Happy Publication Day! Real Men Love Cats by Nic Tatano @NicTatano

Most people know I am a huge fan of Nic’s books especially this ‘cat’ series. So I’m delighted to welcome him back to the blog today.

I have read Real Men Love Cats but due to illness/hospital etc I haven’t been able to get the review ready for this early post .. hopefully I will be able to add it later in the day. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed it so go buy it now, the purchase link should be live! 🙂

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(Fourth book in the Lost Cats series)

Advertising copywriter Rory Callahan is very picky. She thinks Mister Right should check off some important boxes.
But if “love me, love my cat” isn’t one of them, that’s a dealbreaker.

Unfortunately, the men she’s been dating lately want nothing to do with her playful six-toed tabby, Hemingway. Or any cat, for that matter. Can this classic girl-next-door find a real man who loves cats?

Romance moves to the back burner when a terrific business opportunity that seems perfect for her falls in her lap. The CEO of a national cat food company is looking for a new ad agency, and Rory is desperate for the huge account.
The one guy standing in her way? A modern day advertising whiz named Will Prescott who seems to be right out of the Mad Men era as far as women are concerned.

Or is she reading him wrong? After all, the guy does like cats. How bad could he be?

After a horrible first meeting and a series of bizarre misunderstandings she’s keeping him at arms’ length. But when Will and Hemingway cross paths, she begins to see him in a different light. Can her cat show her the way?

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