myself to Twitter, Skype, blogging and maintaining a website, I’ve found a balance that suits me. Recently I talked to a specialist in SEO and he may as well have been talking in Mongolian.

I love face to face contact which is why I enjoy giving presentations as part of a book signing event. When I’m asked if I need any technology I shake my head vigorously. I am my own visual aid. I don’t need a machine to do my talking.

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