#BlogTour #Extract ~ Upstairs, Downstairs by Olivia Hart @Aria_Fiction

Secrets on your doorstep don’t stay secret for long… A romantic comedy perfect for fans of Debbie Johnson and Holly Martin.

When Daniele Bracci – a musician at Rome’s Opera Theatre arrives at his new apartment, he is surprised by the warm welcome he receives from his neighbours. Giovanna however, is more preoccupied with introducing him to her daughter Anita. But what she doesn’t know is that for the last two years, Anita has been secretly seeing someone else.

When Anita is introduced to the new tenant, she has the shock of her life – Daniele was Anita’s first love at high school. Can she come to terms with the terrible way things ended between them?

Anita isn’t the only one with something to hide… and none of these secrets go unnoticed by Pina, the apartment gossip who writes everything down in her secret diary… 


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About the Author 

Olivia Hart is a collective group of authors who met five years ago on a writing course and then could no longer do without each other’s company. They decided to write a novel that would bind them forever. 


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#BlogBlitz #GuestPost ~ Innocent Blood by Linda S Prather @jacodypress @Bloodhoundbook

Do you love chilling mysteries?NY Times and USA Today best-selling author, Linda S. Prather’s, Innocent Blood is not to be missed.

Loki Redmond swore she’d never return to the reservation, but two missing hunters and the ancient Choctaw myth of Nalusa Falaya take her and her brother, Dadron, on a dangerous trek through the wilderness.

Meanwhile, her partner Jake Savior, heads to Tunica, Mississippi, to investigate the second mass killing by a Choctaw police officer.  Are the cases connected?

The only thing they know for sure is innocent blood has been shed, and unless they can find the source more are going to die.

Also available in this stunning series:

Book 1: The Forgotten

Amazon UK

About the Author

Linda S. Prather is the NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author of 8 novels including two legal thrillers, a paranormal FBI series, one romance, and her current series involving Loki Redmond, a Choctaw private investigator and Jake Savior, a former police officer. Linda lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband and grandchild, along with the “king” of the house, a Shitzu name Popcorn. Her latest release, Innocent Blood is her second in the Loki Redmond/Jake Savior series. In Linda’s own words: “This book is my favorite so far. My grandfather was a full-blooded Native American, and my mother half Native American. Prior to my marriage and children I studied Shamanism and developed a true love for nature. Studying the Choctaw history, customs, myths and religions was fascinating. Taking the facts I learned and weaving them into Loki’s story and her investigation into the disappearance of two hunters on the reservation was an emotional roller coaster for me. I found myself crying quite often.”





1) What am I working on?
I’m currently working on a novella in the Catherine Mans Psychic Suspense series.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I think you could take a thousand authors and give them the same story to write and each would be unique. My writing is interspersed with my own style, words and emotions. Although mysteries and thrillers have the same general themes of good guys/bad guys, my good guys and bad guys will be different than anyone else’s. My years with the judicial system and working with law enforcement allow me an insight into both areas that carries over into my work. I love character driven fiction and truthfully once the characters are developed they tell the stories.

3. Why do I write what I do?
A question I’ve been asked before and it’s one that’s sometimes difficult to answer. I love all things mysterious and things that make me think outside the norm. I’ve always loved puzzles and cryptograms. I love analyzing dreams. My metaphysical studies into psychics, hypnosis, dream analysis, touch healing and natural herbal remedies added a new element to my love of mysteries. By combining the two, mystery and metaphysical, I felt I could write a more entertaining story as well as offer some research and facts into the metaphysical areas that I’ve found beneficial.

4. How does my writing process work?
With a lot of blank pages staring at me. Just kidding. With me every book is different. Sometimes I have nothing more than a title that begs to tell a story. Sometimes it’s a character who wants their story told. I’ve often wished I could sit down and do an outline and follow it, but that never works for me. My first draft is usually my outline. It tells the story from A to Z. From there I go back and read and rewrite putting in the facts, geography, fluff as we sometimes call it,until the story is complete. I can spend hours upon hours of computer research for a simple paragraph in order to make sure the facts are correct. I love writing early in the morning and late at night. In the mornings my mind is fresh and perhaps I’ve dreamed a scene I really want to get down on paper. In the evenings my mind is filled with real life emotions, feelings, problems and accomplishments which I can relate to the different characters.


