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Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
5th book in the Heartlands series (can be read as a standalone)
Release Date: 28 July 2016
Publisher: Accent Press


Sometimes you have to dig deep to discover what you really need.
Marketing events manager Molly Keir doesn’t realise how much she still cares for her ex until she meets him with another woman. Her answer is to seize the chance of a glittering job in London – even though this will mean leaving behind her aging father and pregnant best friend Lexie Gordon.
Adam Blair is in the wrong job. Pressured by his father to join the family law firm, the stress of work helped break his marriage. Now Molly is moving to London, and he knows he needs to move on – but events soon overtake his best intentions.
A year ago, Caitlyn Murray quit her well-paid job to avoid becoming a whistle-blower. Now she is stuck at home with her overworked mother and four needy step-siblings. Tempted by the offer of a good wage, she returns to her old firm – where her nightmare comes back to haunt her.
Molly and Adam seem to have gone too far to recover the love they once had, and when Caitlyn finds the courage to speak out, she brings all their worlds tumbling down.

Molly Keir rummaged in her handbag and extracted her glasses.
‘Yum, this looks amazing. Scallops, black pudding, Gravadlax, sole paupiettes. Wow. I didn’t realise how ravenous I was till I started reading!’
Lexie whispered, ‘Molly.’
‘Mmm? What do you think about beef?’
Molly looked up at the note of urgency. ‘What?’
Lexie’s face had turned an odd shade, and her brown eyes had a panicky look about them. She was staring over Molly’s shoulder at the doorway.
Molly shoved her glasses back onto the top of her head and swung round. A woman was walking into the room. She was Asian – Indian perhaps? – and classically beautiful. Her hair fell in thick, shiny tresses halfway down her back, her eyes were dark as treacle and dramatically outlined in black. She was wearing scarlet. Afterwards, that was what Molly remembered most – the stunning silky dress, hugging a perfect figure.
For now, the dress and the woman faded improbably into the background because there was a man behind her. Not just any man – Adam Blair.
Molly’s husband.


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About the Author


I’ve been a writer for most of my life. I’ve written and co-authored a number of books on Scotland, a history of childbirth, a children’s novel and a romantic novel, all published some years ago. I’ve now turned my attention to writing the kind of novels I like to read – well written and with some depth, but not literary or too demanding. I like to tackle issues, but also to incorporate the complicated emotional challenges of day-to-day living.

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My Review

I was offered this book to read, something about Jenny Harper made me think it would be a family saga, all homely and cream teas. Well I was way off the mark! Apparently this is the fifth in a series, set in and around Edinburgh. I tend not to like jumping into a series with no prior knowledge but I manged this one as a stand alone. It might have been a benefit to know some of the characters but in fairness I wasn’t able to read them so I opted to give it a try.

Molly and Adam .. separated and going their individual ways. Lexie the pregnant friend. Caitlyn the young girl trying to cope with her family and wanting to better herself.

This moves quite quickly and does need concentration to follow which part you are in and whose story you are experiencing. But it flows with a passion. There are numerous events and with hindsight Molly and Adam can see that maybe they strode the wrong paths which led to the inevitable split.

Drama in the law firm cause folks to question themselves and integrity. What are you prepared to put on the line for right or wrong.

Caitlin has a rough experience which is written well and with sympathy. In general there is plenty to keep the reader absorbed and you will be rooting for one or the other. 

The ending was fairly predictable but there had been many twists and turns along the way. I think it highlights we are all capable of mistakes, whether by accident or design. Love and forgiveness are qualities that would be wonderful if they could be achieved. A solid story with people you can possibly identify with, enjoyable as a lazy weekend read.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and Brook Cottage Books for my copy. stars-4-0._V192197091_

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2nd Prize – ebook copy of the book (x2)

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