#BlogTour #Extract ~ The Shield by CJ Bentley @CJBentleyAuthor @AuthorightUKPR @Authoright

People lose their belongings. That is a fact of life. It can happen by accident, but sometimes it can happen when you put them in a very safe place and forget where that safe place is. Not many people are good at finding them again.

A young, gutsy girl with a kind heart, who’s searching for her own identity growing up in the 1960s, just happens to be very good at finding things. Can she be the one to help return whatever is lost – anywhere and at any time – to its original owner?

With the help of a beautiful yet mysterious wise woman and a chivalrous knight she does just that. She finds and returns his shield, lost in battle, which unbeknown to her holds a secret that is important to his King, the safety of the Kingdom and the life of the daughter of his best friend.
The Shield is the first story in The Finder Series, taking our heroine on extraordinary journeys back in time. Her first adventure takes place in Medieval England in 1340 where she meets King Edward III, his wife Philippa and their son, who will later become the Black Prince.
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About the Author

Originally heralding from the North of England, C.J Bentley has travelled extensively and enjoyed living in a variety of countries across the world from Dubai to Doha, Qatar and now the countryside in the South of France. A background in teaching and childcare she has always enjoyed creating adventure short stories. However, it was when she became a grandma and with her grandchildren growing up that she discovered that books seemed to contain only stories of vampires, zombies and farts that she decided seriously to take matters into her own hands and put pen to paper which today she calls The Finder Series.



Present meets past…….
As we were so intent on carrying the heavy shield between us and joking as to who the first person to let go would be, we didn’t notice what was happening in the distance.
“Can you lot see that dust cloud over there?” Jeanette was facing the field and had to move her head to where she meant as her hands were full. “It looks as though it’s coming this way, I wonder what it could be”.
“Sometimes you get dust clouds when there hasn’t been much rain, the wind whips up and disturbs the dust, you know a bit like in the desert, mini tornados”, Richard liked his geography just as I liked my history.
“Can you lot move around so I can see, my back is where you are looking,” Hugh turning studied the dust cloud for a while, “looks like a horse coming towards us don’t you think?”
“I think you must be eating lots of carrots if you can see a horse that far away,’ Linda moved her head round and watched the dust cloud approach, “do you know Hugh I think you are right it is a horse with somebody riding it and quite fast, looks like some sort of a flag flying too”.
“I think we should put this down and run,” Richard looked quite scared.
“Don’t be daft you lot, it’s probably one of the girls from the riding stables riding towards us trying to frighten us, if we stand our ground she will stop”. I wished I felt as confident as I sounded but something about the ‘cloud’ coming towards us reminded me of something, something, or someone, it couldn’t possibly be what I thought it was.
The way the person confidently rode the horse and looked to be encased in shiny armour which flashed as the sun hit it; the white horse moved in a colourful swathe of material in blues and reds, swirling around his legs as he galloped towards us. The shine of the rider’s metal suit of armour. The long pole from his foot to past his head, which was encased with a plumed helmet, was flying a coloured flag on the top. It all reminded me of my favourite book, ‘Ivanhoe’. What we were looking at was surely an apparition, my imagination playing tricks on me, but on the others too. Strange we could all see it, so no apparition, then.
“Can you lot see what I see? Or, am I the only one who can see a knight on horseback coming towards us?” I asked the gang.
“Oh I think we can all see it with you Pegs, not your imagination this time”, answered Hugh, “what do you think we should do?” He looked at me for inspiration.
“There has to be a reasonable explanation for this,” Richard, the scientist, always tried to find logic, “Don’t know what it is but it looks like we are about to find out”.
The colourfully clad horse slowed down, then stopped and threw his head up in the air shaking his grey mane until a voice from the helmet addressed us all in a haughty manner.
“Pray where may I find the Lady Eleanor amongst you?” a rather strange, posh sounding but low voice, reminding me a little of our Headmaster at school who sounded his words carefully and slowly to make sure we were all listening at assemblies. Linda looked like she was about to faint, Jeanette looked at me, the boys looked at the ground, no doubt wishing it would swallow them up. It was up to me then.


