#BlogTour #Review ~ No Bodies by Robert Crouch @robertcrouchuk @CarolineBookBit


Why would environmental health officer, Kent Fisher, show any interest in finding Daphne Witherington, the missing wife of a longstanding family friend?

The police believe she ran off with Colin Miller, a rather dubious caterer, and Kent has problems of his own when a young girl who visits his animal sanctuary is rushed to hospital.

When enquiries into Colin Miller reveal a second missing wife, Kent picks up a trail that went cold over a year ago. But he’s struggling to find a connection between the women, even when he discovers a third missing wife.

Is there a killer on the loose in Downland?

With no motive, no connection and no bodies, Kent may never uncover the truth.

‘Robert Crouch has brought both a fresh voice and a new twist to conventional crime drama.‘ Alaric Bond

About the Author

Inspired by Miss Marple, Inspector Morse and Columbo, Robert Crouch wanted to write entertaining crime fiction the whole family could enjoy.

At their heart is Kent Fisher, an environmental health officer with more baggage than an airport carousel. Passionate about the environment, justice and fair play, he’s soon embroiled in murder.

Drawing on his experiences as an environmental health officer, Robert has created a new kind of detective who brings a unique and fresh twist to the traditional murder mystery. With complex plots, topical issues and a liberal dash of irreverent humour, the Kent Fisher mysteries offer an alternative to the standard police procedural.

Robert now writes full time and lives on the South Coast of England with his wife and their West Highland White Terrier, Harvey, who appears in the novels as Kent’s sidekick, Columbo.

Social Media Links: Website  Facebook  Twitter

My Review

I read and enjoyed No Accident a little while ago and grew quite fond of Kent Fisher and his sidekick Columbo. So I was pleased to see book two No Bodies arrive fairly quick on the tail.

I seem to recall saying last time that it’s a novel approach having an enviironmental officer involved in a crime situation and this remains so.

Kent is a bit gruff but means well, he is once more asked to investigate a missing woman but surely she has just done a moonlight flit with an undesirable, there can’t be any connection to a different missing person or a murder can there? After all there are No Bodies to substantiate this theory.

Kent also has an animal sanctuary which causes more hassles in his personal life when a youngster who works there becomes ill. Is Kent about to lose everything!? It’s nice to feel a connection to a character and Kent is certainly one who takes a bit of getting used to but his relationship with Columbo shows he is a decent guy underneath all his bluster.

The author has maintained his easy writing style with a mix of humour thrown in, this is a complex who dunnit and I would suggest it is beneficial to read book one first to get background history and make this a more enjoyable/satisfying read.

I enjoyed No Bodies and look forward to catching up with Kent again hopefully.

My thanks to the author and Caroline (Bits About Books) for my copy which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

#BlogTour #Review ~ The Country Set by Fiona Walker @fionawalkeruk @HoZ_Books

Compton Bagot sit high on the Fosse Hills to either side of the Gloucestershire/Warwickshire border, just half a mile apart. They form the backdrop to this rich story of old secrets and new rivalries, as glamorous Ronnie Ledwell returns to take up the reins of her father’s stud farm, years after she scandalised family and friends by eloping with her lover, abandoning both husband andchildren. News of her return will well and truly set the cat among the pigeons…

Amazon UK

About the Author

Fiona Walker is the bestselling author of seventeen novels. She lives in Warwickshire with her partner and two children plus an assortment of horses and dogs.



Head of Zeus

HoZ Twitter

My Review

Amazingly this is the first book I have read by this author. It’s the start of a new series (hooray for once I’m doing it in order!) there are lots of characters to get to grips with and it took me an age to feel comfortable reading it and fathoming out who is who. 

I think it’s probably been said before but if you are a Jilly Cooper fan of old then this will appeal. The Country Set is a fully fledged romp, set in the English countryside surrounded by horses and a stud farm.

Typically busy body neighbours, friends and family all with their own dilemma’s interweaving with each other. I think Pip the interfering peculiar housekeeper is the one who sticks in my mind the most. Certainly a mix of weird and wonderful but it’s overly long which caused it to drift a bit. 

I suspect if you are a fan of this style of writing and want a tome you can get your teeth into then this will appeal. I enjoyed parts but overall I doubt I will be jumping to read the next in the series. Nothing at all wrong with the story it just didn’t sit well with me at the time I read it.

