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I’m pleased to be able to share the great cover & info for Blood and Roses by Catherine Hokin

Blood & Roses

Blood and Roses – a novel of Margaret of Anjou and her pivotal role in the Wars of the Roses.


The English Crown – a bloodied, restless prize.

The one contender strong enough to hold it? A woman. Margaret of Anjou: a French Queen in a hostile country, born to rule but refused the right, shackled to a King lost in a shadow-land.

When a craving for power becomes a crusade, when two rival dynasties rip the country apart in their desire to rule it and thrones are the spoils of a battlefield, the stakes can only rise. And if the highest stake you have is your son?

You play it.

Margaret of Anjou: More Sinned Against than Sinning?

Blood and Roses  tells the story of Margaret of Anjou (1430-82), wife of Henry VI, a key protagonist in the Wars of the Roses and a woman overdue for a revision.

A little about her: she was demonised by Shakespeare in the name of political propaganda, she was French in a period when England was struggling to come to terms with a failure to repeat the victorious years of Henry V and Agincourt and her husband alternated between narcoleptic comas and visions of sainthood. 

The main conflicts in the novel reflect both the issues of the age – the challenge of holding onto a crown in a kingdom riven by dynastic struggle in which loyalties shift like quicksand – and the personal price to be paid by being a woman outside her time. In trying to resolve her marriage and its desperate need for an heir, shape her son for a dangerous future and reconcile her ambition with her lack of power, does Margaret become the author of her own fate?

Blood and Roses: the story of a woman caught up in the pursuit of power, playing a game ultimately no one can control…

January 2016 from Yolk Publishing

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