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#PublicationDayPush #Extract ~ My Girlfriend’s Perfect Ex-Boyfriend by Peter Jones @peterjonesauth @rararesources

My Girlfriend’s Perfect Ex-Boyfriend by Peter Jones

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Publication Date: 10th October 2017

Adrian Turner, Mountaineer, Secret Agent, Fireman… Ade would dearly like to be any of these things, though he’d trade them all to win the heart of feisty Public Relations Executive, Paige.

Instead, he’s a disillusioned school teacher, on suspension, after an unfortunate incident with a heavy piece of computer equipment. And somebody’s foot. And Paige? Despite being his girlfriend for the past eighteen months, she still seems to have one foot out of the door and hasn’t quite committed to leaving a toothbrush in the bathroom.

Of course, it doesn’t help that she’s working with her ex-boyfriend, Sebastian. A man who in almost every way imaginable is better, taller, wealthier, hairier, and infinitely more successful than Ade.

Is Paige still in love with Sebastian? Why then did she suggest they get away for a few days? Some place romantic…

But when Adrian finds himself in Slovenia – with Sebastian in the room down the hall – he realises there’s serious possibility that he’s in danger of losing his job, his mind, and the woman he loves…

From best-selling author Peter Jones comes this hilarious romp about love, and the things people do to keep it from getting away.

Purchase  Amazon UK

About the Author

Peter Jones started professional life as a particularly rubbish graphic designer, followed by a stint as a mediocre petrol pump attendant. After that he got embroiled in the murky world of credit card banking. Fun times.

Nowadays, Peter spends his days writing, or talking about writing. He’s written three novels; a Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy), A Crim-Com (Crime Comedy), and a Rom-Com-Ding-Dong (a sort-of Romantic-ish Comedy, with attitude). He’s currently working on his fourth novel, which – if it’s a musical – he’ll no doubt describe as a Rom-Com-Sing-Song. (Spoiler: It isn’t).

He is also the author of three and a half popular self-help books on the subjects of happiness, staying slim and dating. If you’re overweight, lonely, or unhappy – he’s your guy.

Peter doesn’t own a large departmental store and probably isn’t the same guy you’ve seen on the TV show Dragons’ Den.

Follow Peter Jones:  Website  Amazon Author Page  Twitter  Facebook




One of my favourite scenes where Adrian Turner (burnt out, disillusioned computer science teacher… and our hero) has just discovered that Paige’s ex-boyfriend built his entire house. By hand.

It should have been enough.

But somehow… it wasn’t.

As if the whole ‘my-ex-built-his-entire-house’ revelation hadn’t been emasculating enough, the discovery that I’d been a pawn in a vicious break-up made me feel like I’d been played. What shreds of my fragile ego remained intact, just shriveled up and died.

After that my subconscious wouldn’t let the thing drop. I started to notice his influence everywhere.

Like the time we were sitting in the lounge, one rainy afternoon, and Paige got cross about something she’d seen on the internet about so-called hypoallergenic sheep’s wool, and then, when I dug a little deeper – boom! – there it was! Some tale about how he used to have half a dozen alpaca dotted around his palatial estate in the rolling Basingstoke countryside. Alpaca! Not bees, or chickens, or even sheep – nooo, that would be far too pedestrian! He has to keep a species usually found in South America! But that’s okay, because alpacas adapt really well to the British climate, and because their wool is naturally hypoallergenic, on account of the fact it has very little lanolin – whatever that is – it’s a ‘highly sought-after commodity’ and it would make much more sense to farm alpacas in this country rather than trying to genetically alter sheep.

And what did he do with all that hypoallergenic fleece he was bringing into the world?

He’d trade it. Sometimes for eggs, or milk, or honey… bread? Oh no. No need. He made his own bread. From flour that he’d milled himself – with a mill that he’d fashioned from the stone dug out of the foundations of his manor.

And where had the wheat come from? Did he also own the neighbouring fields, or had he somehow developed a way to mill flour from daffodils?

“Don’t be an jerk, Ade,” said Paige.

“No, seriously,” I said. “I’m interested.”

“A local farmer swapped him a couple of bales for some alpaca wool.”

“Really?” I said. “How much wool? What is the wheat- wool exchange rate these days?”

“Okay,” said Paige. “Let’s talk about something else now.”

“What else is there to talk about?” I asked. “When every conversation seems to lead straight back to him.” Paige let out a long, weary sigh.

“No it doesn’t,” she said.

“Yes. It does.”

“For god’s sake, Ade,” she said, snapping the lid of her laptop closed. “What is your problem?!”

