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“F*** you for breaking my f***ing heart…”

This is the heart-breaking yet hilarious story of Jimmy Rowland and Erin Poppet.

Jimmy Rowland has the perfect life. He works in his favourite bar by day, and by night he lives his dream with his two best friends in his band.

Erin Poppet crashes into Jimmy’s life like a beautiful storm. He falls in love with her as quickly and as deeply as possible. The intensity of their relationship leaves Jimmy with a broken heart, a useless vacuum and a demon inside him.

Jimmy’s dream life quickly becomes a nightmare when he loses his dream job and destroys his musical career live on stage.

When he hits rock bottom, he decides he only has one choice, to rebuild his life from scratch. He has to get back the life he had before Erin.

This is her story. This is his story. This is their story.

Or as Jimmy would say… “… this is the story of You, Me and Us.”

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About the Author 

My name is Liam; I am an author from Manchester, UK. I love three things in this world, writing, reading and the viral video of the Irish family trying to catch a bat. (My girlfriend, family, friends and cats may be unhappy with this).

My hobbies include listening to podcasts, watching grown men fight and trying every possible type of ground coffee in the world. Here are my Top Ten reasons to read my book or spend the night with me…

1. It won’t cost you much.

2. It will be over relatively quickly.

3. I will be very grateful.

4. You can tell other people about it if you enjoyed it.

5. If not, don’t bother.

6. It’s always fun to have something in your hands to flick through.

7. You can review it online.

8. It will leave a mark on you.

9. You won’t want to put it down.

10. It’ll make you laugh.

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My Review

I admit it was the cover and subject matter that drew me to You, Me and Us. It has a great start with a hook that reels you in. Plenty of language so if you are sensitive to the *F word perhaps think twice. But if you can overlook that and read the bits in between this is a refreshing tale told from the male perspective. 

Jimmy is a character who is easy to like but being an older reader I also wanted to ‘mother’ him. He is a typical lad, gives the impression of being as good as his mates in every respect, he is in a band but has a low self-esteem, not very confident with the girls and generally just drifts from day to day.

Then he meets Erin …….

Life turns on it’s head, it moves at breakneck speed and he is smitten BUT there wouldn’t be a story if life were that simple. The appearance of Daniel, Erin’s ex, irks Jimmy and the relationship flounders.

This is a quick, easy, coming of age book that holds the attention due to the fast flowing writing style. I like the background setting of Manchester it seems to fit the bleaker side of Jimmy’s existence. It includes multi levels switching between humour, language, sarcasm etc just enough to keep it alive and believable. 

I enjoyed it but I suspect it may be better suited to a younger audience. I must say the special tune stuck in my head though for quite some time!

Thanks to the author and Rachel’s Random Resources .. I read and reviewed voluntarily.


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