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Refreshing and uplifting, Frimpong’s poetry will kindle pursuit of resolution and truth.
Indenture, a legal contract, has long held an historic association with slavery.
Indenture: Free the Live by Eunice E. Frimpong explores far-ranging themes including wealth, addiction and purpose, to challenge our perceptions of enslavement in the present era.

These poems are designed to reveal dimensions of a pressing contract, with the promise of freedom.

Lovingly composed, to anchor souls.
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About the Author

Originally born in Ghana, Eunice E. Frimpong came to live in London as a child. She attended the University of Manchester and abroad at the University of Missouri where she studied history and became more involved in her Christian faith. She has worked as a teacher to children with special education needs and disabilites and still works as an educator in London. This is her first book.


An Extract from Indenture

Messed up.
Can’t think.

Liberate me.

Grant normality.
Heal mentality.

Laughing. Lost.

Why born?
No more.

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