The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan


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Firstly thanks to Brook Cottage Books & Whitney Dineen for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest review.
Meet 34 yr old Mimi Finnegan .. one of four sisters, she feels they all bring more to the family than her. Whether it be looks, money, sporting prowess. Mimi feels the under-dog & sets about re-inventing herself. The story follows her hilarious journey to become a grown-up, hunting down Mr. Right in the hope of having a husband & children.

Typically once she sets about this with the aid of her family she finds herself with more than she can handle. Enter the hunk Elliot Fielding .. will there be a romance or is another woman going to get in the way of Mimi’s plans? Between Richard who adores her, Kevin her ‘best friend’ the desire to lose 20lbs at Weight Watchers & Edith Bunker (you’ll have to see who she is!) life won’t run smoothly for Mimi but the joy in reading her antics is wonderful. I laughed & cringed my way through this & still giggle about it a couple of weeks after finishing it! There are plenty of moments people will relate to I think 🙂 I will be seeking out more of Whitney’s books, good fun & light entertainment.

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