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This is the true story of a girl called Amy and the English “mother” who adopted her from an institute in China when she was just a baby.
It’s a story about love, family and identity; and the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter.
When Amy came to be adopted in 1999, China’s then notorious one-child policy had given rise to a generation of missing girls. Amy was one of them, destined to life in an orphanage if she was lucky enough to survive. That is, until she was adopted by a loving British couple who were desperate to give her the home she deserved; Elaine and Lee.
In this moving autobiography, Amy and Elaine chart their own personal experiences of their shared adoption story. Theirs is not a political account, but one which is open about the challenges of adopting a child from a foreign country and the long journey that follows; from China to the UK and from infancy through to adolescence, as Amy and her new family learn and grow together.
Now a bright and ambitious young woman on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Amy is braced for an exciting journey into adulthood, one which her proud mother is delighted to be able to share.
Two Voices, One Story is a frank but uplifting account of the complex adoption process and the profound relationship between a mother and her adopted child.

  • Paperback: 150 pages
  • Publisher: Clink Street Publishing (21 Mar. 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1911110799
  • ISBN-13: 978-1911110798

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About the Authors

Elaine Rizzo (Elaine Masters) works in finance as a licensed insolvency practitioner for ClearDebt a company based in Manchester. Her daughter Amy Masters is now eighteen and at college. She enjoys art and design and her ambition is to become a photographer when she graduates. Both now live near Cardigan in West Wales.

My Review

This is something slightly different for me. The beautiful cover acted like a magnet to this book and it is very appropriate for the story which unfolds within.

Elaine and her husband suffer the loss of a baby, after much soul searching the long journey begins to adopt. The slight difference is they have decided to adopt one of the ‘lost’ baby girls from China. I clearly remember the programmes and news coverage of ‘The Dying Rooms’ at the time and the absolute despair for those children. Because of the Chinese one baby rule at the time so many girls were abandoned into these orphanages with the stark reality that they would stay there until old enough to cope alone.

For me personally it is the fact that Amy came from there that made the story more interesting otherwise it would be a standard account of two people plus a baby. But this family faced challenges from the outset. Amy had to learn or be taught everything, they bestow love upon her to make her believe she can trust them, and give her the best they can.

It is told in alternating chapters by mother and daughter .. mum seems incredibly protective yet proud of all Amy’s achievements. Amy’s story tends to be more realistic as a teenager, all she wants is to be normal, spend time with friends etc.

While I enjoyed reading it and I have admiration for the journey and lifelong commitment they made to their daughter, isn’t it what any ‘natural’ loving parent would do? Children are a blessing however they come to us and as a mother I adore mine but I don’t feel I put them on such a pedestal, that is the impression I got from this. By stating numerous times they have a unique unbreakable bond makes it seems as though they are trying to justify their relationship instead of simply being a mum and daughter who either love each other totally one minute and are at loggerheads the next .. or maybe that was just my experience with my mother!

There is no doubt it is a fascinating account of their life thus far and I wish them all the best for the future. It is also educational for those who don’t remember the era. I think it is well worth a read especially if you want a deeper understanding of the adoption process and the unconditional love required.

My favourite comment from Amy was ‘Mum is old now’ that rang very true of a teenager!

I read and reviewed this voluntarily, thanks to the authors and Clink Street Publishing. 


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