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Sparkling Fountain: Collected Poems

Life and death, conflict and oppression, nature, love, philosophy and faith. The poems of Oranmore resonate with deep, universal themes and are based on real events and poignant personal experiences. From growing up in Ireland to the 100th Birthday of his father — 4th Lord Oranmore and Browne and the longest serving member of The House of Lords — and his travels across the globe, Sparkling Fountain combines both previously published and new poems to create a fine original collection which is a joy for all to read.

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About the Author

Oranmore, also known as Dominick Mereworth, is a poet and playwright. He has had numerous anthologies previously published including The Glory of Glories: Inspirational Poetry (Arcturus Press 2005) and has had a number of plays produced on Fringe Theatre London including Seal of Rome in Belfast and I married Madeline as well as others produced in Belfast and Cork. Over the years Dominick has also had short stories published to wide acclaim in national magazines. In addition, he continues to work extensively in the voluntary and charity sector including: Kent Refugee Action Network and Rapid Ireland, he is the president of Celtic Vision and Vice-President for both Veterans in Europe and Montecassino Federation for Remembrance and Reconciliation. His father, 4th Lord Oranmore and Browne, was to date the longest serving member of The House of Lords and Dominick succeeded him in 2002 to become the 5th Baron. Today he lives in London with his family.


You asked me to write a poem,

what do you wish me to say?

Your face is round and radiant,

your laugh contagious most days.

This joy becomes infectious,

from your touch I cannot stay away.

It was you who drew me to you,

with the kiss on the cheeks,

the embrace of the heart,

and the warm hand held in clasp.

Remember the soft cheek you gave

to be kissed with passion sweet.

Then the other, the peach to eat.

So that our love would in friendship meet,

and so to love our minds greet.

Be fair, be just, this is new to me,

to have attention paid by a beauty queen,

above all a heart a passion serene

this affection can only be received,

accepted as genuine fresh leaves.

Then suddenly as a flash of fire,

the temperature changes overnight

to a fierce passionate desire,

not of pure love, a mixed fight

of clenched fist, and teasing

angry feeling runs true, insight

before another devastating freezing

explosion, as she destroys the red roses,

a gift given with sincere feeling.

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