“I haven’t got a problem,” I said, my bottom lip protruding like a five-year-old who clearly has a problem. With everything.

“You can’t even bring yourself to say his name any more!”

“It’s not a name I particularly enjoy saying.”

“Look,” she said, putting her hands to her head and grabbing great fistfuls of curly black hair, “maybe if you met him, you’d realize he’s just a regular guy – and you wouldn’t keep… torturing yourself?”

“Torturing myself?”


“Okay, firstly,” I said raising a finger to represent item one in a list that might be at least five items long, “that’s not going to happen – I never ever want to meet or even be in the same room as that man ever again.” I added another finger. “Secondly he’s not a regular guy—”

“Of course he is!”

“No, Paige, he isn’t! Because if he was he’d be called Dave, or Patrick, or Donald, or Rob – ”

“Jesus Christ!”

“Even that would be more ‘regular’ than Sebastian!”

“This is what I mean by torturing yourself!” said Paige. Another finger uncurled itself and joined the two upright ones.

“And thirdly I am not torturing myself!”

“Well you’re torturing me!” said Paige. “With your endless… frikkin… jealousy! And if you raise another finger at me I swear I will snap them off one by one and shove them up your ass!”

“I am not jealous!”

“Of course you’re frikkin jealous!”

“Well it’s hard not to be jealous of someone who’s so damn perfect!”

“If he was so damn perfect, Ade, I’d still be with him! Wouldn’t I? But I’m not! I’m here! With you! Being driven slowly out of my mind…”

“You’re only here because I was the first bloke you laid eyes on when you decided to leave him!”

“Which was four months ago! And yet I’m still here – dumb-ass!”

I hate being called dumb-ass. Inside I could feel the fury doing all the cliché things that fury is supposed to do in these situations, and before I could stop myself from saying it…

“If Sebastian hadn’t wanted kids…” I started. And then I stopped. The words just kind of hanging in the space between us.

“‘If Sebastian hadn’t wanted kids…’ what?” asked Paige.

“Nothing,” I said.

“No. Please. Do continue. Finish the sentence. In fact finish the whole goddam paragraph, Ade. ‘If Sebastian hadn’t wanted kids…’”

“You’re right,” I said, “let’s talk about something else. Or watch TV. Shall we see what’s on?” I grabbed the TV remote.

“If Sebastian hadn’t wanted kids, or I was able to have them… that’s where you were going with that, isn’t it.”

“Look, I’m sorry it’s…” But Paige didn’t let me finish. She got up, collected her bag from the bathroom, her coat from the bannister, and then stormed out the house.


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#BookSpotlight #AuthorInterview ~ The Faberge Entanglement by Lesley Meryn & Elle Brookes #Giveaway @iReadBookTours

Book Details:

Book Title: The Fabergé Entanglement by Lesley Meryn & Elle Brookes

Category: Adult Fiction: 306 pages

Genre: Suspense/Action/Romance

Publisher: Lisa Kolber

Release date: July 2015

Content Rating: PG + M (There is some, not much, bad language, sensuality, one alluded sex scene but not described, possible triggers for sexual abuse/non-consensual sex as a plot point, action-style violence)

Book Description:

Sabinne ‘Saber’ Darrieux’s father, the billionaire CEO of Frontenac Global Security has been kidnapped. His ransom is not cash in a numbered offshore account, or a briefcase of Bearer Bonds but something utterly unique, incredibly valuable, and until recently, hidden away from the world.

The kidnapper seems to know Saber very well and knows that the next day, through her work as an elite translator she will be in the same location as the Object. She must steal the Object and deliver it to the kidnapper to ransom her father.

Adrian Steele, a British Intelligence agent has just come off of two harrowing missions. Upon returning to London for a well-earned rest, he learns that his friend and fellow agent has been murdered in Moscow, but not before he made use of a unique Object as a mobile ‘drop site’ for the valuable intelligence he was carrying.

The drop site is traveling from Moscow to England. Steele insists on completing the mission to honor the death of his friend, Gerry Cornell.

At an ultra-chic quasi-diplomatic gathering in a mansion in Windsor, England, Saber and Steele meet and find themselves faced with a powerful, undeniable attraction. But at the moment, this compelling attraction is very inconvenient.

In reality, they are at the mansion to check out the security arrangements — for their own reasons — to steal the Object, a Fabergé egg worth thirty million dollars. But who will get to the egg first?