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#AudioBook #BlogTour ~ Misled by @katkelwriter @RealSamuelValor #Giveaway @AnAudiobookworm

Author: Kathryn Kelly

Narrator: Samuel Valor

Length: 10h 52m

Publisher: Leslie C. Ferdinand

Series: Death Dwellers, Book One

Genre: MC Romance

Megan “Meggie” Foy has had a tough life. Her home life is nothing as it seems. Living with her mother and stepfather is a complete nightmare. They seem to have the perfect little family, but appearances can be deceiving and monsters are closer than you think. When her body and mind can take no more abuse at the hands of her stepfather, Meggie finally decides to run, hoping her father, MC President of the Death Dwellers’ Joseph “Boss” Foy, can save her and rescue her terrified mother from the clutches of her step-monster, before it’s too late for them.

Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell deals in a world of violence, sex, drugs, and crudity. As current president of the Death Dwellers’ MC, he presides over a club in chaos after the death of their longtime president and his mentor, Joseph “Boss” Foy. Outlaw is trying to keep everything with the club in his control. What happens when more trouble arises in the form of a blonde-haired, 18-year-old beauty with the same eyes as his former mentor?

Meggie discovers her daddy is gone and now there may be no one to save her and her mother. How will she feel when she finds out the man who killed him is the man she’s falling in love with? Can Outlaw get past his demons to truly find love with Meggie and peace with the death of Boss Foy? Alliances will be made, loyalties tested, lives will be lost, but will love conquer all in the world of bikers and revenge?

Buy on AudibleAmazoniTunes

Kathryn Kelly is living her dream and writing books. She’s always been an avid reader and still devours books in her spare time. She also enjoys football, socializing, music, eating, and jokes. In her head, she’s the ultimate biker babe. In reality, she’s an ordinary girl-next-door and a native New Orleanian. Since the release of Misled in December 2013, she’s been living her dream of writing books. In August 2015, her life took a dramatic turn with the diagnosis of Stage 2B HER2 Positive Breast Cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy, lymph node removal, and breast reconstruction in February 2016. The support of her family, friends, and fans helped her to stay strong and keep her head up. #F*ckCancer became her rallying cry. Now located in the Houston area, she is once again cancer free. Her hair is growing back and her nails are returning to normal. Currently, she is plotting her next book.


WebsiteFacebookTwitterGoodreadsAmazon Pinterest

Samuel Valor is a voice performance artist and narrator. He hails from Southern California where he spends his time writing, recording, and playing music. He has voiced a wide variety of books and commercials, from Shakespeare to mustard to romance, whatever needs that extra bit of masculine energy to spice it up. He has a four octave range, which allows for a wide variety of voices and sounds.




Top 10 Secrets You Never Knew About Outlaw

  1. My birthday is so insig-fucking-nificant to me, no motherfucker took note of it. The motherfucker came and went in silence and I refused to have my girl make a big deal over it. She has enough bullshit to deal with.
  2. I secretly love the motherfucking holidays. A new fucking year means new fucking beginnings. Time for me to do shit over.
  3. That bullshit that went down with me and fucking Snake the first fucking time made me fucking think about kids. But if Megan wasn’t there, I fucking doubt that fucking thought woulda crossed my motherfucking mind. Ain’t thought about kids ‘til I fucking laid eyes on Megan. Nothing else made me fucking want kids. It was her.
  4. I want sons and daughters but I’m scared like a motherfucker to have a little girl. I know all the shit I done to girls and I don’t want to have to kill some poor fuck because he fucked over my daughters.
  5. I tried to play some of the games Megan likes and I wanted to fuck up her iPad, especially that yellow-haired motherfucker in that ridiculous pink ass dress with that stupid fucking music chasing behind some fucked up candy. What the fuck’s the point? Ain’t to relax. Motherfucker had me strung tighter than, well, a motherfucker. And don’t get me started on those fucking oinkers. The birds need to be fucked up and the pigs need to be fucking roasted. Put every-fucking-body out their fucking misery.
  6. My favorite color is black. Represented my soul. ‘Til I met Megan. I love the fuck outta blue now.
  7. I have some favorite fucking places that I want to visit a-fucking-gain: Gettysburg, Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower, and the Sistine Chapel. Yeah, even a motherfucker like me can appreciate fucking history.
  8. Cliff diving gives me a motherfucking head rush. Just don’t fucking ask how the fuck I started some fucked up shit like cliff diving in the first fucking place. Ain’t something I care to discuss.
  9. I wanna get my GED. I hated fucking Algebra, though. Couldn’t motherfucking see how the fuck n + s = x. That’s head-fucky shit. Give me science and history and I’m fucking cool.
  10. I wanna write a book called Men Fuck Pussy & Other Fuck Facts by Outlaw.




