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What if accepting yourself meant being rejected by everyone you knew?

The nation of Hadrian is close to breaking point. After fifty years as a relative oasis at the heart of a world polluted by disease and despair, the death of Todd Middleton — a 16-year-old who dared to disregard the laws prohibiting straight relationships and natural reproduction — has moved many of Hadrian’s citizens to question the country’s rules governing sexual equality.

These draconian laws have played an important part in keeping Hadrian prosperous and secure for decades. In response to the Middleton incident, the government only furthers its anti-heterosexual laws to reassure conservatives who fear their lives are being threatened. The backlash is severe, plunging the country into violence as people attack those perceived to be abnormal and a threat to Hadrian’s stability.

A small group of activists band together to combat the rage and hate that surrounds them. When Hadrian’s last surviving founder, Destiny Stuttgart, joins their side, it sends a searing message of solidarity to the long persecuted heterosexual minority, and a stark warning to Hadrian’s pro-gay conservatives. The ensuing chaos threatens to drag Hadrian into a civil war. But will those promoting the heterosexual agenda go too far, reversing what Hadrian has accomplished, fracturing and catapulting it into the madness seen across the rest of the planet?

Once an oasis in a world of destruction, the nation of Hadrian risks falling into disarray over its government’s persecution of heterosexual relationships, in this standalone dystopian sequel by gifted Canadian writer.

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Patricia Marie Budd was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. In her early twenties she studied mime in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1983/84) and then later renewed her interest in physical theatre by studying with Phillip Gaulierin London, England (1996/97). As a result of her extensive training in drama much of Patricia Marie Budd’s writing is theatrical in nature. Patricia has self-published three novels thus far: A New Dawn RisingHell Hounds of High School and the highly acclaimed Hadrian’s Lover. Patricia’s fourth novel Hadrian’s Rage,will be released May 3, 2016. Her current residence is in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada where she has been teaching high school English since 1991.

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The following is an excerpt from Lying in Devon’s Arms a chapter from Hadrian’s Rage.

In this short scene the dramatic collision between two ‘enemies’ results in lovemaking.

The only way for someone to get close to Frank Hunter is to be assigned his guard or take up extreme running. Since becoming Frank’s shadow would mean a demotion in rank, Devon decides it is time to get back into shape. Frank Hunter’s legendary runs are common knowledge throughout Hadrian’s military. It didn’t take long for word of his incarceration and odd ways to reach the ears of nearly every soldier in Hadrian’s army. Being privy to this knowledge before arriving at the Midwest Gate, Devon had already added running to his workouts. Running is hard for Devon even though he and Todd Middleton ran a lot together the one summer they dated. Knowing he has to be in prime shape if he is to keep up with Frank, Devon forces himself to run anyway, struggling all the while to push aside painful memories. Regardless of the fact that Devon began training for this task months prior to even applying for his transfer, he still finds that keeping up with Frank Hunter is a monolithic task. The man has been doing his run up and down and back and forth along the three-mile stretch of the Wall he is contained to by his tactile tattoo restraint for almost four years now.

Unfortunately for Devon, Frank can tell when someone is shadowing him on his runs. This only encourages Frank to push himself even harder so Devon will not have the opportunity to catch up. Frank’s biggest fear is talking to anyone from his past, so when Frank runs, it is from his past. The last thing in Hadrian he will ever let catch up to him is his past, and Devon Rankin is a direct link to that past. To Todd Middleton. Even though it is common knowledge that no one can keep up with Frank on one of his runs, Devon is determined. Although he has never been successful as a long distance runner, Devon can sprint so he determines shortly after arriving at theSouthwest Gate, and after a few too many failed attempts at catching up to Frank, that he will catch Frank mid-run when he is on the ground running between stairwells. Devon lies in wait behind the central stairwell, the one leading up to the main gate guard tower. As soon as Frank lights off the stairs and begins running toward the next stairwell fifty meters away, Devon chases after him. The sprinting tactic works, but only momentarily. Devon knows he can’t keep up the pace, especially since Frank, clearly annoyed at his presence, begins to run faster. It isn’t long before Devon is left in Frank’s wake without even being able to utter hello. Devon knows that the only way he is ever going to have his “talk” with Frank Hunter will be after he tackles and pins the man to the ground.

Tackling and pinning Frank isn’t as easy as Devon thought. Although Frank never wrestled in high school, leaving Devon to think he has the edge, he was very quickly schooled in all the various maneuvers during hand-to-hand combat training. And Frank Hunter has always been a fast study. So, even though Devon tries to pin him face down by using the Double Leg Takedown maneuver, Frank, anticipating the move, is able to spin on his heels, press his hand down on Devon’s head, grab his right arm, twist him around, and then slam his back down onto the ground, winding him. Before Devon can even catch his breath, Frank leaps down on him like a hawk. Flipping Devon on his side, Frank quickly slips his right arm between Devon’s legs and his left arm under Devon’s head and neck to clasp one tightly with the other. Devon is rendered immobile and barely able to breathe, let alone speak. This doesn’t stop Frank from demanding, “What the fuck do you want from me?”

All Devon can muster in response is “I—want—you—”

“What? What?” Frank’s rage has increased, his face reddening, his right arm painfully squishing against Devon’s groin while the crook of his left arm digs deep into Devon’s Adam’s apple. Devon can no longer respond to any of Frank’s queries. For a brief moment, their eyes meet. Devon’s eyes are watering from the pain and frustration; this uncomfortable position in Frank’s arms is oddly erotic, causing him to harden. Frank, feeling the sudden growth, squeezes Devon tighter for a millisecond before releasing him. Instantly, Frank grabs Devon’s face in his hands and kisses him.


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