#BookReview ~ Christmas at Carol’s by Julia Roberts @JuliaRobertsTV #Novella

An uplifting tale of people’s desire to help each other in the season of goodwill – a romantic comedy with a twist in the tale.
Carol fell in love with Wisteria Cottage the moment she laid eyes on it and moved in two weeks before Christmas hoping it would be start of a new more positive period in her life.
On her first night in her new home she discovers an old Christmas card to someone called Annie with a heart-breaking message inside from Jake.
Although she doesn’t know them, and despite being on a self-imposed dating break herself, Carol begins planning how she can bring them together, while her new neighbour, Sally, is attempting a bit of matchmaking of her own.

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About the Author 

Julia has had a varied life and career to find out more about her check out the social media sites.

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My Review

At a time where my concentration levels are dire due to health and medication I desperately wanted a story that would entertain me but be relatively gentle on the head. Carol’s Christmas provided everything I wanted and more.

It’s only short (63 pages) but is so full of charm, love and mystery without being too sickly sweet. Carol has just finished the school term working as a teacher at a private school. She rather impulsively fell in love with a house and purchased it (been there, done that) and moves in just before Christmas.

Not used to living on her own it’s all an adventure but also a bit daunting. Never mind, the neighbours seem delightful and welcome her with open arms. While exploring the house she discovers a box of old Christmas decorations and a letter .. you’ll have to read the story to find out what influence this has but it unfolds into a lovely tale.

It’s very difficult not to give anything away when it’s such a quick read but I heartily recommend it. Carol’s Christmas left me full of hope, warmth and smiling. At a time in my life where I need to disappear into a perfect world this enabled me to relax and enjoy the world for an hour. Thanks Julia for a few truly magical moments. It’s ideal for this time of year but the underlying message would work anytime. Loved it!!

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