“World Mental Health Day is the annual global celebration of mental health education, awareness and advocacy”.

This year is concentrating on & highlighting ‘Dignity in Mental Health‘.

As somebody who has struggled with my own mental health issues over the years & still try to deal with it on a daily basis I just want to raise some awareness today.

I have suffered crippling depression, bi-polar disorder, anorexia & self-harming. It is only as I have got older I have realised it is ok to admit these things & actively seek the help & support I needed. The stigma involved with mental health was often as damaging as the illness itself but once you begin to talk & confide in others you begin to slowly understand you are not alone.

I have a wonderful GP, the support of the mental health team & friends who stand by me & are always there if I need to vent or seek reassurance. I am coping at the moment so long as I take the medication, counselling is always available & in some ways having Cancer has made it easier to get the constant support .. silver linings & all that!

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