Misled Giveaway: $10 Amazon Gift Card


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#BlogTour #Extract ~ Discoucia by Nick Lovelock @authoright @authorightUKPR

A Victorianish Fairytale
Revolution, romance and technological wonders are all in a day’s work for the decorated hero of Alavonia, Sir Arthur Pageon.

An acclaimed explorer and inventor, Sir Arthur Pageon takes his unofficial role as defender of the realm of Alavonia very seriously. A fantastical world, Alavonia is home to the Discoucian Monarchy, as well as monstrous creatures and secretive academies for the highly gifted.
Upon returning from his most recent exploits aboard on his personal flying galleon The Nostradamus, Pageon is treated to a hero’s welcome and celebratory procession through the streets of Alavonia’s capital, Evermore. Little does Pageon know he’s being followed by a mysterious group known as the Purple Guard, whose devious leader is his estranged sister, Queen Lily Pageon of Harrha Island. Fiercely intelligent, Lily specialises in dastardly technological inventions with the aim of bringing down the Discoucian Monarchy so that she may reign as its dictator. However, the heir to the throne is one Princess Josephine Olandine, whose youth and royal position masks her role in the Discoucian Secret Service.

Joining forces, Princess Josephine and Sir Arthur’s adventures will take them across the whole of Alavonia — from the fog-bound shores of Karga, to the secret underground shanty town beneath the frozen prison of Icester, south to the verdant city of Proceur and from there to the affluent Starfall Academy — in their quest to foil Lily’s revolutionary plans.
Purchase from  Amazon UK

About the Author

 Based in a small village in Oxfordshire Nicholas Lovelock is the author of the Alavonia series. As well as a passion for history, Nick holds a keen interest in Numismatics —the study and collection of coins, banknotes and medals— counting a 200 year-old 1826 half-crown and coinage of monarchs like Queen Anne, Elizabeth the First and Henry the Eighth as part of his collection.

Extract Two

This scene involves Arthur and Jo triumphantly standing before the captured Lilia after Arthur used her time machine to stop time and spent 117 years travelling the entire continent dismantling all her army. Despite being alone for all that time he never lost his resolve to convince his sister to rethink everything she had done and to give her another chance at life. It also highlights how Lilia was a doomed villain from the start, not by Arthur but by her own subconscious failings since she wouldn’t leave a Time Machine lying around in the very likely event that her brother would escape her Mathematical Trap.
Lilia’s eyes opened slowly and she rubbed her forehead and felt her eyes sting as she adjusted sunlight. She looked around and saw that Arthur and Jo were standing in front of her; only Arthur now looked much older but Jo was the same. “You used the time machine?” she asked.
“Yes, now 117 years of my life has been pretty much wasted,” replied Arthur.
“What have you done?!” she shouted, alarmed.
“Your army is now a thing of the past, or present, I forget which one. Also you my dear sister are now legally dead so no angry leaders of the major cities will be coming after you for vengeance,” said Arthur.
“I don’t understand,” said a perplexed Lilia.
“I think I do, he’s saved you,” said Jo.
“You may be a complete nutcase but you’re still my sister, and I still love you. You could have executed me straight away but you didn’t, because I think deep down inside you’re not as evil as you would have everyone believe,” said Arthur.



