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I’m thrilled to have several stops on this blog tour. Policeman Pete is a very cute character suitable for young children.

All the happenings in the Policeman Pete books are based on true occurrences from the villages of Saddleworth, a civil parish made up of 7 villages that nestle within the foothills of the Pennines. These stories have been collected and re-told by the author, Barbara Ann.

My father, who is now 80 years of age has always made various contraptions over the years. This story is about a squirrel feeding table that he had put together that was actually crow and magpie-proof.

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My Thoughts

I have had the pleasure of reading several of these books by now and I still maintain the illustrations are delightful. There are several in The Clever Squirrel that will make children giggle. The puffed up cheeks are so sweet. 

Squirrels are very flexible and can usually manage to eat food from any ‘nut holder’ so a constant source of entertainment if you are lucky enough to have one visit your garden. 

Very cute and will appeal to children and adults alike.

Thanks to the author and Rachel at Authoright for my copies of this wonderful series.

About the Author

Brought up and schooled in Oldham, Greater Manchester, at the age of 17, Barbara decided
on a nursing career. Later, she set up her own day nursery which she ran for a few years before supporting her husband in his busy profession. Fast forward to 2013, Barbara started writing and illustrating the Policeman Pete series. She currently lives at Brimmycroft Farm, in the small Saddleworth village of Denshaw, Oldham with her husband, horses, geese, ducks and cats. She is an active participant in charities involving law enforcement including the Blue Lamp Foundation. She has previously appeared on BBC Radio Manchester and been featured in the Oldham Advertiser and the Manchester Evening News.



Policeman Pete’s Safety Tips

 Policeman Pete says you should know about electricity – which although you cannot see it – can hurt you very much, as it can burn you, cause a fire or give you a very nasty shock. So do not poke anything into electrical sockets, this includes your little fingers also this goes for any electrical appliance such as a toaster, hairdryer or fire. Also remember never touch electrical things with wet hands because electricity does not like being near to water and will give you a nasty shock.

Please see my post from yesterday for tip 6, and check out  Books From Dusk Till Dawn tomorrow for the next tip.

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