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The search for a meaningful existence is as universal as it is elusive. When obstacles to happiness and personal goals seem to riddle our horizons, where do we turn for answers?
Meet Matthew, an average Londoner, a family man and a husband, intent on the all-too-normal pursuit of making a better life for himself and his family. When an accident threatens to become the proverbial straw that breaks his back in his pursuit of happiness and personal attainment, Matthew finds himself at a crossroad in his life.

In the way the Universe has of placing the right people in our lives at just the right time, Matthew happens upon a tale from an unlikely source, a tale of a man with mystical healing powers, someone Matthew can seek who can restore balance and harmony to his life and heal his daughter who is fighting for her own. As he traipses through Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia in search of the healer, nothing about the beautiful, trying, and challenging outward journey compares to the progress he makes as he travels into the depths of his own being.

Through Matthew’s journey, we are given the keys to finding the healer for ourselves. Most importantly, readers are invited to harness the beauty and prosperity that comes when we seek ways to recognize that we are all connected to each other and we are all marvellous and powerful creators of our own unique, stunning life story.

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About the Author

 Living in London, Mann Matharu is a qualified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Reiki Master Teacher. Through his work, Mann has helped many people overcome mental, physical and emotional barriers and has been widely recognised by various national and international organisations including an invitation to 10 Downing Street to meet the former Prime Minister, David Cameron in 2016. Currently his philanthropic projects include: Sikhs Online which was launched in 2008 with a view of bringing Sikh news and historical content into the mainstream media and Homeless 100, a self-funded initiative to provide food for the homeless in London.


The Monk of Lantau

In chapter five, Matthew, one of the main characters in the story learns to forgive and realises the importance of forgiveness. However, it’s how he interprets the real-life experience of others that is fascinating.

During my own meditation, I used a forgiveness technique, which was very powerful. I didn’t realize how much ‘baggage’ one carries and I immediately felt the benefits. I wanted to honour this natural, easy to practice forgiveness technique and hope readers will try it for themselves.

Extract: Chapter Five, A Discovery of Strength

The flames leaped and consumed paper and cans and packages and other rubbish. From each of the ten men’s satchels, worn tied to their backs but now hanging low in front of them, handfuls of rubbish were methodically placed on the burn. Over and over and over again, they reached into their packs, placed rubbish on the fire, and then reached in again. Once emptied, their satchels were very evidently lighter. The men, having extinguished the burn, turned to walk away, laughing and jostling each other light-heartedly.

As I sat waiting for the other passengers to board and realised we were once again delayed in our departure, I thought about the rubbish-burning men. How light and free they had looked upon ridding themselves of the encumbrances of yesterday’s garbage.

The breeze from the open window next to my seat and the memory of the radiant, tired smile of the attendant rested upon me, and I had a momentary spark of inspiration.

If they can burn their trash and leave it behind to be consumed forever by the elements, departing emptied and freed, might I also be able to rid myself of some weight and garbage? And if I did, would I also feel lightened and freed?


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