#BlogTour #GuestPost ~ Spark Out by Nick Rippington @nickripp @emmamitchellfpr

Think Arnie Dolan was trouble? Now meet the old man…

MAURICE ‘BIG MO’ DOLAN is prone to headaches and there is one main cause: his family. He believes eldest son Chuck, 7, needs toughening up, his wife Beryl is too lenient, his career-criminal father has no respect for him and he is about to lose his younger brother Clive to the army.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though. With Margaret Thatcher’s government backing initiative and suggesting people get ‘on their bikes’ to find work, Mo believes it is the perfect time for him to expand his business… into armed robbery.

As he plans the ultimate raid to drag him out of the poverty trap, he believes his fortunes are bound to get better… but with the Falklands War just around the corner they are about to become a whole lot worse.

A hard-boiled suspense thriller that’s not for the faint hearted.

A prequel to Crossing The Whitewash, the novel is set in 1982 as Britain comes to terms with a Thatcher government and the prospect of war in the south Atlantic…

Buying links:
Amazon UK
Amazon US

About the Author

NICK RIPPINGTON is one of the victims of the News of the World phone-hacking scandal you never hear about. Having proudly taken his dream job as the newspaper’s Welsh Sports Editor, he was made redundant with two days’ notice when Rupert Murdoch closed down Europe’s biggest-selling tabloid six years ago. The dramatic events prompted Nick to write UK gangland thriller Crossing the Whitewash, which was released in August 2015. Spark Out is the second novel in his Boxer Boys series. Married to Liz, Nick has two children – Jemma, 35, and Olivia, 7. A Bristolian at heart, he lives near Ilford, Essex.




Nick answers some questions about Publication Day

So, your book is being published!

Woo hoo!!

How do you spend the night before publication day?

It’s always a bit of a blur to me. As a self-published author with my own imprint, Cabrilon Books, there is no great fanfare it’s just push the button and away to go. Hopefully all the hard work has been done in the weeks and months before with pre-publicity on social media, sending out emails to members of my book club and trying to get people talking about the book before it appears. I’ve probably had a good old grumble during the day waiting for my book to load, then having to reload it having found that I’ve had to do corrections after reading the on-line proof. You wonder sometimes if your book has ever been fully edited. In the past, I think that’s why there are still attempted novels sitting in my spare room, gathering dust (much to the consternation of my wife Liz). I’ll probably have a cool lager at the end of it all and it won’t touch the sides.

What do you do on the day itself?

I’m probably at work unless I have actually organised a launch. I invited everyone to a launch of Crossing the Whitewash at a local pub two years ago, then the batch of books I had ordered didn’t arrive. I’d made the mistake of forgetting to tick the box for delivery from the English factory of the company I published with. The books got lost in transit between here and somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. It was quite a unique event: A book launch without any books. With this launch, I made sure I had plenty of books in hand.

Who are you with?

Preference would be family or other writers. More likely it will be work colleagues in an office in Central London.

Where do you go?

Well, with still having a day job it may be the case I will have to be in the office.

What do you do?

I probably go on to my Amazon book page every five minutes to see if there is any evidence of people buying books, though I think I’ll be more chilled this time. The last book was my first-ever effort at self-publishing and it was scary. I’ve learned a lot since then.

If this is not your first publication day, how does it differ from previous ones?

This publication day will be marked by the start of a blog tour and the chance to talk to people about my book. That didn’t happen with Crossing the Whitewash. I did a radio interview, a podcast and so I’m excited to be able to do this.

Do you have any rituals?

I don’t really have time for rituals. I will have to do the school run and make the tea, then run my 7-year-old Olivia’s bath, before reading her a story and saying goodnight. By then, hopefully, I’ll be free to talk all things literary with readers.

Does the excitement ever wear off?

Not a bit of it. OK, as it is only my second book I suppose it is difficult for me to predict, but I have also launched my first book in Audio and that was pretty exciting, too. The moment that I love more than anything is getting a batch of your new books delivered to the door. I am like a cat on a hot tin roof all day, hopping around, swearing at the delivery company for keeping me waiting – pretty sure that when I nip out to school they will call and drop a note through my door: Sorry we missed you, you can pick your parcel up from… blah, blah. Noooooo!

