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Just after 11am on 4th August 1892, the bodies of Andrew and Abby Borden are discovered. He’s found on the sitting room sofa, she upstairs on the bedroom floor, both murdered with an axe.

It is younger daughter Lizzie who is first on the scene, so it is Lizzie who the police first question, but there are others in the household with stories to tell: older sister Emma, Irish maid Bridget, the girls’ Uncle John, and a boy who knows more than anyone realises.

In a dazzlingly original and chilling reimagining of this most notorious of unsolved mysteries, Sarah Schmidt opens the door to the Borden home and leads us into its murkiest corners, where jealousies, slow-brewed rivalries and the darkest of thoughts reside.

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The re-imagining of the Lizzie Borden murder case. I vaguely recall hearing about this and after reading See What I Have Done it has fascinated me further. Some of you may recognise the rhyme: Lizzie Borden took an axe, And gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one. 

Sarah Schmidt has a vivid imagination to add fiction to the ‘real’ story.  August 1892 in Massachusetts, Andrew and Abby Borden are found murdered in their home, horrifically attacked with an axe. Daughter Lizzie, was accused of the crime. Did she really do it?

The Borden household was a strange one, family dynamics are slightly weird to say the least. There is an eerie atmospheric feel to the whole book, while I was intrigued it wasn’t necessarily an easy read. You need a strong stomach at times with the graphic descriptive writing.

Told from four viewpoints it can get a bit confusing in places, but curiosity kept me reading. The characters are all flawed so there isn’t much need for sympathy. Without a full knowledge of the situation I could only surmise what was actual fact or fiction. I confess I did google it and gained a wider understanding so in that respect the book has aided my awareness of history! Of course by doing this I knew how it was likely to end but I savoured the voyage of discovery. 

I particularly liked the timeline of events in the back of the book .. that sums it all up quite nicely. I understand this is the debut novel by this author so it would be interesting to see what she can produce as a total work of fiction.

Thanks to the author, publisher, netgalley for my copy and Anne Cater for inviting me onto the tour. I read and reviewed voluntarily.

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