Fabergé eggs are very famous for their unique surprises. Saber and Steele are about to be very surprised, indeed.

And when Saber clashes with Steele; more than sparks will explode!

To read more reviews, please visit the authors’ page on iRead Book Tours.


Buy the Book:

Meet the Authors:


Enjoyed an exotic, adventure-filled childhood, following her anthropologist father and travel writer mother to the farthest corners of the world. She later took inspiration from her Aunt Sophia Francesca and became the author of romantic adventure novels. She alternates her time between Los Angeles, and a family property located in Yorkshire England.


She is the author of the first two books of the Time Frame Series, LUST. MECHANICS. MINI COOPER. and SEX. COFFEE. TIME TRAVEL. Loves travel, discovering new foods to try, reading and writing. She currently lives in the central highlands of Costa Rica with her dog Pixie and her hedgehog Quiller.

Connect with the Author: Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter


How do you do research for your books?
I travel and try to get to know as much as I can about the places I write about. That is the fun part! I also do extensive online research and talk to people who work in the areas I write about.

How long have you been writing?

It seems as though I have been writing ever since I could read. I wanted to write my own adventures. In school I wrote mostly short stories, then scripts, being from Los Angeles, then someone said write the book! So I did!

What is your writing schedule?
I do not have a set schedule, I write as the mood takes me. A better question would be what is a writing schedule?

I am in Japan right now, having fun and doing research as well as writing. I spend a lot of time on trains.

If you could go back in time, where would you go?
I have always been fascinated by the idea of time travel. My first two books are TT related although there is more TT going on in the second one. The time period is Georgian England 1760s or so. It is one of those times that grabs me. My father often said that I was born in the wrong century. Maybe that is why I like swords and horses so much! 
I know that I would have hated the clothes for women, they were very complicated.

What is your favorite dessert?
Creme brulee. That is a bold statement coming from a chocoholic! I love making them. It might have something to do with the mini blowtorch I get to use!

In todays tech savvy world, most writers use a computer or laptop. Have you ever written parts of your book on paper?
Oh, all the time! I will scribble on the closest thing at hand. Then I will transfer what I have written to my story, with details added or changed depending.. .I often write from little piles of papers on my desk. I also use reminders on my phone to key in different ideas and observations. I am all over the place.

Enter the Giveaway!

Ends Nov 18

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#BlogTour #Extract ~ The Coven by @GrahamMasterton @HoZ_Books

I’m so excited to welcome THE Graham Masterton to the blog today. I was a huge fan in my younger years and The Manitou quite possibly began my love of horror!

They say the girls were witches. But Beatrice Scarlet, the apothecary’s daughter, is sure they were innocent victims…

London, 1758:

Beatrice Scarlet, the apothecary’s daughter, has found a position at St Mary Magdalene’s Refuge for fallen women. She enjoys the work and soon forms a close bond with her charges.

The refuge is supported by a wealthy tobacco merchant, who regularly offers the girls steady work to aid their rehabilitation. But when seven girls sent to his factory disappear, Beatrice is uneasy.

Their would-be benefactor claims they were a coven of witches, beholden only to Satan and his demonic misdeeds. But Beatrice is convinced something much darker than witchcraft is at play…

Purchase Here

About the Author

Graham Masterton (born 16 January 1946 in Edinburgh) is a British horror author. Originally editor of Mayfair and the British edition of Penthouse, Graham Masterton’s first novel The Manitou was released in 1976. This novel was adapted in 1978 for the film The Manitou. Further works garnered critical acclaim, including a Special Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America for Charnel House and a Silver Medal by the West Coast Review of Books for Mirror. He is also the only non-French winner of the prestigious Prix Julia Verlanger for his novel Family Portrait, an imaginative reworking of the Oscar Wilde novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. Masterton was also the editor of Scare Care, a horror anthology published for the benefit of abused children in Europe and the USA.

Masterton’s novels often contain visceral sex and horror. In addition to his novels Masterton has written a number of sex instruction books, including How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed and Wild Sex for New Lovers.

Masterton currently lives in Surrey, England. His wife and agent Wiescka died on 27 April 2011, aged 65.




When Beatrice carried the basket of wet laundry out to the yard to hang it up, she saw that Noah’s hobby horse was lying on its side close to the pigpen, but there was no sign of Noah. She had seen him riding around not ten minutes earlier, waving his pudding cap and shouting to his imaginary militia to follow him into battle. Now he was gone.

