My Review Policy

My Review Policy

Thank you so much for your interest in  Ali – The Dragon Slayer. I began the blog in August 2015 but I have been reading/reviewing a lot longer than that. Now that I am ‘sick’ it has given me the opportunity to indulge in my passion full-time. I spend a lot of time in/at hospital so I always have my Kindle with me with a constant supply of reading materials!

I post reviews on the blog, Amazon UK, US, CA, AU (as appropriate), Goodreads, Netgalley, B&N plus send the links to my Facebook Page  and all social media sites. I am very active on  Twitter so there is plenty of publicity.

I particularly like women’s contemporary fiction, chick-lit, romance, thrillers, horror, humour & mystery. I will read erotica dependent on the content.

I do NOT read/review science fiction, fantasy, zombies, vampires, paranormal, werewolves .. there just isn’t enough time to read subjects that don’t appeal to me 100% .. I have had to make this decision based on how many books I am offered.


I aim to read/review in a desired time frame so long as ample notice is given (usually 2 weeks) I always have a large ‘TBR’ list so sometimes it will take an extended time for a particular book to reach the top, especially if I have blog tour commitments. I will get to it but patience is appreciated .. I do have a life away from the blog & sometimes I am too ill. I fully understand each book is precious to its owner but constantly asking ‘when’ it will be dealt with will not make it happen any faster .. sorry!

I work with a lot of authors, publishers, tour hosts (primarily UK, US, Canada) and I am always happy to hear from new writers or publishers. I cater for blog tours, cover reveals, guest spots, book blasts, giveaways etc. I am happy to promote a book from any genre but please do not ask me to read it if it falls into the ‘do not read’ section.


If you would like me to consider your book please follow these basic guidelines because it makes the process easier for us both:
Include these details:

Title of book
Page count
Publication date if applicable
Desired date for review

I prefer Mobi’s or paperbacks .. if necessary a PDF or hardback is acceptable.

I never ask for payment, nor accept money for my reviews .. I do put links to the books on Amazon but this is simply for ease of access so my followers can purchase.
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I am 100% happy for authors/publishers to reproduce parts of my reviews in books, on websites or as part of wider publicity, but please mention  Ali – The Dragon Slayer when doing so. This is one of my highlights of being a blogger, knowing the review is appreciated.


I use a 5 star rating system .. the whole point of a review is to give an honest opinion so please do not take it personally if I don’t ‘love’ your book, we are all different & what appeals to some doesn’t necessarily ignite the passion in others. If I decline your book it doesn’t mean I’m not keen it just may not be exactly my thing or I could simply have a full schedule. If at all possible I will try to find another blogger/reviewer who might be interested.

5 Stars = Absolutely loved it, will recommend to all and would read again.
4 Stars = Loved it, will happily recommend, would buy for a friend and keep a copy.               
3 Stars = I enjoyed it. Happy to leave a review and recommend.
2 Stars = I finished it but possibly not my type of book. Will review.
1 Star = Not able to finish, either because it wasn’t my type of book or just couldn’t engage. Prefer not to leave negative review.

So if you are still interested please get in touch via the contact form or email – I am very friendly and will try my best to accommodate you 🙂

Thanks, Ali xx

** Due to a recent spell of declining health and a new treatment plan I will NOT be accepting any new review requests from authors I haven’t dealt with previously until further notice. Please don’t be offended if I can’t reply to any emails regarding this. I am still honouring all books and tours that I have scheduled. I will still be ‘active’ just not putting any extra pressure on myself at this time xxx  Sorry!**

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