My thanks to the author and publisher for my copy which I read and reviewed voluntarily. 

#BlogBlitz ~Review ~ Heartaches and Christmas Cakes by Amy Miller @AmyBratley1 @bookouture

  Heartaches and Christmas Cakes by Amy Miller 

 Amazon UK   Amazon US

Heartaches and Christmas Cakes: A wartime family saga perfect for cold winter nights (Wartime Bakery Book 1)

December, 1940: All that Audrey Barton wants is her family together for Christmas. But the war changes everything… 

The Barton family bakery in Bournemouth has been at the heart of the town for generations: Audrey and Charlie Barton have never been rich, but their bread and cakes – and their love and advice – have enriched the lives of others in the town for many years.

When war breaks out, it doesn’t take long for trouble to arrive on the bakery doorstep. Audrey’s brother William has joined up to fight, and William’s fiancé Elsie fears she may lose him before their life together has even begun. Audrey’s stepsister Lily comes to stay, but Lily is clearly hiding a dark secret

And a silent and strange little girl is evacuated to the town – will Audrey get to the heart of what is ailing her? 

Audrey battles to keep hope and love alive in tumultuous times. But when disaster strikes at Christmas, will her efforts be in vain? 

This is the first book in a heartwarming and romantic new saga series, perfect for fans of The Gingerbread Girl, Nadine Dorries and Ellie Dean.

About the Author 

Amy Miller is the pseudonym of Amy Bratley, who started her writing life working on magazines and newspapers. She has previously written three women’s fiction novels published by Pan Macmillan, the first of which was a bestseller in Italy. Her day job is being a freelance managing editor of both a vintage interiors magazine and a food magazine, two subjects she’s passionate about. Amy lives in Dorset with her husband and two children.

Author Social Media Links:



My Review

If like me you are rather partial to a wartime family saga then Heartaches and Christmas Cakes will be right up your street. As soon as I spotted this book was available I knew I needed to read it.

Set in Bournemouth at the onset of war this follows the Barton family bakery. Audrey and Charlie run the little store and this is the heart of the community.

Audrey is an absolute diamond, she takes on everybody’s woes, looks out for those less fortunate and worries constantly about family and friends as they join up.

I love the insights into food rationing, how the different kinds of bread suit various people .. who knew what a bottom crust is!? Lots of intrigue, drama and heartache. It has all the love and scandal you would expect from this era but mainly emphasises hope. I sometimes wonder if life was actually better in those days despite the hardships.

This is a book you will start reading and become so engrossed that you are in the zone until the end, my emotions were all over the place and a few tears may have appeared. As much as I didn’t want it to end I’m over the moon to know it is the beginning of a series so we can expect more from this brilliant author. Amy writes with a huge amount of understanding and care .. absolutely wonderful I thoroughly enjoyed Heartaches and Christmas Cakes and can’t wait for more.

My thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for my copy which I read and reviewed voluntarily. 

#BlogBlitz #Review ~ The Big Little Festival by @KellieHailes @Sainsburys @NeverlandBT

Love happens when you least expect it…

Jodi is panicking. It’s only weeks until her little village in Devon holds its first ever festival and everything is falling apart.

Desperate to avoid disaster, she brings in notorious party planner Christian to save the day. Although she wasn’t prepared for just how gorgeous he wuold be!

Men are off the cards for Jody and surely Christian is the last man she would ever date? But with tensions rising – along with the bunting and homemade scones – she’s about to find out…

Amazon UK

About the Author

At the age of five Kellie Hailes declared she was going write books when she grew up. It took a while for her to get there, with a career as a radio copywriter, freelance copywriter and web writer filling the dream-hole, until now. Kellie lives on an island-that’s-not-really-an-island in New Zealand with her patient husband, funny little human and neurotic cat. When the characters in her head aren’t dictating their story to her, she can be found taking short walks, eating good cheese and hankering for her next coffee fix.



My Review

This is such a cute book. It is part of a series but can easily be read as a standalone. The cover is just so pretty and to be honest it was nice to escape back to summer for a while now that the cooler days are here.

A fairly short read that is so easy to lose yourself amid some humour, romance and fun. Likeable characters, fresh full of community spirit.

I love the rabbit connection, a village overrun with the furry critters prompts Jody to arrange an event to repair the swimming pool as a gesture of good faith. The event planner Christian is the object of interest for Jody .. sit back and enjoy some sweet entertainment.

