#Win Between Two Rivers Paperback by Dorothy Al Khafaji

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24 thoughts on “#Win Between Two Rivers Paperback by Dorothy Al Khafaji

  1. I lived in Germany for 4 months when studying German – I stayed with a host family in East Berlin 🙂

    I also lived in Orlando in the USA for a year when I worked at Disneyworld which was awesome.

    And I count it as another country seeing as I am welsh – I lived in Aberdeen in Scotland for 2 years for Uni 🙂

  2. Never lived abroad but if I win a big lottery prize, I would love to live by the beach near Barcelona

  3. No, I’ve always lived in Lancashire, and don’t think I’d want to live anywhere else as I love being so close to the countryside and the lakes xx

  4. Not really long term but I stayed in Tokyo for 3 months & Nairobi for 2 months when I was younger & more adventurous!

  5. Yes, I lived & worked in Australia for a year & it was the best decision I ever made 🙂

  6. I spent a summer living in Rome on my 2nd year at university on a placement excavating roman grave site.

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