When you finally get that box in your hands, though, rip through the seal and open it up… Wow! No… better… feeling. Piles on piles of books. I love the covers, the feel of the paper, the layout, everything. eReaders are fantastic inventions but NOTHING can replace that feeling of having your own physical book in your hands after the hard slog of researching, writing, editing, proofreading, more editing, more proofreading, formatting, loading, re-editing and, finally, pushing that button. Crossing took four years, Spark Out two… Hopefully the next one will take one year and then I’ll be churning them out, providing a nest egg for retirement and getting my girl through university.

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#BlogTour #Extract ~ Contrary to Popular Belief by Neil Anthes @gilbster1000 @AuthorightUKPR

Did early Christianity evolve from Roman culture and customs? Was it based on truth?
Were the social issues of the early Roman Empire a driving force to adapt old customs to a new philosophy?

A young Hebrew man seeks answers beyond his religious traditions by spending fifteen years travelling and studying spiritual principles in India and Alexandria, Egypt. Upon returning to his homeland his message of self-awareness is feared by the elders and Temple priests.
At the same time the ruling elite in Rome are determined to use this controversy to their advantage. Keen to find a solution to the social and economic issues that have developed after their relentless conquests of foreign lands, they find that the young man’s spiritual message can be altered to suit their needs.

Contrary to Popular Belief is a thought-provoking novel inspired by Christian faith, and the quest for truth.
Amazon UK

About the Author

Neil Anthes is a retired small business owner and international business manager. He graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada with a bachelor of science degree. He is a semi-professional photographer and currently lives in the Southern Interior of British Columbia Canada. This is his second book. The first, Moments in Time, Reflections on Personal Mystical Experiences, was published in 2014.



Chief magistrate Brutus, a self-absorbed man, is at the end of a meeting at the Imperial Palace with Emperor Claudius. They were to discuss the fact that the luxuries the ruling elite enjoy in Rome are scarce. A solution was needed. The meeting did not go well primarily due to the fact that Brutus did not listen closely to the Emperor.

Not wishing to extend the conversation, Brutus remained silent. He waited for Claudius to speak. He was starting to regret his visit today. A small bead of nervous perspiration rolled down the center of his back under his toga. He hoped the dampness was not visible, as it might be interpreted as a sign of weakness. After what seemed like several minutes the Emperor finally spoke, “That is all, be swift in your thinking, Brutus.” He motioned to his sentries. Emperor Claudius looked agitated as he stood up and turned his back to the Magistrate.
Brutus was escorted from the Palace by the guards. He wandered the streets, past the empty vendors of the Forum. At the first shrine to Cybele he found, he made an offering. Her protection may be needed as his contact with the Emperor increased. He would make a rare visit to his lararium that evening. He hoped the ancestors had not abandoned him as his offerings had been few. He would stop at the Temple to Vesta and buy some sacred bread. That should help immensely. Yes, he would also offer his best wine.
Brutus entered the bath. The attendants left quickly. He was alone. He cursed. He exited the bath. There was nothing for him here.

#AudioBookTour #Spotlight ~ Deceptive Cadence by @KGuare Wayne Farrell @AnAudiobookworm

Author: Kathryn Guare
Narrator: Wayne Farrell
Length: 11 hours 19 minutes
Publisher: Kathryn Guare⎮2017
Genre: Suspense
Series: The Virtuosic Spy, Book One
Meet Conor McBride. He’s even more interesting than the trouble he gets into. A talented Irish musician reluctantly reinvents himself, disappearing into an undercover identity to search for the man who ruined his career: his own brother. On a journey from the west of Ireland to the tumultuous city of Mumbai, Conor McBride’s only goal is to redeem the brother who betrayed him. But he’s becoming a virtuoso of a different kind in a dangerous game where the rules keep changing–and where the allies he trusted to help him may be the people he should fear the most.
Buy Links

About the Author

Kathryn Guare lives in the Vermont town where she grew up, part of the third generation of her family to call the tiny capital city of Montpelier home. She spent ten years as an executive with a global health membership and advocacy organization, worked as a tour coordinator in a travel agency, and has traveled extensively in Europe and India. She has a passion for Classical music, all things Celtic, and loves exploring ethnic foods and diverse cultures. Her first novel, Deceptive Cadence was awarded the Audiobook Gold Medal in the Readers Favorite Awards.

