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So it’s the end of another year, I really don’t know where this one has gone, we all say it, but time simply does move faster the older you get I’m convinced. Well we all know this has been a pretty crap year as far as health is concerned for me so I will draw attention immediately to my love of books. 

I have been as busy as ever with the blog and it still amazes me that so many wonderful authors, publishers etc trust me with their ‘babies’ before publication so that I can have the pleasure of reading and reviewing.

I have participated in loads of blog tours which are great fun and it’s a real honour to be asked. I am lucky enough to be sent lots of books or ARC’s (advance reader copy) in the mail or via my Kindle, I belong to Netgalley where a vast majority of my blog tour books come from and then of course I get tempted when I spot something interesting and buy it. 

So how do I compile my top books of the year you may ask … at the time of writing this I have read 315. I enter the annual Goodreads challenge which helpfully keeps count for me and I can see at a glance when I have read them.

Sometimes I can tell as soon as I begin a book that it is going to be the ‘one’ that wonderful moment when you start the story and know it’s going to be entertaining, enjoyable and fit on every level. One particular book I read at the very beginning of January as soon as I’d finished I just knew it would be on this years list, nothing has swayed my decision or beaten it so far, so the stakes were very high this time to compete with that. Other books I saunter through them, enjoy them for what they are and then let them sit in my head for a while, a few on this list have arrived via that route because once they have found a place in my mind they don’t leave .. to me that is a sign of a great book!

So in no particular order here are my favourite books of 2017 .. it has taken me a long time to compile this and there are many others that so very nearly reached the pile but I have to be realistic … a top 50 may be cheating a bit 🙂

Thank you so much to all the authors featured for providing a fabulous reading experience and to any who feel they have been neglected I thank you as well .. I didn’t have any book this year I didn’t finish or score lower than 3* so that shows the calibre was high.

I have noticed a lot that appear on my list are in fact parts of a series, in which case please assume I have read and enjoyed the others as well 🙂 

My top publishers based on this selection appear to be Bookouture, Bloodhound and Orenda .. thanks guys!

The links to my reviews can be found underneath the pictures.

Not Thomas Sara Gethin  Honno Press

 Pay the Penance Rob Ashman   Bloodhound 

 Little Girl Lost Carol Wyer  Bookouture 

 The Great Escape Charlotte Fallowfield  

Porcelain Lee Cockburn Clink Street Publishing

Walking Wounded Anna Franklin Osborne Amolibros

Holiday Wishes Jill Shalvis  Headline Eternal

Deep Down Dead Steph Broadribb  Orenda 

 The Other Twin Lucy Hay Orenda 

 Degrees of Darkness Tony J Forder Bloodhound

The Surrogate Louise Jensen  Bookouture

Seas of Snow Kerensa Jennings  

Love, Secrets & Absolution KL Loveley  Globeflower Books

 The Dead of Winter Billy Mclaughlin  

 Maria in the Moon Louise Beech  Orenda

 Zenka Alison Brodie  

 Death Wish Linda Huber Bloodhound 

When We Danced at the End of the Pier Sandy Taylor Bookouture

Sleep Tight Caroline Mitchell  Bookouture

The Darkest Lies Barbara Copperthwaite  Bookouture

So there you have it, quite a wide variety. I’m not sure what it says about my personality based on my choices but there seems to be a book for a range of emotions. Have you read any, are you tempted by what you see or have I missed any off that I really need to read?

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7 thoughts on “#BookReviews ~ My Top 20 Favourite Books of 2017 #BookBoost #Authors #Publishers

  1. Thank you so much for including Not Thomas, Ali – I’m delighted it’s in your top 20. There are a few titles on your list I haven’t read yet, so I’ll be downloading them to my new Kindle. Thank you for the recommendations and for all the wonderful support you give to authors. Happy reading in 2018!

    • I had no doubt as soon as I had finished it that Not Thomas would be on my list. All the best for 2018 🙂 xx

  2. Thank you so much for including The Darkest Lies! I’m absolutely over the moon xx

  3. Thanks to you, Ali, I bought all three of Rob Ashman’s ‘Mechanic’ trilogy and read them back-to-back. Wonderfully descriptive and evocative, I was there in the alleyways & the motel rooms with the members of the team. I was at the funerals and in the bunker. Then, exhausted, I put the books on my shelves to be re-read when I can summon the energy to go through all that again!

    • I’m so pleased you enjoyed them .. I thought they were incredible entertainment. I made a rule that only one book per author could appear on my top 20 faves of the year list, so it had to be Pay the Penance. 🙂 x

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