Faith Under Fire

Faith Under Fire by Annie Watkinson

stars-5-0._V192197110_ For a first novel this is close to perfect….

Firstly thanks to Annie for kindly sending me a copy of this in return for my honest opinion.
I began this book thinking it was just going to centre on Kate, she had given up her ‘good life’ in the hubbub of the city & moved to a small village into an ‘idyllic’ house bequeathed by her Aunt & wondered how an entire book could focus on everyday goings on.
The normal day to day village events unfolded & soon I was absorbed into varying story-lines that are all carefully intertwined by the writer. As each new character appears you quickly learn about them & get involved in unravelling their personality. Whether they are somebody you like or not they all have depth & facets of intrigue. The book gathers speed & isn’t afraid to include some unsavoury issues .. all dealt with sensitively & articulately.
I found myself really caring about most of the ‘villagers’ & could feel the emotions both high & low. There are a couple of elements that I identify with on a personal level & it is obvious the author has a deep emotional understanding. Just as I thought I knew which way it was going there would be another turn of events until it got to the point where I couldn’t put it down until I had finished it. I was then in a position where I was both grieving & smiling & most certainly missing the people & long for a sequel! It shows how life can change in an instant & how important the depths of friendships can be. For a first novel this is close to perfect & I happily award 5 stars. Thanks Annie .. more please!

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