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As featured on ITV’s ‘This Morning’… Based on Zoë Folbigg’s true story comes an unforgettable romance about how a little note can change everything… One very ordinary day, Maya Flowers sees a new commuter board her train to London, and suddenly the day isn’t ordinary at all. Maya knows immediately and irrevocably, that he is The One. But the beautiful man on the train always has his head in a book and never seems to notice Maya sitting just down the carriage from him every day. Eventually, though, inspired by a very wise friend, Maya plucks up the courage to give the stranger a note asking him out for a drink. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? And so begins a story of sliding doors, missed opportunities and finding happiness where you least expect it. The Note is an uplifting, life-affirming reminder that taking a chance can change everything…

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About the Author

Zoë Folbigg is a magazine journalist and digital editor, starting at Cosmopolitan in 2001 and since freelancing for titles including Glamour, Fabulous, Daily Mail, Healthy, LOOK, Top Santé, Mother & Baby, ELLE, Sunday Times Style, and Style.com. In 2008 she had a weekly column in Fabulous magazine documenting her year-long round-the-world trip with ‘Train Man’ – a man she had met on her daily commute. She has since married Train Man and lives in Hertfordshire with him and their two young sons. This is her debut novel.

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My Review

The blurb initially grabbed my attention for The Note. Have you ever ‘met’ someone and known thy were the one? Well this story takes a glimpse at what can happen.

It’s a sweet concept, Maya travels each day on the same train and spots a guy who lights her spark. Trouble is he always has he head stuck in a book and barely notices her. This goes on for a long time until finally with some encouragement from her friends Maya plucks up courage to pass ‘Train Man’ a note. Now I quite like that idea and admire her for her pluck.

Apart from delving into Maya’s working life which involves fashion and advertising the majority of the story is a will they won’t they get acquainted. So many missed opportunities, she becomes obsessed almost to the point of being stalkerish at times. 

I didn’t particularly connect with Maya, as much as I would have liked to see her happy I felt like telling her to give up and get a life elsewhere. ‘Train Man’ was more attractive, he comes across as being a nice guy if circumstances were different.

The whole fashion scene wasn’t really to my taste but I’m sure plenty of readers would enjoy the insights. I have to admit I did see an article on TV where Zoe was talking about the book, explaining it is a true story etc .. it was only when the title/cover of the book came up I made the connection that it was one I was due to read! So unfortunately I went into it knowing the outcome, whether that made it appear more drawn out than it was I don’t know. 

I believe this is a debut, it will be interesting to see what Zoe writes next.

My thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for my copy which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

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