Dead Eyed by Matt Brolly

5.0 out of 5 starsA gruesome, gripping debut!

Firstly thanks to Netgalley, Carina & the Author for allowing me a free e-copy of this book to review. This is the debut novel from Matt Brolly whereby he introduces us to DCI Michael Lambert.
Michael has not worked for a couple of years due to personal reasons but gets drawn into the case of the ‘Souljacker’ it soon becomes apparent that he has various links to the case spanning twenty-five years. This story has so many twists & turns, I was a little confused at the beginning trying to establish who all the characters were but it is so well written that it then becomes second nature & each persons role falls into place.
The writing is very descriptive & not for the faint-hearted & if like me you have a phobia of eyes it can be extremely gruesome! However I overcame my dislike of the subject matter quickly because I was drawn in to such an extent I was keen to know what would happen next. We learn so much about Michael’s friends, colleagues, daughter, wife during the book that each one leaves an impression whether you like them or not.
I was gripped by this story & on a couple of occasions thought I had figured out who the ‘Souljacker’ was but I was wrong & certainly didn’t see the conclusion coming .. I look forward to the next book eagerly.

Dead Eyed


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