The Big Little Festival is sure to appeal to anyone who likes a good rom com. 

Thanks to the author, publisher and Neverland Blog tours for my copy which I read and reviewed voluntarily.


#BlogBlitz #Review ~ Maggie by @nettanewbound @Bloodhoundbook

When sixteen-year-old Maggie Simms’ mum loses her battle with cancer, the only family she has left is her abusive stepfather, Kenny.
Horrified to discover he intends to continue his nightly abuse, Maggie is driven to put a stop to him once and for all.
However, she finds her troubles are only just beginning when several of her closest allies are killed.
Although nothing seems to be linking the deaths, Maggie believes she is jinxed.
Why are the people she cares about being targeted?
And who is really behind the murders?
Sometimes the truth is closer than you think.
About the Author
My name’s Netta Newbound. I write thrillers in many different styles — some grittier than others. The Cold Case Files have a lighter tone and are full of fun. I also write a series set in London, which features one of my favourite characters, Detective Adam Stanley. These books are a little grittier. My standalone books, The Watcher and An Impossible Dilemma, are not for the faint hearted, and it seems you either love them or hate them—I’d love to know what you think.
Originally from Manchester, England, I have travelled extensively and have lived and worked in a variety of exciting places. I now live in New Zealand with my husband. We have three grown up children and four grandchildren.

Author links

My Review

This is the first book I have read by this author. Maggie is a fantastic read, tense, sinister and mysterious.

Sixteen year old Maggie has lost her mum to cancer and is left to share the family home with stepfather Kenny. It transpires he has been abusing her while her mum was sick and has every intention of continuing.

This is just the beginning of Maggie’s trauma. Folloiwng an incident with Kenny her life takes a turn for the worse. She has no other family so moves in with next door neighbour Claudia who treats her like a grand-daughter, Claudia and her dog Sandy give Maggie the stability she needs until sinister events begin to surround her and all the people she is close to.

Is Maggie jinxed or is there a connection? Maggie is accused of being responsible and she has to pull out all the stops to prove innocence .. will anyone belive her? With the aid of best friend Rachel she tries to regain some normality.

I flew throught this book, Claudia is a homely cosy old lady, Maggie is understandably angry and suspicious. Just as there seems a glimmer of hope some other tragedy befalls her. I just wanted to mother her and make her world right, keep her safe from harm.

All the characters are fully formed, some are lovely others absolutely despicable, Kenny himself was a monster followed closely in my dislike list by Jake, one of the police officers who behaves appallingly to Maggie in my opinion and I would have had no trouble reporting him!

Brilliantly written, this book kept me hooked until the early hours of the morning. I couldn’t stop reading because I felt as though I would be failing Maggie as well if I gave up and slept!! That’s how realistic it was. If you like gritty, thriller, whodunnit types this excels on all levels.

This deserves 5 stars or more for entertainment value. By the time I reached ‘The End’ I was a strung out mess! I will certainly be checking out other books by Netta.

My thanks to the author, publisher and Sarah Hardy for my copy which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

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#BlogBlitz #Review ~ The Girl from the Sugar Plantation by @sharon_maas @bookouture

An unputdownable story of a woman in search of the truth, the man she falls in love with, and the devastation of the Second World War.

1934, Guyana. All her life, Mary Grace has wanted to know the truth about who her parents really are. As the mixed-race daughter of two white plantation owners, her childhood has been clouded by whispered rumours, and the circumstances of her birth have been kept a closely guarded secret…

Aunt Winnie is the only person Mary Grace can confide in. Feeling lost and lonely, her place in society uncertain, Mary Grace decides to forge her own path in the world. And she finds herself unexpectedly falling for charming and affluent Jock Campbell, a planter with revolutionary ideas.

But, with the onset of the Second World War, their lives will be changed forever. And Mary Grace and Jock will be faced with the hardest decision of all – to fight for freedom or to follow their hearts…

An utterly compelling and evocative story about the heart-breaking choices men and women had to make during a time of unimaginable change. Perfect for fans of The Secret Wife and Island of Secrets.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

About the Author

Sharon Maas was born in Georgetown, Guyana in 1951, and spent many childhood hours either curled up behind a novel or writing her own adventure stories. Sometimes she had adventures of her own, and found fifteen minutes of Guyanese fame for salvaging an old horse-drawn coach from a funeral parlor, fixing it up, painting it bright blue, and tearing around Georgetown with all her teenage friends. The coach ended up in a ditch, but thankfully neither teens nor horse were injured.