She laid down her basket and went over to pick up his hobby horse. It had been made for him for his fifth birthday by William Tandridge the carpenter and painted shiny white, with huge staring eyes and its teeth bared as if it were snickering. William Tandridge had asked for no money for it, and Beatrice suspected that he had been trying to win her favour. She was a widow, after all, and he was a widower. His wife had died of typhoid fever three winters ago, along with three other wives in the village, and five children.

‘Noah!’ Beatrice called out. ‘Noah, where are you? It will time for your supper soon!’

She lifted the hem of her dark brown dress a little so that she could walk out across the grassy slope that led down towards the river. The afternoon was bright and windy, with white clouds tumbling overhead. She called out Noah’s name again, but all she could hear was the rustling of quaking aspen trees and the whistling and chipping of vireos.

‘Noah!’ she called again, and this time her voice was shrill with anxiety. How could he have disappeared completely in such a short time? Perhaps he was playing hide-and-seek to tease her, but she doubted it, because he had become very serious and protective since Francis had died, even though he had been so young. He teased his sister Florence, of course, but with Beatrice he behaved almost like a miniature husband.

She hurried further down the slope, stumbling two or three times. The river was narrow and weedy and shallow – so shallow that it barely reached up to Noah’s knees when he paddled in it – but she had forbidden him to play in it unless she was there to watch him. She prayed that he hadn’t disobeyed her, and been floating his toy boat or trying to catch pickerel.

Twenty yards from the river’s edge she saw his horsehair-stuffed pudding cap lying on the ground, and her chest tightened in panic. He loved that hat, and would never go off anywhere without it. He had even wanted to wear it to bed. She went over and picked it up, looking around desperately to see if he was anywhere in sight.

‘Noah, where are you? Noah! I hope you’re not playing games with me, young man, because this is not at all amusing! Noah!’

There was still no answer. Beatrice went right down to the river’s edge, and walked along its margent until she reached the grove of aspen trees, peering down into the rippling water to make sure that Noah wasn’t lying underneath the surface, drowned. She saw a few silvery pickerel swimming between the weeds, but that was all.

Eventually she stopped, calling out his name again and again.

Please, dear Lord, don’t let anything terrible have happened to him. I couldn’t bear to lose Noah. He looks and speaks so much like his father, and he may be all I have left of my dearest Francis.

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Enjoy our selection of New Releases / Free & Bargain Books this week! @beckvalleybooks

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#BlogTour #GuestPost ~ How I Motivated Myself to Succeed by Shelley Wilson @ShelleyWilson72

#NewRelease How I Motivated Myself to Succeed by #SelfHelp author, @ShelleyWilson72 #BlogTour

I’m so pleased to welcome lovely Shelley Wilson to the blog today. This is a book I could really make use of! Take a look at all the details below and thanks to Shelley for being so informative 🙂 x

Meet the Author


I’d like to say a huge thank you to Ali, my wonderful host, for allowing me to invade her colourful blog and share the book love for my new non-fiction release, How I Motivated Myself to Succeed, out now in paperback and eBook.

So, what’s the book about?

If you’ve ever felt like life is passing you by at a startling rate, or you just exist day to day rather than living life to the full, this book will share honest, straightforward, and realistic techniques to help motivate you to make powerful changes.

From setting goals and organising your life, to freeing yourself from fear, Shelley shares the unique story of how she planned, prepared, and executed the year of challenges and life-changing events brought about by her motivational, award-winning blog.

How I Motivated Myself to Succeed is full of practical tips, exercises, and real-life stories of success, including advice on how to trust yourself and celebrate achievements, as well as manage your time and balance your life effectively.

Shelley’s first book, How I Changed My Life in a Year, became a bestseller in self-help and memoir as it struck a nerve with the thousands of women looking to make a difference and be the best they could be.

Dubbed as the sequel-that’s-not-a-sequel, this book can be enjoyed before or after reading How I Changed My Life in a Year.

Want to know more? Let me share a bit about who I am and why I wrote this book.

I’m a multi-genre author of non-fiction self-help and young adult fantasy fiction. My latest release, How I Motivated Myself to Succeed is being dubbed as the sequel-that’s-not-a-sequel to my bestselling book, How I Changed My Life in a Year. I write a personal development blog (Motivate Me Now) as well as an author blog (Shelley Wilson Author) where I share book reviews, author interviews, and random musings about writing. I was thrilled to win the Most Inspirational Blogger Award at the Bloggers Bash in 2016, and to scoop second place in the same category in 2017. I’m a single mum to three teenagers and a black cat, love pizza, vampires, and The Walking Dead, and have a slight obsession with list writing.

