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It’s my pleasure to welcome Michelle to the blog today. I just adore the cover of this book it has a real dream like quality. So much so that it has now been added to my TBR. It’s that age old situation ‘judging a book by it’s cover’. You will have to await my review! Michelle has kindly written a guest post which can be seen below. I’m afraid I did giggle at her predicament and totally understand the reception from the French lady .. I have experienced the same 🙂 x

Her mother’s secret…

For fifty years Rosa kept the secrets of her past hidden from her beloved daughter, Kitty. The hurt and pain, the guilt over what she’d done, was something she could never face. But now the time has come to share the truth of Kitty’s heritage…

Her daughter’s discovery…

Kitty never knew anything about her mother’s early life. But after her death, the discovery of Rosa’s journal opens Kitty’s eyes to a whole new world—a family she’s never known and a love she’s never dreamed of…

The fate of a family…

Now Kitty must travel to her mother’s homeland, but after fifty years, can the sins of the past be forgiven? Or will history repeat itself? With a decades-old family feud threatening her future, can Kitty put right what once went so wrong?

Join Kitty on her journey as she follows in her mother’s footsteps from the south of France to Ireland, discovering who she is along the way in this beautiful tale of forbidden love and fancy cupcakes!

  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: HarperImpulse (1 Jun. 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0008226520
  • ISBN-13: 978-0008226527

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About the Author 

Michelle Vernal is an author with Harper Impulse UK who loves a happy ending. She lives near the Southern Alps in New Zealand with her family and three black cats. One of whom was invited to live with them, two of whom were not but decided to move in anyway. Her novel The Traveller’s Daughter was shortlisted for an award with Love Stories UK before being picked up by Harper Collins UK. It was released in ebook format on 24 March 2017 and will be released in paperback throughout all major UK books store on 1 June 2017. It is being distributed in New Zealand bookstores from the 1st of October 2017. Her latest novel The Matchmaker is due for release later in 2017. To date, Michelle has published four novels all of which are written with her trademark humour and warmth.




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Guest Post

Do you ever think that there are some things in life that could only happen to you? Or in this case, happen to me oh, and to Kitty in The Traveller’s Daughter too. I’m talking bee sting on the bottom cheek, the upside of which is that the experience provided me with a scene for my novel. That’s the only upside. Long story short, hubby Paul and I, along with our two boys were driving home to Christchurch, after a family holiday in Queenstown when we stopped off at a park. The boys needed to burn off some energy on the swings and slide, and just before we all piled back in the car, I decided to duck into the public toilets.

I wasn’t alone in my cubicle, but this did not become apparent for another five minutes. By that time we were on our way again having just hit the open road’s 100km speed zone when all hell let loose. Somehow while I was indisposed, a bee took up residence in my pants. It was quite happy there too until I squirmed in the passenger seat and it took action. Obviously, the bee came off worse than me, but the extreme swelling of my left derriere cheek was no laughing matter although there were those that didn’t grasp the gravitas of the situation. Paul, for instance, was calling me his wife with three cheeks, and I had to go to the doctor who was trying to keep a straight face as she wrote an antihistamine prescription.

In The Traveller’s Daughter, Kitty’s in France and in desperate need of the Ladies. If you’ve ever visited France, you’ll know the public toilet situation is dire. It’s something we learned first-hand on a trip to the South of France a few years ago when driving down the motorway in our hired Fiat. Like Kitty, I announced I needed to spend a penny. The boys were hungry, so Paul who was doing a sterling job of driving on the wrong side of the road turned off at the next exit. We bumped along country roads that were inexplicably treeless. The day before we’d been admiring the leafy arbors overhead. It wasn’t as if I needed a forest, one tree with a decent amount of foliage would have done. Things were beginning to get desperate when we spotted a cluster of buildings and veered into the carpark. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a lovely tourist stop with all the amenities but rather a random in the middle of nowhere furniture shop and a hairdresser’s that were both closed, but the Patisserie at the end of the block was open.

We bought rolls and Paul, and the boys sat outside to munch them down while I, with knock-knees and a look of wild-eyed desperation, went back into the Patisserie. In my best Pigeon French, I asked the rake-like woman sweeping the shop with an angry vigour as to whether I could borrow a toilet. She gave me an unnecessarily curt ‘non’ for a reply. I suppose it must make one a tad snarky maintaining that chic French thinness when one sells eclairs and what not for a living. There was nothing else for it; I decided spying a large dandelion in the vacant lot next door. I ignored ol Lemon Lips and her broom, eyeballing me as I went about my business, but I couldn’t ignore the bee I spied buzzing nearby in the tall grass. I got my pants back up lickety split not keen for the right cheek to be exposed to the same trauma as the left had been. Kitty, however, was not so lucky. Paul, as though making a French version of the Italian Job was revving the Fiat and hot footing it over to the car I jumped in, and we made a quick get-away.

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