Boarding school in England tamed her somewhat; but after a few years as a reporter with the Guyana Graphic in Georgetown she plunged off to discover South America by the seat of her pants. She ended up in a Colombian jail, and that’s a story for another day…

Sharon has lived in an Ashram in India and as a German Hausfrau–the latter giving her the time and the motivation to finally start writing seriously. Her first novel, Of Marriageable Age, was published by HarperCollins, London, in 1999 and reprinted as a digital edition in 2014. After working as a social worker in a German hospital she finally retired and now has time for her favourite pastimes: reading, writing, and travelling.




My Review

I have to be honest and say I haven’t read any other books by this author but it’s a Bookouture novel that I have heard good things about so when given the chance to review I volunteered. It is apparently the final in The Quint trilogy but it seems to read ok as a standalone. 

The writing is incredibly intense, the scenery and atmosphere clear, the emotions raw. By reading The Girl from the Sugar Plantation you are transported back in time where social injustice is rife, the historical aspect is riveting the sense of cultural differences abound.

There are family secrets, multi-layered love interests all against the backdrop of Guyana. My personal knowledge of this area or era are extremely limited so it was an education in itself.

This is a fairly lengthy book which requires concentration (or it did for me) take your time to read, digest and enjoy it. Especially good for lovers of historical fiction, the style and complexity of the writing warranted a raise from a 3 to a 4 star for me. 

Thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for my copy which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

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#BlogTour #Review ~ The Winter’s Child by Cassandra Parkin @cassandrajaneuk @Legend_Press

Five years ago, Susannah Harper’s son Joel went missing without trace. Bereft of her son and then of her husband, Susannah tries to accept that she may never know for certain what has happened to her lost loved ones. She has rebuilt her life around a simple selfless mission: to help others who, like her, must learn to live without hope.

But then, on the last night of Hull Fair, a fortune-teller makes an eerie prediction. She tells her that this Christmas Eve, Joel will finally come back to her.

As her carefully-constructed life begins to unravel, Susannah is drawn into a world of psychics and charlatans, half-truths and hauntings, friendships and betrayals, forcing her to confront the buried truths of her family’s past, where nothing and no one are quite as they seem.

A ghostly winter read with a modern gothic flavour. A tale of twisted love, family secrets and hauntings.

Purchase Here  Published – 16th October

About the Author

Cassandra Parkin grew up in Hull, and now lives in East Yorkshire. Her short story collection, New World Fairy Tales (Salt Publishing, 2011), won the 2011 Scott Prize for Short Stories. Her work has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies.
The Summer We All Ran Away (Legend Press, 2013) was Cassandra’s debut novel and nominated for the Amazon Rising Stars 2014.

The Beach Hut (Legend Press, 2015) is her second novel. Lily’s House (2016)

Website  Twitter

My Review

This book has such a beautiful peaceful cover it almost hides the tension and anguish within. As a mother The Winter’s Child pulled at my heart strings from the outset. Susannah’s son Joel is missing, this must be the worst possible outcome for any parent.

Joel was an adopted baby, Susannah and her hubby John had very different approaches to raising a child so there is an inkling maybe that is at the bottom of his disappearance, by age 15 Joel has gone.

Susannah is desperate for any information and resorts to clairvoyants at their local fair in Hull. Therein begins her journey of life amid the mediums/pyshcics and how they drag her into the underworld of hope. She has been writing a blog raising awareness of how people can be ripped off by fortune teller’s etc which is incredibly interesting but also proves how they prey on the vulnerable when she is also convinced after one tells her Joel will return at Christmas.

This is written with so much emotion in an atmospheric way. It sent chills through my body yet kept me glued to the page to see if there is any truth in the predictions!

Susannah is a troubled soul and I fully believed in her, this is full of intrigue, cleverly linked together to make a fascinating story. I really enjoyed this eerie mystery and the ending just tore me apart. The Winter’s Child is a must read because of it’s uniqueness and will certainly make me think twice before relaying any information to anyone!

Thanks so much to Cassandra, the publisher and Imogen Harris for my copy which I read and reviewed voluntarily and for inviting me onto the blog tour.



