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The trap is set – but which one of them is the bait?

Journalist Angel Blackthorne is looking for her next big scoop. When her sleazy editor asks her to use her charms on super successful – and married – film director Sebastian Wilchester for a juicy exposé, Angel thinks what the hell? There’s a staff job on the horizon, and, let’s be honest, no one can make a cheater cheat if they don’t want to, right?

After the scandal breaks, Angel tries to put the story – and Seb – behind her, but fate seems to have other ideas. A near miss at a premiere after-party and a shared love of vintage film brings the honey closer to the trap.

But what happens when pretence leads to passion, and a ‘kiss and tell’ becomes something real?

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About the Author


Mary Jayne Baker grew up in rural West Yorkshire, right in the heart of Brontë country… and she’s still there. After graduating from Durham University with a degree in English Literature in 2003, she dallied with living in cities including London, but eventually came back with her own romantic hero in tow to her beloved Dales.

She lives with him in a little house with four little cats and a little rabbit, writing stories about girls with flaws and the men who love them. You can usually find her there with either a pen, some knitting needles or a glass of wine in hand. She goes to work every day as a graphic designer for a magazine publisher, but secretly dreams of being a lighthouse keeper.




I love the fact that Mary Jayne has drawn up a fantasy cast list .. I absolutely agree with all of them apart from maybe Leo .. he didn’t look like that in my mind 🙂 Thanks for doing this xx

This is similar to a post I did some months ago for One More Page on the release of the ebook of The Honey Trap, when I was asked to come up with my perfect movie cast from the cream of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Young Gregory Peck as Seb and Rita Hayworth as Angel, what a pairing…
Sadly, Greg and Rita have now gone to that great film set in the sky, but there are lots of super-talented people in the acting world today I’d love to see playing my characters in a modern film adaptation. Well, I can dream!

Karen Gillan as Angel Blackthorne (Pic)
I’ve loved Karen ever since her stint on Dr Who, and I know she’d be perfect for my feisty, funny heroine. She’s beautiful, relatable and the best friend you wished you had, just like Angel.

Kit Harrington as Sebastian Wilchester (Pic)
You’ll notice from some of my other choices that there’s a Game of Thrones vibe here, but since just about every British actor’s now appeared in the series, it’s hard to avoid! Maybe if George RR Martin stopped killing off characters at such a rate…
Sans beard, Kit would just suit the part of Seb, a hero who’s often warm, usually witty, occasionally brooding and always, always sexy. And of course, who like Kit has great hair.

Keira Knightley as Carole Beaumont (Pic)
I almost cast an American here – January Jones, who plays Betty Draper in Mad Men, because she has the right look, but in the end it had to be a British actor. Keira has the porcelain beauty, genteel poise and fragility needed to play former child star Carole, Seb’s glamorous A-lister wife.

Sean Bean as Steve Clifton (Pic)
Angel’s villainous boss has to be played by a genuine Yorkshireman, no arguments. With a bit of padding Beany would be amazing as the leering, funny, sexist tabloid editor who so often makes the characters’ lives, well, interesting!

Richard Ayoade as Leo Courtenay (Pic)
Angel’s bantering best friend and ex-boyfriend Leo might be my favourite character in the whole book – with a joke always ready, he was great fun to write! I think I’ve always thought of him as looking a bit like lovely Richard Ayoade, minus his IT Crowd side parting and glasses, and I’d love to see what he’d do with the part.

Natalia Tena as Emily Graziana (Pic)
Angel’s other best friend and flatmate was a hard one to cast: I really wanted someone funny in a deadpan kind of way, with the wry, no-nonsense attitude Emily applies to the world. Eventually I decided that Natalia, known for her roles as Tonks in Harry Potter and Osha in Game of Thrones, would be a good choice.

My Review

Never judge a book by it’s cover they say … well call me shallow but my favourite colour is pink so it caught my eye straight away! Then I was intrigued, how could a whole book be written based on one quick honey trap! Yet, by the second page of this I was hooked, just knew immediately the humour was going to be right up my alley.

I took an instant dislike to Clifton the sleazy news boss, his character is so well written he makes you squirm. The depths he will sink to in order to grab a scoop. In this case he asks intern Angel to tart herself up to charm the pants off of movie star Seb .. can he be lured into temptation and cheat on his actress wife?

Now Seb has a few lax morals but boy is he hot!! He oozes sexuality and Angel suddenly doesn’t mind if she is ‘working’ or not.

The supporting characters, flatmate Emily and ex-boyfriend now best mate Leo are good distractions. Carole, the long suffering wife has her own issues which add a new dynamic, she is comes across as a poor little waif.

After all the will he or won’t he cheat . the story unfolds and fate intervenes a few times. The path of true love never runs smoothly and there are several bumps in the road I didn’t see coming.

This is a book that will keep you entertained, drooling at the lead guy, jealous of any female who gets a bit of action with him, giggling in places and just generally reading until you finish it without stopping to take breath! 

I volunteered to read this and give my opinion, a paperback was supplied by Harper Impulsestars-4-0-_v192197091_


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