The Single Feather by R.F Hunt

The Single Feather by R.F Hunt

5.0 out of 5 stars Uplifting story that draws you in from the onset .. excellent!

As soon as I saw the beautiful feather on the cover of this book I was intrigued, feathers have a special meaning for me & I wasn’t disappointed by delving in. Ruth tells a wonderful story that is gripping, sad, funny, challenging & keeps you hooked until the end. I felt an immediate affinity with Rachel the lead character in this book. It follows her journey from moving house, escaping her past, dealing with life on an emotional & physical level & ultimate need for acceptance. She meets several people as she attempts to socialise & realises that each has a story to tell & she needs to learn to trust & be trusted & to have confidence in her own abilities. On a personal level I have encountered some of the prejudices directed towards a disability, the constant struggle to survive the ‘system’ of health care/benefits. This book has been written with compassion & a real understanding, it enlightens people to stop & perceive society as it is currently & make them aware that we all have individual challenges but deserve to be treated with respect. The characters in this book will stay with me for quite a while. Really looking forward to Ruth’s next book 🙂



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