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#BookReview ~ Zenka by Alison Brodie @alisonbrodie2 #BookBoost

I’m welcoming lovely Alison Brodie back to the blog today .. I was planing on posting this review yesterday but a trip to hospital scuppered my plans! Anyway, here you have it, Zenka in all her glory 🙂 xx

GENRE:  Suspense/Black Comedy/Romance

Ruthless, capricious, and loyal.

Zenka is a Hungarian pole-dancer with a dark past.

When cranky London mob boss, Jack Murray, saves her life she vows to become his guardian angel – whether he likes it or not. Happily, she now has easy access to pistols and shotguns.

Jack learns he has a son, Nicholas, a male nurse with a heart of gold. Problem is, Nicholas is a wimp.

Zenka takes charges. Using her feminine wiles and gangland contacts, she aims to turn Nicholas into a son any self-respecting crime boss would be proud of. And she succeeds!

Nicholas transforms from pussycat to mad dog, falls in love with Zenka, and finds out where the bodies are buried – because he buries them. He’s learning fast that sometimes you have to kill, or be killed.

As his life becomes more terrifying, questions have to be asked:

How do you tell a crime boss you don’t want to be his son?

And is Zenka really who she says she is?

PRE-ORDER LINKS: Available 6 November 2017

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Amazon CA

Amazon AU

About the Author

Alison Brodie is a Scot, with French Huguenot ancestors on her mother’s side.

Brodie is an international, best-selling author. Her books have been published by Hodder & Stoughton (UK), Heyne (Germany) and Unieboek (Holland).

Reviews for her debut, FACE TO FACE: “Fun to snuggle up with” – GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Pick of the Paperbacks. “Vane but wildly funny leading lady” – Scottish Daily Mail.

Brodie has now gone “indie”. Here are some editorial reviews for her recent books.

BRAKE FAILURE: “Masterpiece of humor” – Midwest Book Review

THE DOUBLE: “Proof of her genius in writing fiction” – San Francisco Book Review.

ZENKA (to be released 6 Nov, 2017): “ZENKA is top of my list for best fiction this year. If Tina Fey and Simon Pegg got together to write a dark and hilarious mobster story with a happy ending, ZENKA would be the result.” – Lauren Sapala, WriteCity

I personally loved Brake Failure and you can read my review Here

AUTHOR LINKS: Twitter  Website  Goodreads  Facebook

My Review

I have loved previous work by Alison Brodie so when she mentioned her WIP as it was then about Zenka I jumped at the chance of reading an ARC. 

One of my favourite song lyrics is at the beginning of the book so I was singing as I began reading! “You can’t light a fire without a spark” but as I went on the relevance of that quote sunk in.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a sweet romance, Zenka is dark black humour with a suspenseful kick ass heroine. Picture the scene Zenka is a pole dancer with the most exaggerated accent which is so fabulously portrayed in the book.  I was ‘reading’ with a Hungarian lilt within minutes lol

Zenka is rescued by Jack in somewhat seedy circumstances to show her gratitude she insists she will be his guardian angel. Jack is a gansta so expect some real down to earth crime. It transpires Jack has an unknown son, it becomes Zenka’s mission to reunite the pair who are polar opposites so she may have her work cut out if she wants them to like each other!

This story leaps from laugh out loud to omg moments, there are instances that make you go awwww but then lurch back into roller-coaster thrills. Zenka is zany, wacky totally OTT and so out there you won’t know if there is any romance or not but deep underneath there is a love story with a difference. 

I do wonder how Alison produces her stories, it reads as though it is written at breakneck neck speed and I felt as though I had run a marathon by the end it is just so full of energy. Give Zenka a try it will be unlike anything you have read for ages .. brilliant fun and escapism.

Thanks to Alison for my copy which I read and reviewed voluntarily.


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#BlogBlitz #Review ~ Her Dark Retreat by J.A. Baker @thewriterjude @Bloodhoundbook

The coastguard’s residence Chamber Cottage, which sits high up on the North Yorkshire cliffs overlooking The North Sea, holds many dark secrets.

Alec and Peggy are struggling to overcome their marital problems. Both damaged by problems from their childhoods, they are trying to get on with their lives. But this is hard for them to do when they both believe they are being watched. As a result, Peggy, who has terrible scars on her face, becomes more agoraphobic.

To make matters worse, Peggy discovers her estranged mother is stalking both she and Alec, claiming she has a dark secret that is putting Peggy in danger.

What caused the scars on Peggy’s face? Is Alex really the monster Peggy’s mother believes him to be? And what secrets does Chamber Cottage hold?

