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Today I’m bringing you something a little different. I’m delighted to be participating in this tour to promote Independent published books, indie authors etc. I originally noticed this on Twitter and I’m proud to say I supported the Kickstarter campaign to enable this to get up and running.blog-tour-button

Ninja Book Box is a new quarterly box shipping worldwide from the UK and featuring books published by independent publishers. We aim to introduce excellent books (both backlist and new releases) particularly those which our team & the publishers we work with feel haven’t received the recognition they deserve, and help you find favourites in genres you wouldn’t necessarily pick up for yourselves. Supporting primarily UK based small businesses, each box will contain a book (often signed by the author & with additional material) plus at least two gift items and lots of other fun extras and will take its theme from the book. We want to support excellence and promote exploration and discovery in all aspects of the box. Subscribers will also gain access to lots of additional community perks. For more information sign up to our newsletter, or check out our website for details of how to get the first box!

This is all the brainchild of a lovely lady called Bex … you can find her on Twitter 

Here is a quick message from Bex .. you can see how much blood, sweat and tears she has put into this venture so let’s make it a success!

The Ninja Book Box is an offshoot of my decision to spend 2016 buying mainly titles published by independent publishers. I was finding it difficult to find indie titles in high street bookshops and when I looked around I was surprised that there wasn’t all that much on offer in the way of UK based subscription type boxes for non-YA titles. Although a lot of independent publishers offer subscription options they’re usually of the x number of books a year variety and I wanted a more immersive experience – I decided to create the box as a way to introduce more people to smaller publishers and also for myself, as a way to learn more about books I’ve loved.  
In case you’re confused about what I mean when I say independent publisher I have clarified what I mean by it in this post.
The box will ship quarterly – in November, February, May and August – and include one book and at least two additional items from primarily UK based small businesses. The gifts in the box will not be gender restrictive (i.e not jewellery) and postage to the UK will be included in the price of the box. We will be shipping worldwide, but postage will be extra. 
For a chance to win the first Ninja Book Box, enter below – the giveaway is open internationally.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m sure all my readers will join me in wishing Bex good luck with this venture xx

Be sure to follow the rest of the tour.


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6 thoughts on “#BlogTour ~The Ninja Book Box ~ Subscription Box #Giveaway

  1. I’d love the chance to receive this, and discover new authors, as well as companies providing the lovely extras.

  2. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I’ve always wanted to try a subscription box.

  3. Love a box full of author I may or may not have read makes it more sweet to see what stories are out there.

  4. Book boxes are always fun! Thanks for making this international. So excited to see what’s inside the first ever Ninja Book Box!

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