Cyber Lovers by D. Turner

Cyber Lovers by D. Turner

stars-4-0._V192197091_ Embark on a journey of cyber love…..

Anyone who has embarked on an online ‘romance’ will be immediately drawn to this book by the cover.

The whole book revolves around Michelle & Mike’s cyber affair. They met initially 20 years previously but due to circumstances remained apart .. the love that shines through by reading their new found ability to email & Skype is delightful.
Full of passion, longing, sexiness the sultry scenes just ooze through but in a way which inspires the reader to continue .. what will happen to them, will they meet, will they get ‘found out’, will there be a ‘happy ever after’ ?
While I don’t condone extra-marital affairs this selection of love messages would soften the hardest of hearts. I wonder if the perfection of living in a ‘cyber’ world is easier than actually maintaining a relationship in real-life? There never seems to be a cross word between the two .. are they really soul-mates .. it left me with many questions & without giving away any spoilers I would love to know what happens next.

If you are looking for a light romantic story this isn’t it .. but you will be gripped from start to finish. It’s a whole new concept for a story & a true insight into ‘ordinary’ lives. Be prepared to go on a virtual journey, holidays, weekends away, days in the office, & plenty of orgasms! I smiled a lot while reading this (especially at Ditto) but also felt an overwhelming sadness that maybe, just maybe 20 years had been wasted.

Hopefully by recommending this & people buying the book will make their dream a reality 🙂 Thanks for a fab read. I gave it 4 stars simply because my reviewers policy is to give 5 stars to a book I would read again .. this one doesn’t need another read but I loved every minute of it.


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