WebsiteFacebook TwitterInstagramPinterest

About the Narrator 

Internationally acclaimed voice actor Wayne Farrell began his professional career at The National Theatre of Ireland, where he met the legendary Irish seanachai Eamon Kelly and became fascinated with the art of storytelling. Using skills learned during this time, Farrell has worked extensively in both documentary and audiobook narration and is widely admired for the rich clarity and versatility of his voice. His credits include award-winning authors such as Donal Ryan, whose debut novel The Spinning Heart won The Guardian’s First Book Award as well as Irish Book of the Year; and New York Times and USA Today bestsellers such as Morgan Rice, author of the fantasy epic The Sorcerer’s Ring.


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Jul. 13th:
Dab of Darkness (Review, Giveaway)
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Between the Coverz (Review, Spotlight + Audio Excerpt)

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Buried Under Books (Review, Giveaway)
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Jul. 17th:
The Bookworm Lodge (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt)
Lomeraniel (Review, Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Giveaway)
Bound 4 Escape (Review, Giveaway)

Jul. 18th:
The Book Addict’s Reviews (Review, Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Music Playlist)
Shh I Am Reading (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Giveaway)
What Is That Book About? (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt)


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#BlogTour #Extract ~ Court of Lions by Jane Johnson @JaneJohnsonBakr @HoZ_Books

This book has such a beautiful cover the photos really don’t do it justice. I’m lucky enough to have a hardback copy which I will get to read eventually, in the meantime today I have an extract for you 🙂 x

Sometimes surrender is more courageous than resistance.

Kate Fordham arrived in the sunlit city of Granada a year ago. In the shadow of the Alhambra, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, she works as a waitress serving tourists in a busy bar. She pretends she’s happy with her new life – but how could she be? Kate’s alone, afraid and hiding under a false name.

And fate is about to bring her face-to-face with he greatest fear.

Five centuries ago, a message, in a hand few could read, was inscribed in blood on a stolen scrap of paper. The paper was folded and pressed into one of the Alhambra’s walls. There it has lain, undisturbed by the tides of history – the Fall of Granada, the expulsion of its last Sultan – until Kate discovers it.

Born of love, in a time of danger and desperation, the fragment will be the catalyst that changes Kate’s life forever.

Court of Lions bridges time, interweaving the stories of a woman who must confront her unimaginable past and a man who must face an unthinkable future, bringing one of history’s great turning points to life in an epic saga of romance and redemption.

Court of Lions was published on 6th July 2017 by Head of Zeus – Purchase Amazon

About the Author

Jane is from Cornwall and has worked in the book industry for 30 years as a bookseller, publisher and writer.

In 2005 she was in Morocco researching the story of a family member abducted from a Cornish church in 1625 by Barbary pirates and sold into slavery in North Africa (which formed the basis for THE TENTH GIFT), when a near-fatal climbing incident (which makes an appearance in THE SALT ROAD) made her rethink her future! (The whole story is told on the website.)

She went home, gave up the office job in London, sold her flat and shipped the contents to Morocco. In October of that year she  married Abdellatif, her own ‘Berber pirate’, and now they split their time between Cornwall and a village in the Anti-Atlas Mountains.

She still works, remotely, as Fiction Publishing Director for HarperCollins and the editor for (among others) George RR Martin (GAME OF THRONES), Sam Bourne, Dean Koontz, Robin Hobb, Mark Lawrence, Sam Bourne (aka Jonathan Freedland), SK Tremayne (aka Sean Thomas) and Raymond Feist.

She was responsible for publishing the works of JRR Tolkien during the 1980s and 1990s and worked on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, spending many months in New Zealand with cast and crew. She has also written several books for children.

