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I’m thrilled to have had several stops on this blog tour, today is my final post but the tour ends tomorrow. Policeman Pete is a very cute character suitable for young children.

All the happenings in the Policeman Pete books are based on true occurrences from the villages of Saddleworth, a civil parish made up of 7 villages that nestle within the foothills of the Pennines. These stories have been collected and re-told by the author, Barbara Ann.

This story actually happened, but involved Sarah’s (my daughter) pet lamb, called Bubbles. Sarah was 4 years old at the time, and completely misunderstood that, when the local farmer said that the lambs were going to market, he did NOT mean hers. She took off and hid with the lamb.

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My Thoughts

Oh dear! This story goes to show that people shouldn’t listen to other people’s conversations. On overhearing ‘bad’ news the children manage to get themselves upset totally unnecessarily. Even when mum was asked a question she gave what she considers to be the correct answer so things get muddled even more. This demonstrates how worrying tings can be for all concerned when there is a misunderstanding. Thankfully Pete manages to sort it all out and everyone is happy.

Thanks to the author and Rachel at Authoright for my copies of this wonderful series.

This story is about one of our mares, called Annie, who had an early delivery of a beautiful foal, while still out in the field.

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My Thoughts

A delightful story featuring a brand new baby .. it seems Policeman Pete is multi-skilled, no matter what the dilemma is he always has an answer. It would be lovely to have a local policeman like Pete. This time we actually get some gorgeous photos of the little foal .. while the pics in these books are wonderful a ‘baby’ photo will always bring a smile.

About the Author

Brought up and schooled in Oldham, Greater Manchester, at the age of 17, Barbara decided
on a nursing career. Later, she set up her own day nursery which she ran for a few years before supporting her husband in his busy profession. Fast forward to 2013, Barbara started writing and illustrating the Policeman Pete series. She currently lives at Brimmycroft Farm, in the small Saddleworth village of Denshaw, Oldham with her husband, horses, geese, ducks and cats. She is an active participant in charities involving law enforcement including the Blue Lamp Foundation. She has previously appeared on BBC Radio Manchester and been featured in the Oldham Advertiser and the Manchester Evening News.



Policeman Pete’s Safety Tips

Policeman Pete says always wear arm bands when playing by the pool or the sea. The sea is very strong and powerful and has big waves that can knock you over and pull you under the water. So always make sure that Mummy or Daddy are close by and can see you.

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