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‘Molly Missons gazed around in awe. So this was Butlin’s. Whitewashed buildings, bordered by rhododendrons, gave a cheerful feeling to a world still recovering from six years of war. The Skegness holiday camp covered a vast area, much larger than Molly expected to see.

Molly Missons hasn’t had the best of times recently. Having lost her parents, now some dubious long-lost family have darkened her door – attempting to steal her home and livelihood…

After a horrendous ordeal, Molly applies for a job as a Butlin’s Aunty. When she receives news that she has got the job, she immediately leaves her small home town – in search of a new life in Skegness.

Molly finds true friendship in Freda, Bunty and Plum. But the biggest shock is discovering that star of the silver screen, Johnny Johnson, is working at Butlin’s as head of the entertainment team. Johnny takes an instant liking to Molly and she begins to shed the shackles of her recent traumas. Will Johnny be just the distraction Molly needs – or is he too good be to be true?

About the Author

Elaine was born and brought up in North West Kent. She grew up listening to stories of the war years and her home town of Erith so no wonder her best selling stories feature Kent. She lives with her husband, Michael, and Polish Lowland Sheepdog Henry.

Elaine’s love of historical novels led to her writing her first fiction book, Gracie’s War, (available in libraries) before being contracted by Pan Macmillan to write Sagas. The first, The Woolworths Girls, was published in May 2016 with the second, The Butlins Girls, due to be published in May 2017.

A former journalist, and author of non fiction books for dog owners, Elaine has written over sixty short stories for the international women’s magazine market and can be heard on radio where she chats about canine issues – and just about anything else!

When not writing Elaine can be found teaching her talented students at The write Place Creative Writing School in Dartford, Kent where she holds classes at the Mick Jagger Centre – and no, she has not yet met Sir Mick!

A keen member of the Romantic Novelist Association Elaine sits on their committee and runs their Social Media.



Writing School

My Review

After reading The Woolworth Girls by Elaine (Review Here) I just knew I would adore this story about The Butlins Girls as well. Elaine has a specific knack of writing that lures you straight into the era she is talking about. Set in 1946 just after the war it has a very nostalgic but hopeful feel about it.

The world is your oyster and full of promise but still has a certain amount of austerity linked into the theme. Go into this with the view that it is a by-gone time when life was at a slower pace, it’s a fabulous excuse to relax, unwind and be transported backwards.

I live fairly close to the Butlins on the south coast and my Aunt lived in Skegness so I immediately had a sense of belonging and understanding although I learnt a lot about the actual history and day to day running of the holiday camp via the book.

Molly has been through a tragic time losing both parents in a car accident and the arrival of two ‘unknown’ relatives and a quibble over the will and her home lead her to leaving her hometown of Erith and embarking on a journey to Skegness and a job as a ‘Butlins Auntie’ responsible for the childcare of the guests.

She is a young, fairly naive girl and it is an emotional upheaval but she soon bonds with two other girls who she shares a chalet with. The overwhelming depth of friendship with Bunty and Plum is a joy to read, along with her oldest friend Freda who appeared in the previous book. They all have their own personalities and issues but pull through together.

Add in some mystery, a ‘film-star’ a little romance, not to mention fish and chips, cute donkeys and it’s a winning recipe of feel-good cosiness.

I was quite content to lose myself, enjoyed the story, writing and being part of the Butlins ‘gang’ for a short time. I’m hoping it won’t be long util there is another book from Elaine.

Thanks to the author and Pan MacMillan for my copy which I read and reviewed voluntarily. 

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    • It is! I read The Woolworth Girls so jumped on this as soon as I saw it available x

  1. Thank you so much for hosting me today and the lovely review. Elaine xx

    • Thank you! I love being transported back to a slower time and Elaine does that perfectly 🙂 x

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