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Book Two of The Fullerton Chronicles finds us venturing back to the beginning stages of several of David’s playmates. Each of them give us more insight into how David has evolved from his simple curious beginnings to a much sought after Dom.

Interweaving story arcs trace paths across different starting points in David’s timeline. Each moving forward to the present, revealing more layers of who he was, will be, and currently is.

  • Print Length: 390 pages
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01M2554NI

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My Review

After reading The Room a few months ago and being stunned by it I was more than agreeable to read this one when the author approached me again.

Once more we follow David and his ventures into BDSM .. if this is not your desired subject then I strongly advise you not to read this book. However if like me you like a work of fiction and some escapism into a different world then this provides entertainment and some thought provoking moments.

There is certainly more involvement with David’s childhood this time, we get a glimpse at what his parents were like and subsequent living arrangements. How he first explores his sexuality and the ‘coming of age’ incident which is a culmination of a deeper love and affection.

Some characters from the previous book reappear and to gain a fuller understanding I recommend reading that one first.

Whereas some of the role play previously left me wincing this story didn’t have quite the same impact, although there are certainly times where Rex is concerned that to the uninitiated it could appear cruel/barbaric. Possibly the shock factor last time has desensitised me a little. I was certainly curious enough to read these further adventures.

While David is a strong owner to his ‘pups’ and believes in total discipline I also think there is an underlying sensitive side that we will possibly explore in future. At the moment he is still a relatively young man .. I hope Brian delves further into his psyche and produces more revelations in his next books.   stars-4-0-_v192197091_

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