#Win Amazon Gift Card £20 and Celebrate My Birthday!

So today is my Birthday .. I won’t share how old I am but suffice to say when struggling with this disease I appreciate EVERY birthday I reach. So I hope you will celebrate it with me because I am feeling generous and offering a £20 Amazon Gift Card to say thanks for all the love and support my followers have shown me over the year. The amount of people who follow my little blog either here or on Facebook, Twitter etc is staggering. 

To all my readers, authors/publishers who trust me with their books, fellow bloggers for sharing a huge thank you it means so much.

So without further ado here is the competition. Ends 30th April 23:59. Open Internationally where Amazon is available. Prize is £20 or whatever it equates to in other currencies. The winning entry will be verified before the prize is sent. You will be notified via email, Twitter or Facebook if you win.

Thanks and Good Luck! 

#Win Amazon Gift Card £20

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163 thoughts on “#Win Amazon Gift Card £20 and Celebrate My Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday! I would buy the couple of sparkly cushions that I’ve got in my wishlist, thanks for the chance x

  2. Hope you have a lovely birthday.

    I have been wanting to get the Luther boxsets, so that would go towards starting the collection. Thank you for the chance.

  3. I’d buy some new books to read as I am pregnant and on a lot of bed rest

  4. Hope you had a Happy Birthday, I just had a birthday too. I would love to buy my Grandson a paddling pool

  5. Happy birthday. It’s my birthday today, so I would treat myself to a book.

  6. Happy Birthday!

    It’s our little girls birthday soon and I would put it towards lots of birthday party supplies.

  7. Happy Birthday xx I’d put it towards a kindle ,been saving towards it .

  8. I would put it towards some perfume I haven’t had for over 20 years ‘Samsara’ I will never forget the fragrance and I would so love to buy a bottle so fingers crossed 😊

  9. Happy birthday – I’d be putting it towards some new books for my daughter 😀

  10. Happy Belated Birthday 🙂 Birthdays definitely take on a new meaning after a cancer diagnosis, I hope you were suitably spoiled!

    I’d spend it on a new book and a new CD 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Alison. Happy Birthday to you. I’d use it to part pay for a bike.

  12. Happy Birthday! I would spend it on Ian Harding’s (from Pretty Little Liars) new book coming out soon called “Odd Birds”. Thanks for the chance x

  13. Wishing you a great birthday ! & wishing you wellness for the future. Thank you for the chance to win I think I’d choose something for my little grandson but not sure what -maybe something to do with trains.

  14. Happy birthday

    I’d get myself a few new cook books need to learn to cook

  15. I hope you had a great birthday you are such a strong person!
    I would put it towards a steriliser for my little girl due in July x

  16. Happy belated Birthday. If lucky enough to win I would definitley end up spending it on my middle daughter and putting it towards something for her upccoming birthday.

  17. Happy Birthday!! I would get you a journal for the coming year ahead so you ca write all your amazing memories in it for the year.

  18. Happy Birthday 🎉 I would put it towards a car seat to stay in our car for our new Granddaughter Evie 😍

  19. Happy Birthday! I would buy my daughter a new bag and some stationary as she is starting senior school in September and has spent the last three months revising for four hours a day for her SATs. She deserves a treat.

  20. My first grandchild is due on June 1st. So I would probably put it towards something for her to sleep in when she is at my house overnight

  21. I would browse other departments but no-one would be fooled. Of course, I’d buy books!

  22. Congrats on your blogiversary xx I’d love to go shopping for holiday books 😄😄

  23. I would buy the latest Agatha Raisin by M.C Beat on due out soon x waiting to read Pushing Up Daisies and Hamish Macbeth death of a ghost once mums read them. Hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY x

  24. Happy Birthday!!

    I actually just found out that after 8 years of trying, i finally got my dream job. So starting in October i am a cast member in Disney World Orlando in Florida for a whole year!! So right now i’m currently saving up amazon vouchers to get a new laptop so i can skype my family!