It’s my main aim in life to help as many people as I can through my personal development blog and non-fiction books to Dream It, Live It, Become It. Welcome to my world 🙂

I’d like to finish with another thank you to my delightful host, Ali, and thank you for reading. Be sure to check out the other host spots for more inspiration, motivation, and a sprinkle of fun.

If you would like to read more about Shelley’s work then take a look at her new release, How I Motivated Myself to Succeed, out now in paperback and eBook, and packed full of information on self-care, freeing yourself from fear, organising your life, and much more.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Find out more about Shelley on her author blog Shelley Wilson Author or via her personal development blog Motivate Me Now.

She is also on  Twitter,  Facebook and Instagram

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#BlogTour #Extract ~ Doing Scary by Donald M Bell @gilbster1000 @AuthorightUKPR

Two marriages haunted by betrayal. Four people whose pursuit of the American Dream has taken a nightmarish turn.

Roman and Sage Bryant-Cole have spent nine months trying to salvage what was left of their marriage after it was rocked by the revelation of Roman’s serial affairs. Sage is dealt a second blow when she discovers that her cherished cousin, Owen Bryant, has been cheated on by his ruthless, gold-digging wife, Leah.

Sage’s discovery hits the reset button on the progress she and Roman had been making on their marriage, as all the doubts and fears she has tried to suppress come flooding back. In order to reclaim Sage’s trust, and to save a love now left dangling by a thread, Roman must take his efforts to win back his wife to another level.

Leah and Owen Bryant are visited by a ghost from their past; Leah’s college sweetheart, Casey. Leah and Owen must confront a dark secret at the heart of their marriage, if they are to stand a chance of surviving as a couple.

One family’s legacy, two marriages, four lives, and millions of dollars are at stake.

Doing Scary is a coming of age story which explores the transition from adolescence to adulthood and the battles we face in our thirties to keep our spiritual, emotional and psychological progress in check, as the things we hold most dear are put to the test.

Amazon UK


About the Author

Donald M. Bell Sr. is the Senior Pastor/Teacher of Covenant Blessing Fellowship (CBF) launched out of an adult bible study 2001. Pastor Bell has been preaching since he was sixteen and holds a professional degree in Organizational Psych. Behavior. Bell’s profound ability to communicate spiritual principles in secular settings has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC 20/20, and the documentaries Sister I’m Sorry, and Soul Mate. He was also a weekly guest on KJLH nationally syndicated radio program Love in the Spirit hosted by Kevin Nash. Bell lives in a suburb of Los Angeles with his lovely wife, Michelle, who wedded in 1994 and is the father of three.


This passage is an excerpt from an argument between Roman and Sage a married couple. Sage is mad at Roman for not answering his phone during the day and for coming home late. Roman is angry at Sage for brushing him off earlier in the day.

· The top of page 67 through the bottom of page 68

“Hey, first off, you might want to check your tone. I’m not one of your employees, and my momma didn’t raise no punk.” Roman stepped into view to continue his barrage. “If I’m not mistaken, the last time we spoke, I was trying to connect with you and you were rushing me off the phone—‘Got to go bye.’ He punctuated the point with air quotes and mimicked hanging up a phone. “And let me see if I got this right, Owen flakes out on you twice and I am supposed to sit around waiting for you to call or come home like I’m a rescue dog waiting for my master? Please…give me a break.”

Seizing the opening Roman left, Sage jumps to leap to her feet, points an index finger right between his eyes and blares: “Why not?! That’s what I did for years while your sorry behind was running the streets chasing tail.”

The situation had escalated from something one might see on the Military Channel to something seen on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. Even if Sage didn’t mean to be so cutting, it was too late. The savagery of her comment, along with its condescending delivery, crossed a line that triggered the predatorial reflex in Roman. It wasn’t personal. It was worse; it was primal. They sized up one another like two apex predators about to get it on because had strayed into the other’s territory. Sage’s need for safety and unresolved issues of rejection had encroached on Roman’s need for security and shame.