Purchase Here

About the Author

Born in Middlesbrough too many years ago to mention, J. A. Baker developed a deep appreciation of literature and reading from a young age after being introduced to it by her parents. Weekly visits to the library were the norm and after being handed a collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories by her father, her love for the darker side of fiction slowly grew. She is an avid reader of all books but is drawn in particular, to psychological thrillers.

After many rejections (too many to mention!) her debut novel, Undercurrent, was published by Bloodhound Books in March 2017 and made it into the top 100 Amazon chart in both the UK and Canada. She is currently putting the finishing touches to her third novel and working on her fourth one.

J. A. Baker has four grown up children and lives in a village on the outskirts of Darlington with her husband Richard, and Theo, their barking mad dog.




My Review

I haven’t read the previous book by this author yet but Her Dark Secret has such an interesting blurb I was tempted. The first few pages of this book are stunning, it sets the scene, raises the blood pressure and totally freaked me out with the atmospheric cloying tension.

Each chapter has emphasis on the different characters, none of them are particularly likeable but all have a certain something to add to the story and at times I did feel an element of sympathy. I found myself second guessing a lot of what is said and then becoming completely confused about the reality. Not in a bad way just the skill of the author screwing with my head. So many occasions where I thought I had finally grasped the answers and unravelled a huge mystery but apparently not!

The setting is a huge part of the tale the bleak remote eeriness made my skin crawl. Even the cover can make one quake in their boots! I raced through this sinister book and enjoyed it very much. I will certainly explore other work by J.A. Baker. A brilliant read for all fans of psychological thrillers.

My thanks to the author, publisher and Sarah Hardy for my copy and inviting me to participate in the blog blitz. I read and reviewed voluntarily. 


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#BlogBlitz #Review ~ Christmas at Hope Cottage by Lily Graham @lilygrahambooks @Bookouture

In the little village of Whistling, with its butterscotch cottages and rolling green hills, snow is beginning to fall. Christmas is coming, and Emma Halloway is on her way home.

When twenty-eight-year-old food writer Emma Halloway gets dumped then knocked off her bike, she’s broken in more ways than one, and returns to her family’s cosy cottage in the Yorkshire Dales. Emma hasn’t been back in some time, running from her crazy relatives and her childhood sweetheart, Jack Allen.

Emma’s grandmother is determined to bake her back to health and happiness, as the Halloways have done for generations. Surrounded by old friends and warm cinnamon buns, Emma starts to believe in her family’s special talents for healing again. But then in walks Jack with his sparkling hazel eyes, stirring up the family feud between them. 

As the twinkly lights are strung between the streetlamps, Emma remembers just why she fell for Jack in the first place… and why a Halloway should never date an Allen.

The infuriating new lodger, Sandro, doesn’t believe anyone should have to choose between love and family. With a little bit of Christmas magic, can Emma and Jack find a way to be together, or will Emma find herself heartbroken once more?

An utterly gorgeous Christmas romance about the importance of family, freshly baked biscuits, and learning to trust your heart. Perfect for fans of Phillipa Ashley, Debbie Johnson and Debbie Macomber.

Amazon UK  Amazon US

About the Author

Lily grew up in dusty Johannesburg, which gave her a longing for the sea that has never quite gone away; so much so that sometimes she’ll find sand grouting the teaspoons, and an ocean in a teacup. She lives now in the English countryside with her husband and her sweet, slobbering bulldog Fudge, and brings her love for the sea and country-living to her fiction.




My Review

I remember the first time I laid eyes on this cover, I simply fell in love with the pink cottage (Lily may recall my squeal of delight on twitter!) so I knew without a doubt I would be reading Christmas at Hope Cottage as soon as it was available as an ARC.

I adore Lily’s books and this one is no different. Her ability to wrap family angst and Christmas together is extraordinary and I always finish reading with a huge sigh and sense of satisfaction.

Beautifully easy to read you immediately feel a part of the scene and included in the drama. This is a wonderful tale of hope with perhaps a little magic thrown in.

Emma has her share of troubles and is back at the cottage with her grandma .. can her childhood memories liven her up or will past family feuds cause more hassle? Add in a delectable Spaniard and things may have the opportunity to improve!

A perfect book to enjoy on a cold winter day .. 

Thanks to Lily the publisher and netgalley for my copy which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

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