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Title: Soho Honey
Author: A.W. Rock
Print Length: 356 pages
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Publication Date: 5th May 2016


This contemporary crime story takes place over three weeks in November and unfolds against the multi-cultural backdrop of Soho, London. Branen had to leave the UK six years before to escape his complex clandestine history and the consequences of a crime that achieved worldwide notoriety. When his daughter is brutally murdered in Soho he believes that he could be the reason. He returns to his old hunting grounds to find the killer. His search brings him into conflict with the British Secret Service and Soho’s underworld. He is forced to flee Soho again after a tragic meeting with his ex-wife. His past has caught up with him and the hunter becomes the hunted. Now forty years old Branen wants to stop running and to remove forever the continuing threat to his life. In an effort to get rid of his pursuers he is faced with the prospect that his only chance of survival could lead to his death. ‘I have now read the novel myself and I think it’s very good… I will not be the only publisher who finds it first rate.’ Christopher MacLehose, Publisher of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ – part of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy.

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My Review

I was fascinated by the cover of this book .. it was one of those that could go either way.  As soon as I started reading I was confronted by a huge list of characters, their nicknames, roles etc .. I whizzed through that and was left entirely confused by the time I actually got to the story! 

Having said that once I got into it I could happily embark on the ride. This is a slightly different approach to thrillers due to the fact one of the major incidents at the beginning is based on a dramatic well known event .. readers of a certain age will identify it immediately. 
I enjoyed the in depth writing during the whole geographical journey, lots of familiar names, landmarks made it feel as though I was actually a part of it. 
Due to the nature of the book it is intense in places. I’m not sure if Branen the main man was meant to be likeable but I found him quite charismatic even though his actions are extreme. The whole part surrounding his daughter Carrie and how her life choices lead to her demise is enthralling. And the Controller is one to look out for.
Overall with hindsight I enjoyed this .. slow in places. I wasn’t overly keen on all the government references because it was awkward keeping track of what was going on. I prefer getting to know the characters as they are introduced and that is purely down to a writers ability to connect with the reader so on a personal level the “list” was unnecessary.
This will appeal to anyone who enjoys the darker, sleazy, corrupt side of life with a thriller base. At the beginning I was convinced this would be a 3 star book but it improved, drew me in and left me wanting to read more from this author  so I have upped that rating to a 4 star. 
Thanks to the author, Kate Appleton and Clink Street Publishing for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. stars-4-0._V192197091_

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