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#BookSpotlight ~ Appointment with Yesterday by Christopher Stratakis @iReadBookTours

Book Details

Book Title: Appointment with Yesterday: A Novel in Four Parts with a Prologue and an Epilogue

Author: Christopher Stratakis

Category: Adult Fiction, 334 pages

Genre: Coming-of-age / WWII / Immigrant experience

Publisher: IndieReader

Release date: January 2017

Tour dates: Oct 2 to 20, 2017

Content Rating: PG-13 + M (There is no bad language or violence, but there are references to sex and sexual situations (including between a pre-teen and teen)


Book Description

A poignant and compelling first novel, Appointment with Yesterday tells the story of Yanni, a cheeky and delightful Greek boy growing up in a small town on an island in the eastern Aegean.

Left in the care of his loving grandparents, Yanni endures the deprivation and terror of the German occupation during World War II and finally leaves his beloved homeland and family to rejoin the parents who had left him behind to make a better life for themselves in America.

Filled with heartbreaking and heartwarming stories of love, devotion, disenchantment, and dashed dreams, Appointment with Yesterday is, ultimately, the story of hardships overcome and a determined boy’s journey toward finding his destiny.


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Meet the Author

Christopher Stratakis was born and raised in Greece. After moving to America, he graduated from Drexel University in 1951 and New York University School of Law in 1955. Shortly after joining the law firm of Poles, Tublin & Patestides in 1960, he became a partner, specializing in admiralty and corporate law.

He has written and published several articles, lectured on professional and historical subjects, served as Legal Advisor to several non-profits (pro bono), and was an arbitrator in maritime disputes. He is the author of Mnimes “Memories” (2010), a book of essays, short stories, and poems that he wrote as a teenager. In 2015, he co-edited Chains on Parallel Roads, a book published by Panchiaki “Korais” Society of New York. In recognition of his extensive community involvement, he has been the recipient of several awards from religious, governmental, and educational institutions.

Mr. Stratakis lives with his wife in New York City. He is the proud father of three and grandfather of three. This is his first novel.

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#BlogTour GuestPost ~ Deadly Lies by Chris Collett @crime_crow @JoffeBooks @Books_n_all


Discover a new detective in a tough city. DI Tom Mariner thinks he’s seen it all, but now he faces an investigation which will push him to his limits.

Journalist Eddie Barham is found dead in his home. A syringe in his arm and a note by his side reading, ‘No More.’

Open and shut case of suicide? Not for DI Mariner. Hours before, he saw Barham picking up a prostitute in a bar. Mariner discovers Barham’s younger brother, Jamie, hiding in a cupboard under the stairs.

Jamie must have witnessed his brother’s death, but his severe autism makes communication almost impossible. Mariner is determined to connect with Jamie and get to the truth. And is the journalist’s death related to his investigation of a local crime kingpin?

What other dark secrets does Jamie hold the key to and can Mariner keep his relationship professional with Barham’s attractive sister, Anna?

In a nail-biting conclusion Mariner races against time to prevent more lives being lost.

Perfect for fans of Peter James, Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson. This is the first book in the DI MARINER SERIES, more books coming soon!

Birmingham is a city of stark contrasts with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Playing a key role in the industrial revolution, it helped shape the nation’s manufacturing industry

But with its many green spaces, Birmingham also borders on the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire and Warwickshire, is just a few miles from Stratford on Avon and a short drive from the wild country of mid-Wales.

Birmingham’s population is large and ethnically diverse, and while urban regeneration has forged a modern and culturally vibrant city, the decaying remnants of the industrial past and 1960s concrete jungle give it a unique and gritty character; the dark underbelly policed by DI Tom Mariner and his team.


Detective Inspector Tom Mariner is, on the surface, an average dedicated policeman, but his experiences as a younger man have given him an insight into life on the dark side, and a clear sense of right and wrong. Mariner has little interest in material things. He lives in a modest canal-side cottage, enjoys the occasional (real) beer and game of dominoes and drives an old car. He is most at home in the outdoors, with an OS map and a compass, and in times of crisis, will take off and walk for miles in any weather.

Police Constable Tony Knox has recently transferred to the West Midlands force and finds himself back in uniform following an undisclosed transgression. A scouser with the gift of the gab, and an irrepressible ladies’ man, Knox is initially wary of the inscrutable DI Mariner, but, when a need arises, is grateful for his unquestioning support and the lack of curiosity about his personal life.