    • Oh wow, congratulations that will be so exciting! Have fun & good luck x

  25. Happy birthday 😘😘 I would spend it on books including the new Paula Hawkins! And maybe sneak in some Reece’s peanut butter cups 😉

  26. Happy birthday again 🙂 I’d probably end up spending it on Lego for the small person lol

  27. I would buy my daughter a fingerling toy that she has her heart set upon.

  28. Happy Birthday! If I won I would put the voucher towards a new toaster, thanks.

  29. Happy Birthday! I would put it towards a hob kettle – I want to have one in reserve for when my electric kettle stops working.

  30. First of all, happy birthday – I know that each one must feel like a special victory to you. If I win, I’ll probably spend it on craft materials, Amazon has a lot and I’ve recently had a massive book buying blitz so my TBR pile is threatening to take over the study!

  31. Happy Birthday!!!! I would probably spend the giftcard on a new laptop cooling pad. Mine just bit the dust and can’t game without one.

  32. Happy birthday
    I’d put it towards some outdoor stuff for the kids

  33. Tempting to add it to my kindle spends, but my partner has a birthday coming up, so maybe I would spend it on her.

  34. Happy birthday.

    Co-incidentally, I’d spend the money on a birthday prezzie for my wife. Would be nice to get something a bit bigger for her this year and surprise her. 🙂

  35. Wow happy birthday! This is very kind of you!
    Might spend it on a gift for a friend

  36. Happy birthday Ali, yes, treasure every one!
    If I was lucky enough to win, I’d probably buy some PB2, but then again, I’d probably buy books!

  37. Happy Birthday. I would buy some books for my grandson as he loves me to read to him

  38. Happy Birthday to you!
    I would spend it on accessories for my sons bedroom x

  39. Happy Birthday. I would put it towards kitchen equipment purchases I need

  40. Happy Birthday Ali!

    If I was lucky enough to win I would use the voucher for e-books. I got a Kindle last month and I’m hooked! My wish list has increased ten fold with all the new e-books I’m discovering. I think I’d buy the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy first.

  41. A very Happy Birthday to you! 🙂 x

    I would put it towards an airfryer that I really want x

  42. Happy birthday! Your birthday is really close to mine 🙂 I would use the gift card towards buying running clothes.

  43. Happy birthday!
    I haven’t had a bed for about 8 months, so I would put it towards a bed that I’m trying to save up for.

  44. Happy Birthday! 🙂 I would put this voucher towards some new car mats

  45. Happy birthday xx If I was lucky to win I would put it towards my new furniture for my house xx

  46. Happy Birthday! It is my birthday tomorrow so I would treat myself to a new craft book – I love my cross stitching! Thank you!

  47. Happy Birthday! I would put it towards my wife’s new sewing machine savings pot! She’ll get one eventually!

  48. I’d put it towards a waffle iron. Happy Birthday, btw, here’s to many more.

  49. To answer the competition questions I would spend it on some new colouring pencils for my adult colouring 🙂 x

  50. Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Ali, Happy Birthday To You.

    I want to thank you for your blog, I have found so many great books here & I always love your competitions too & have been lucky enough to win some. I can only imagine how much you cherish every day & understand how much of a celebration each birthday is.

    here’s to the next one lovely

    Tracey xxx

  51. It would be spent on books or go towards another bookcase. Great giveaway and happy birthday xx

  52. Happy Birthday Alison. If I won I’d give it to my husband, today’s his birthday too.

    • Aww, I have removed the mandatory twitter option so anyone who wants to enter can 🙂 .. thanks, didn’t occur to me some people may not use it x

  53. Happy Birthday Alison from another Arian. Probably a predictable and boring response but it would def go to top up my book fund.

  54. Happy Birthday! I’d put the voucher towards my fund for a new computer monitor, I’ve somehow managed to get a couple of “bruises” on my current screen :o)

  55. Happy Birthday Alison hope you have a wonderful day 🙂 I would buy a music cd because Music helps me relax and makes me very Happy

  56. Happy Birthday! I’d spend it on boosting my Sir Terry Pratchett book collection.

  57. I’d love to be able to just blow it on books or chocolate but being the practical type (and also bearing in mind the constant hints) I’d put it towards getting my car valeted inside & out!

    • Yes, I know I can’t use Amazon for that, but the money I’d save by not using my own moolah on books & choccies would go into the pot!

  58. Have a very Happy Birthday Alison and of course Happy Easter.

    Well there is only one thing I would spend an Amazon voucher on, and that has to be books, and more books!

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