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Sometimes a killer comes along who will make your blood run cold… When the body of a young woman is found with her hands and teeth missing, Detective Inspector Phil Morris struggles to identify her. The evidence initially suggests she is local missing girl, Alex Waters, whose mother, Tricia, comes armed with a psychic gift she would rather not possess. As Phil and his partner, Detective Donna Barclay, try to untangle the web of mystery surrounding the body, it appears that Alex had more secrets than even her psychic mother knew. As the hour glass empties, Phil and Donna are pushed to their limits trying to unravel the disturbed mind behind the sick game playing out around them. Welcome to a new chapter in domestic noir.

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About the Author

Billy McLaughlin is a Glasgow born author who released his first novelette Invisible in March 2016. Receiving glowing customer reviews, he followed up with the gritty novel Lost Girl which introduces readers to the mainstay characters Phil & Kate. In September 2016, his third book In the Wake of Death was released, re-uniting audiences with Phil & Kate as well as throwing a brand-new mystery that has been praised for its unique twist. McLaughlin welcomed 2017 in celebrating that Lost Girl peaked at number 2 in the crime thriller charts the previous August and gained the coveted number 1 slot in the Scottish crime charts with In the Wake of Death. His fourth book The Dead of Winter arrived in March 2017 to glowing reviews. One reviewer likened the novel to a series of Broadchurch. Kate and Phil returned for a brand-new mystery in The Daughter which also sees the return of Donna Barclay. Work has now begun on the sixth book which will be a new stand-alone project. More information coming soon.

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My Review

I have had the pleasure of reading books by this author before so I knew I was in for a dark, gritty delight. The Daughter follows the same style of writing which I find refreshingly down to earth. 

There are grisly finds, an old man discovers a body in the woods bordering his allotment. I could sense his horror and shock purely by the writing and this is how the book continues. Detective Inspector Phil Morris and his partner Detective Donna Barclay are on the hunt to identify the body, the only clues initially are her teeth and hands are missing.

After many years of silence Donna’s cousin Tricia makes frantic attempts to contact her, her daughter Alex has gone missing. Tricia is of psychic persuasion can she fathom where she is, or if there is a link to the murder? All she seems to get are vivid images of flames.

Another mother and daughter seem to be harbouring secrets and a web of deceit is forming. There is a race against time to solve this case. 

Both Phil and Donna are realistic coppers, there is a good balance between their work and personal life. The reader gets plenty of glimpses into their family and relationships while they remain good old fashioned professional platonic colleagues.

The Daughter is chilling, atmospheric and absorbing. It’s a quick read, but don’t be fooled by the speed it can be read, because it contains a well paced crime mystery.

My thanks to Billy and Emma Mitchell for inviting me onto the tour. I read and reviewed voluntarily.


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