I really couldn’t put it down’ Raw Edge Magazine 

‘Collett is a wonderful writer, subtle, clever, strong on atmosphere and character. This is a fitting follow-up to her debut and reassures the crime fan that the police procedural is in safe hands. More, please’ Yorkshire Post

About the Author

Chris Collett grew up in a Norfolk seaside town where she worked in a boarding house (now defunct) a local bakery (closed down) and a crisp factory (razed to the ground). Graduating in Liverpool, Chris has since taught children and adults with varying degrees of learning disability, including autism. She is now a university lecturer, with two grown up children, and lives in Birmingham; DI Tom Mariner’s ‘patch’. She has published short stories, teaches creative and crime writing and is a manuscript assessor for the Crime Writers Association.
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Many thanks to Chris for answering some questions .. I agree totally with Enid Blyton 🙂 

What was your inspiration for the character DI Tom Mariner?

I’m often asked about where my inspiration for Mariner came from, but like the man himself, it’s hard to pin down. All I knew about him at the beginning was that I wanted to avoid the (at the time) clichés of the hard-drinking, chain-smoking, overweight and womanising cop. Though I’m not sure he’d thank me for his difficulties in the bedroom. He seemed to evolve during the writing of the first book in the series; Deadly Lies and, like all of us, is a product of his upbringing; something that emerges gradually. And while he has his flaws and his relationship problems, he’s altogether a more complex character than that. His name also went through several incarnations, though none of them felt quite right until somewhere from out there in the ether, ‘Mariner’ appeared and seemed to fit straight away. It’s not an especially common name, which hopefully makes it memorable. And given that my great, great grandfather was a trawler man, I rather like the idea that my protagonist is a Mariner.

Why have you chosen Birmingham as the setting for your crime novels?

I’m not sure that I chose Birmingham, but rather it chose me. It’s somewhat ironic, as I grew up by the sea and land-locked Birmingham was one of the last places I would have ever wanted to end up. But I married into it thirty years ago and having got to know the city well I often these days find myself coming to its defence! Although it’s founded on a rich history, the rapid evolution, especially in the last twenty years, and its diverse population means that it retains a brash, edgy and slightly dangerous feel. As I began writing it was obvious that this was a city just crying out for a fictional crime fighter. Not everyone agrees of course. An early publishing offer was made on the proviso that the novel was re-written to be set in London. I turned it down. Do I regret holding on to Birmingham? Not a bit.

Where do your ideas come from?

Hand on heart? I haven’t a clue! Usually the central idea for a book emerges from a subject or issue that snags my attention coupled with the inevitable ‘What if…?’ question. With Deadly Lies the character of Jamie, who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, was key, and the question was ‘what if the only witness to a serious crime had ASD and was unable to communicate what he had seen?’ Given my day-job working with young people with special needs it was, I suppose, an obvious starting point. Once the premise of the story is established I find that the ideas can present themselves unbidden, sometimes at the most peculiar of times, and from there the detail of the plot emerges. The sub-conscious is a wonderful thing.

How do you research your novels?

Not always very systematically! Over time I’ve developed contacts with serving and former police officers who are brilliant at helping me out with the procedural side of things and otherwise, like everyone else it’s the library, the Internet and sometimes news items that can be followed up, depending on the ‘theme’. Often pursuing one line of research points the way to other possible sources, so I just follow the line of inquiry as far as I can, in much the same way as Mariner would. Once I’ve gathered exhaustive notes, the important thing is to include enough information to enable readers to understand the context, make sense of the plot and satisfy curiosity, without getting carried away with irrelevant detail that might get in the way of the story. What is finally included in the book tends to be the tip of the iceberg.

What, in your opinion, makes a good crime novel?

For me, a good book of any kind is one that effortlessly takes me to another time and/or place, in the company of ‘real’ characters, using language that is mostly invisible, but sometimes surprising, original and clever. It’s a book that I can’t wait to get back to at any opportunity, that leaves me with a sense of satisfaction, but that I’m sad to finish. Characters I care about, a credible story, with twists, turns and suspense, and an atmospheric setting that has been clearly evoked by the writer.

Did you have a favourite childhood book?

There were very few books in our house when I was growing up, and most of those were bibles, but my parents did visit the local library fortnightly, so reading was very much endorsed as ‘an activity’. Most of the books I owned as a child were given as gifts. One of the earliest and most influential was ‘Katy Country Mouse to the Rescue’ a rip-roaring adventure in Ladybird book format, whose main protagonist is female and of mature years, albeit a rather impractically dressed mouse. I still have my original copy of the book, and still think it’s a terrific read. As I got older Enid Blyton became a favourite, especially the Famous Five and the Adventurous Four.

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