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Condemned is out now!  Check out this beautifully written second chance romance which will have you swooning so hard it’s impossible to stand straight!
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For eight years, I’ve lived with the scars left by him.

William Devereux consumed me until I didn’t know where I ended and he began … I tried to forget but I was forever changed.

And now he’s back.

Gone is the aggressive hothead who hurt me and set my body on fire in equal measure, replaced with a responsible, doting, single father.

I’m trying my best to remain unaffected.

He’s trying his best to make amends.

Sometimes the one thing you shouldn’t want, is the one thing you can’t breathe without.Buy now – Here

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My Review

I wasn’t sure what to make of this book, the cover and title didn’t immediately pull me in but the blurb did so I went into it fairly open-minded because I was offered it to review. I’m so glad I did, I think if it had been left to my choice of books on a shelf I would have missed a terrific story.

Set in past and present, alternating characters this is the story of Jessa and William. As so often happens little Miss Perfect/Spoilt meets the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. They have known each other from childhood, families lived next door to each other. 

They hate each other, fall in love, fall out etc but what is the spark that ignites these two?

After not seeing each other for several years, things change, Will has a gorgeous little girl, Jessa has a brilliant career she spends more time at home taking care of her sick mom and from there the story takes off.

I like the ease of reading this, the writing just flows along and captures the readers heart without quite realising it. There is turmoil galore, life is full of challenges and this mirrors that. As much as I wanted to dislike Will at times I just couldn’t, he is the ultimate alpha male, oozing charisma but also a doting father, which makes him incredibly appealing.

There are plenty of other characters to liven it up, be prepared for a roller coaster of tears and joy. I particularly liked the ending, snippets of updated info was extremely fitting to the storyline. I look forward to more from this author.

I read and reviewed an ARC voluntarily. 


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