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What do you do when you’re a newly divorced 52 year old mother, keen for a second
chance of romance? Why internet dating of course! Daisy Mae_224 embarks on the internet
dating process with trepidation. Having not been on the dating scene for nearly 30 years,
and with fairly rudimentary computer skills, she finds herself embroiled in a series of
haphazard and hilarious situations. Daisy keeps a diary of her internet dating life and reveals
detail by detail, the ups and downs of her midlife dating extravaganza. Soon after starting
out, Daisy realises her true mission. With no past experience and no-one/nothing to guide
her, she needs to produce – Internet Dating lessons. Read on to find out about PLONKERS,
muppets and MAWDs, and a whole host of amusing anecdotes, tips and ideas. Working by
day as a Sexual Health doctor, the story as it unfolds contains accounts of Daisy’s clinical
experiences with patients in the Sexual Health clinic. She also reflects on her past life with
Voldemort (the dreadful ex-husband). With advice and encouragement from Imogen, her 17
year old daughter, her surrogate parents known as the Amigos, with a big house and swanky
swimming pool, her friend Pinkie and from Jeannie, her nonagenarian friend from the
Nursing Home, Daisy resiliently persists in her quest to find a long term partner. This is a
heartfelt story that will ring bells with anyone who has ended a long term relationship and
now wants to find somebody new. It is humorously written, full of emails, poems, limericks,
and even a recipe! Daisy can’t resist her pages of advice on topics like “Kissing” and “AntiSnoring.”
It is a unique and highly amusing book, which will make you laugh out loud! So
read on and see. Will Dating Daisy find her “prairie vole?” Or will the whole process end in
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About the Author

Living in the South of England Daisy_224 shares many similar
professional, life, and dating, experiences as her protagonist; for this reason she has chosen
to write under a pen name.

My Review

Who could resist that brightly enticing cover .. I love daisies, it’s pink and I immediately spotted the he loves me he loves me not imagery with the missing petal.

There have been an influx of books lately that dip their toe into the world of online dating so I needed something that would have that certain something to make it stand out.

While it obviously has to include the whole, create a profile, pros, cons, disasters list which frankly never differs much no matter who is advertising themselves!

However it also highlights how desperate some people are just for company, not necessarily love or the whole commitment scenario. Daisy seemed to pin all her hopes on each suitor being the one so not surprisingly she had a few disappointments. As much as I wanted her to find her prince charming I think she set the bar a bit high .. fine line between perfection and companion. I agree there should be pheromones involved though so that kept me following Daisy’s quest in the hope of a happy ending for her.

This book is broken down into fairly snappy chapters, the parts I found most fascinating involved Daisy regaling tales from the clinic where she works as a sexual health doctor. These were embarrassing, funny, dumb or just plain idiotic in equal measures but certainly held my attention. In fact I would have been quite happy if the whole book revolved around this.

Daisy also lives in an area I know well and put her search radius out as far as where I used to live, so who knows maybe she was on a date at a time I was out .. it would account for a few weird conversations often overheard!

There are plenty of tips/advice on how to date, kiss, and even an anti-snoring strategy. There are some funny giggle inducing moments but I never quite gelled with the characters.

While Dating Daisy may appeal to the newly singles or those considering joining a dating site I’m not convinced it will be fresh or different enough for younger readers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not young but it just missed it’s mark with me as well. I do however wish Daisy the best of luck for the future.

Thanks to the author and Rachel at Authoright for my copy and inviting me to join the tour. This is my unbiased opinion. 


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