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Can you really be on the WRONG path in life?

No one knew she was driving on that stretch of road. No one saw her car leave the highway and crash into a watery ditch. No one heard the car’s windscreen smash or saw the tree branch come through to impale her to her seat. No one heard her screams.

Julie Compton’s life should have come to an end that day, but instead, that moment was the beginning of her new life as she wakes, unharmed, back in 1972 and primed to relive her traumatic childhood all over again. One flaw. She’s in the body of a stranger.

Journey back to the 70s and 80s England where Julie is forced to jump through the eras, occupying and controlling other people’s bodies she knew as a child. She must work out which destiny path was the wrong one all while wondering if her body, back in 2016, was dying in her car.

With each momentous change, her memories transform and she realises she’s not only changing her future but of those around her. She’s finally ‘living’ but does that mean she must die?

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About the Author

Louise Wise is a British writer and has been weaving stories all her life—and for many years, she was a ‘closet writer’ with a cupboard is full of ageing manuscripts depicting fantastical romantic adventures!

Most of her books have an element of romance, but tend to cross over into other genres, giving them a unique edge.

Her debut novel is the best-selling sci-fi romance EDEN, which was followed by its sequel HUNTED in 2013.

A PROPER CHARLIE is a romantic comedy written purely for the chick lit market, but then she decided to unite her love of all things supernatural with romance and OH NO, I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE and WIDE AWAKE ASLEEP came along.

Her other works include SCRUFFY TRAINERS (a collection of short stories with a twist). She has written numerous short stories for women’s magazines including Women’s Own and Take a Break.

She loves hearing from her readers – the good, the bad and the ugly stuff they want to share!

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1970s and 80s, the Good Old Days?


Louise Wise

I used to groan when my grandparents spoke of the ‘good old days’, I used to yawn when they reminisced about the war, rationing and the like. But now I’m middle-aged, getting on, approaching 45, in my middle years, I can identify with talking about memory lane, and it usually begins with ‘When I was a kid…’ and my own kids groan, change the subject or move away.

Luckily, I still have my parents to talk about such things. They’re in their 80s now but they are great conversationalists for yesteryear.

I grew up in the 70s when Gary Glitter and Jimmy Savile were at the top of their game. Kids of that period had to put up and shut up and the likes of Glitter got away with preying on children. It was the same with women. We were meant to be equal, but back then, it was rare to see a working mother—oh, it happened, it just wasn’t deemed ‘correct’.

Those were the bad times, but the good times was when children enjoyed playing in the streets and coming home when the street lights came on (no mobile phones for parents to check up on us or call us home!) Anyone remember the following childhood games?

Tag (with all its renditions: frozen tag, flashlight tag, frog-leap tag).

Mother, May I?

Cops and robbers.

Hop Scotch.

What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?

Peep Behind the Curtain.

Oh, the fun we had with those. Then, as a teenager in the 80s, computers were still very rare in England (and gigantic!) and the Internet was unheard of (except on science programmes). In the 80s we still only had four TV channels! Video games were mostly played at arcades. Cassette tapes were the preferred music format, and Walkmans were THE item you had to have as a bona fide teen.

There were no mobiles phones, and you had to ASK to use the land-line phone to call your friends and god help you if you were longer than a few minutes! And there was no privacy because the phones weren’t cordless back then, so you had to conduct a conversation wherever the phone was kept (usually near the hallway on a ‘telephone table’ which included areas for the HUGE telephone directory book).

And the clothes… spandex, leg warmers, acid washed jeans, huge shoulder pads and headbands were the in-thing. We rocked, baby! And can you remember being either ‘Team Cyndi’ or ‘Team Madonna’?

The 70s and 80s were the last ‘clean’ years we were free to be, er, free without computers, social media, Instagram and selfies.

Reminisce with me, what do you remember from those eras? I’d love your thoughts.


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