Follow Jane:





And when it had become clear that she wasn’t going to say she loved him, he’d shaken her hand off and got to his feet. “What’s the point of this? There’s no point, is there? I might as well kill myself: then we’d see how much you cared.”
At the time Kate had almost laughed at his dramatics. Then she had felt angry at being on the end of such blatant emotional manipulation and told him he’d better go home. And so the evening had come to a rancorous ending. That had been the last time they’d spoken, and since then she’d felt increasingly guilty. An awful thought occurred to her now. What if he’d really meant it? What if he’d taken an overdose or something? It was, she told herself, a ridiculous case of catastrophic thinking.
But it had been three days …
In the end she couldn’t settle to anything. At lunchtime she excused herself from the office and took the train to East Molesey. It was November and the streetlights were already coming on by the time she reached the shop. People were muffled in scarves, heads down against the chill. The shop was locked and there was a CLOSED sign on the door. She cupped her hands against the window. Inside, the place looked gloomy and ramshackle without the glamour lent by the sparkling chandeliers. It looked like a junk shop, tawdry and untidy.
She stepped back. No lights were on in the flat upstairs, and she had no door key: James had always been unwilling to let her in there. “It’s a mess,” he would say. “I’ve got deliveries everywhere—there’s nowhere to sit down.” She tried the flat phone again and heard it ringing in the distance, echoing and mournful. His mobile went to voice mail.
Just down the road was a twenty-four-hour convenience store. “Hello!” she greeted the man behind the counter. “I was looking for James from the antiques shop?” She gestured vaguely to her left. “I don’t suppose you’ve seen him?”
The man was in his early twenties, with a curving, hawk-like nose and very white teeth. “Hi, I’m Yusuf,” he said with a grin. “Lucky James.” When she didn’t smile, he added, “I haven’t, not for a few days.”
Kate’s heart thumped. “He’s not answering his phone. I’m worried about him.”
“Right,” Yusuf said. “Hang on.” He came out from behind the counter, locked the door and flipped the OPEN sign to CLOSED. “Come on.”
She followed him out through the back of the shop, past towers of toilet rolls and stacked boxes, into a small courtyard brimming with potted herbs and heathers. At the far end a wooden door gave onto a grassy alleyway that led behind the other premises on the road. When they reached the back of what must be the antiques shop, Yusuf tried the gate, but it appeared to be bolted. “Okay, here goes.” He launched himself up and over the fence, which shuddered briefly under his weight with the groan of an old man with creaky knees. Then he was across the yard and rattling his way up the iron fire escape. He banged on the glass window of the door. “Hello? Hello in there?” He pressed his hands to the glass and peered in. “It’s a bit of a state,” he called back, “but there’s no body or smell or nothing.” He shifted along the fire escape, onto the horizontal iron drainpipe.
“Do be careful!” Kate called.
Moments later he scuttled back to safety again. “Unless he’s shut himself in the bathroom, I don’t think he’s in there.”
So where was he? Should she file a missing person report with the police: I’m his girlfriend and he’s always in contact? They would laugh at her: men were always going missing for a few days. Matty had done it all the time. But Matty was Matty, and James was … his polar opposite. It was the most attractive thing about him.
“I wouldn’t worry too much,” Yusuf said, vaulting lightly back over the creaking fence. “He does go off on buying trips, and to see his mum in Wales. And of course he’s always had an eye for a pretty lady. Can’t blame him for that. You look a lot like his last one.” And he winked at her.
Kate took a step back. “I expect that’s what he’s done, and forgotten to tell me.” She was so agitated she walked away without thanking him and by the time she remembered she was almost at the station.
When she got home, it was to find a message on her answerphone: James, suggesting a rendezvous the next day, his message cheery, as if nothing had happened. Relief flooded in. But as she put the receiver down, she remembered what Yusuf had said, about James going off to see his mother. In Wales.
But he told me she was dead.

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Where dreams come true…?

Wendy Clayton stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago. Instead, she has a ‘nice’ life. Nice job. Nice flat. Absolutely no men. Until her life is turned upside-down when her elderly neighbour, Eulalie, passes away and leaves her the Château of Happily Ever Afters!

But there’s a catch: she must share the sprawling French castle with Eulalie’s long-lost nephew, Julian. And no matter how gorgeous he is, or how easily she finds herself falling head over heels, Wendy needs to find a way to get rid of him…

Because surely happily ever afters don’t happen in real life?

Escape to beautiful France this summer with this uplifting romantic comedy. Perfect for fans of Kat French, Caroline Roberts, and Holly Martin.

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Will also be available from all other ebook retailers.

About the Author

Jaimie is a 32-year-old English-sounding Welsh girl with an awkward-to-spell name. She lives in South Wales and enjoys writing, gardening, watching horror movies, and drinking tea, although she’s seriously considering marrying her coffee machine. She loves autumn and winter, and singing songs from musicals despite the fact she’s got the voice of a dying hyena. She hates spiders, hot weather, and cheese & onion crisps. She spends far too much time on Twitter and owns too many pairs of boots.

She will never have time to read all the books she wants to read.

She is the author of chick-lit romantic comedies The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters and Kismetology, and she has also written young-adult romantic comedies Afterlife Academy, Not Pretty Enough, and North Pole Reform School.

Author links: Website Twitter Facebook


‘So, what do you want to do with the old place then? Should we sell? We’d get half a million euros each. Even with the exchange rate, we’d do pretty well out of it. I don’t know about you but half a million euros wouldn’t go amiss in my life.’

‘It’s not for sale. Eulalie left it to me because she knew I wouldn’t sell it,’ I say, every bit of softness I was feeling towards him disappearing in an instant at the mention of money. Of course that’s all he’s bloody interested in, like all bloody men.

‘What do you intend to do with it then?’

‘I don’t know. This has come as a shock to me. But I will never sell it, no matter how much it’s worth. It’s nothing to do with money. Eulalie loved that château. She talked about it all the time, I just never had a clue that it was an actual place.’

‘And this whole riddle-y, treasure-y thing… She was a looney, right? That’s just the nonsensical ramblings of a mad old fogey? Lost a few marbles?’

‘No, she hadn’t lost any bloody marbles, she was…’ I trail off as I realise what he’s doing. He’s trying to wheedle information out of me without asking outright if there’s some kind of treasure hidden at the château. ‘I mean, she had a vivid imagination and was prone to fantasies. She told so many grand stories, you could never be sure of what was real and what wasn’t…’

‘And you obviously think there’s something in it.’

‘I doubt it. If Eulalie had treasure of any kind, she wouldn’t have lived in the flat she did. She had no money. She lived hand to mouth on her pension.’ This isn’t a lie. Eulalie’s riddle is surely just another one of her stories. If she had money hidden away anywhere, she would have used it years ago.

‘Are you going to open your letter then?’

I raise an eyebrow at the cheek of him. ‘What, here? In front of you? My private letter, to me personally?’

‘She could’ve given you coordinates or something. It’s not right if you have an unfair advantage.’

‘An unfair advantage to what?’

‘Finding the treasure, of course.’

Oh, for God’s sake. The money-obsessed git. ‘There is no bloody treasure.’

He nods. ‘Right.’

I bet he gets punched a lot. He seems like the kind of person who would get punched a lot.

‘I’ll remind you of that when I find it before you and use it to buy you out.’

‘I won’t sell.’

‘I’d make you an offer you can’t refuse.’ He raises an eyebrow in a way he probably thinks is sexy. A three-day seminar on the history of plumbing would be sexier. Really, it would.

‘I doubt that. Some people aren’t soulless bastards obsessed with money.’

He lets out a laugh that sounds genuine, making his eyes crinkle up. ‘Wow. You really don’t like me, do you?’

I plaster on a false smile. ‘Put it this way, if you were on fire and I had a bottle of water, I’d drink it.’

That makes him laugh even harder and I frown at him, unsure whether he’s being patronising or just has a terrible sense of humour. ‘On that note, goodbye,’ I say, pushing past him and stalking off down the street, hoping he doesn’t follow me this time.

Of course, I’ve gone the wrong way and have to hide behind a corner until he leaves before I can double back and find the train station for the next train home.

I don’t know what’s got into me today. I can’t believe I called him a soulless bastard. I’ve never said anything like that to a stranger before.

Men bring out the worst in me. Particularly this one, obviously.


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